The Tastemaker is a cafe along Havelock Road that features a hearty selection of quality local delights, as well as an assortment of daily bakes and pastries, complemented by gourmet coffee and other beverages. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-27
The new kid on the block is starting to gain popularity with their signature local favorites and very reasonable prices. It is setting itself apart from the usual cafe fares of egg bens and pastas which I feel is a refreshing direction of creating its own unique identity. You cant go wrong with the glutinious rice and yam cake ($3.80). These two traditional local treats are made so delicious and gives me the feel of homecooked meals. Love the minimilistic feel of the cafe, simple and cozy that I feel so comfortable with, a good place to sit, laze and watch the world. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
A lovely and cozy cafe that I love it a lot!Oreo Mille Crepe.($6) Not too sweet and taste not bad, but the outer layer is quite hard so didn’t eat it.The lemon curd toast, egg and breakfast tea ($5.80). The lemon curd is too sweet and sour. The muffin is soft and fluffy. I prefer their kaya toast, as it is not too sweet and yummy!The waffles and maple syrup ($6.80) is crispy and airy, we asked for more maple syrup as it is not sweet enough! continue reading
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For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/the-tastemaker-store.htmlMenu has a reserved variety, perhaps more to local taste, and also appropriate with their simplistic and cozy ambiance. Nothing too complicated and to be fussy about!I love Glutinous Rice ($3.80) which is sticky and a little dry, and coincidentally, The Tastemaker Store's glutinous rice suits my taste!Fruit Jam with Clotted Cream Toast Set ($5.80). Toast is a little hard and crispy, but overall makes up a satisfactory meal.Ham and Cheese Sandwich Set ($7.80). Looks like another hamburger set, unlike the usual kind of two pieces of bread sandwiched with ham and such, then further sliced into triangular shape.Other than the exclusion of soft boiled eggs, it has a softer bread than Toast Set, and a portion of salty crisps/chips.Food may be normal, but I feel that the price is at least reasonably priced, and ambiance is kind of cosy for a lazy afternoon. It is definitely worth another visit for me.For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/07/the-tastemaker-store.html continue reading
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The Tastemaker Store is a two-week-old cafe (at the point of visit) situated just a short distance away from the Beo Crescent Food Centre. Unlike other cafes of the late, they ditched the grungy, industrial and dark decor with a simple, bright and minimalist interior that many found to be rather Muji-inspired (think clean, clutter-free furnishings). It is also rather unique for its concept as a cafe, serving both brunch-style meals such as Pizza and Sandwiches with some injection of local flavours by offering the well-loved Yam Cake and Glutinous Rice without any influence from western dishes. They also sell a selection of bakes, all of which supplied from Maple & Market from Cassia Crescent.I decided to get something fit for breakfast, but did not want to have the Kaya Toast Set as I had a similar breakfast before heading there, which made the Lemon Curd Toast with Clotted Cream ($3.00 a-la carte, $5.80 as a set) a clear choice for me. Technically, it was not really a toast as it came with English Muffins which we really light, soft and fluffy. The Lemon Curd spread atop was thick and generous; providing a real tart flavour that was of the right level of sourness but mildly sweet as well, with the clotted cream taking away some of that sourness away. The combination was pretty simple, but delightful. As a toast set, this also came with two soft-boiled eggs and coffee (which I eventually topped up for Latte for an additional $1.50). The soft-boiled eggs were runny and smooth; pretty faultless despite the lack of soy sauce and pepper for that local touch.Since the Lemon Curd Toast was pretty western, my dining partner decided to try out their Glutinous Rice ($3.80). Coming in a tin, these were initially stored in the display fridge together with the cakes and pizza and warmed up before serving with a blob of sambal at the side. My dining partner was initially skeptical how this would come out to be, but the glutinous rice was seemingly light as it was missing of that heavy and moist texture, though still maintaining some sort of stickiness throughout. The generous amount of shallots, dried shrimps and dried mushrooms and pepper also helped put in that savoury factor into the Glutinous Rice. It was not particularly flavourful in a manner of those from hawker centres would be like, but it has a gentle touch of all flavours that made it felt pretty premium and upscale. The blob of smabal chili was rather surprising for cafe standard; bold with its saltiness and spiciness, it gives a kick to the Glutinous Rice to turn up the notch.When I asked the staff about their coffee, I was not expecting too much for my cuppa as it was from Boncafe; a choice that cafe owners these days would not really consider using. Nonetheless, the Latte that came with the Lemon Curd Toast with Clotted Cream set was decent; probably even better than some cafes out there. The foam was just smooth; not being too bubbly nor stiff that it affects the overall texture of the coffee. It’s rather medium-bodied, and definitely just right in the extraction without being overly acidic nor tasted too watered down. Quite impressive I would say.For more photos and the full review, please visit: http://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/the-tastemaker-store-blk-22-havelock-road/ continue reading
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A semblance of a Japanese bakery, the latest kid to shift into the old Tiong Bahru neighbourhood just a week ago is The Tastemaker Store. You might effortlessly mistake the entrance as an office door or a storage room. If I were to choose a word to describe my first impression of entering this bakery, it would be tranquil. The ambience inspires an unhurried, lazy afternoon.Their cakes were relatively more outstanding: the freshly baked rose cake and gula melaka cake managed to hold the desserts fort together. The rose flavour was rich and full bodied. The gula melaka cake was on the drier side, with grainy sugar scattered throughout the cake but was overall still enjoyable. If you have to choose: go for the rose cake!The Tastemaker Store is only a week old, and from what I observe, are still on its unsteady steps to becoming a full-fledged cafe. The service staff are really humble, friendly and welcoming, giving The Tastemaker a delightful comfortable vibe. Although the food isn't much to be excited about, they are on their way to releasing local selections, including homemade Yam Cake, Laksa and Chicken Rice.For full review: http://www.amiehu.com/2014/06/the-tastemaker.html#more continue reading
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