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Level4 2014-05-29
Bought some vouchers for this place as I have been meaning to check out the food here anyway.So a big group of us ordered:Mushroom Soup - Nice and creamy with taste to match. Good! Daughter drank her own bowl, her sister's soup and half of my help's one as well! You say leh? Good or not?Range Wings - I think this is their version of Buffalo's Wings? The sauce coating the wings is slightly tangy but not spicy. Not very good, can skip...Wedges - Nicely done and enjoyed by all. Can't really go wrong with wedges yah?Seafood Pasta - Not too bad. A little too sweet for my preference. Very cafe standard so I can't really complain.Meatball Linguine - the sauce is the same as the Seafood Pasta so still a little too sweet for me. The meatballs are nice tho, homemade so that's a plus point there!White Wine Fish - this is interesting. Fish wrapped in foil and baked in wine, I guess. The result is soft fish and tasty broth. No hint of wine taste so maybe very little wine used? It's nice.Aglio Olio with Mushroom - daughter wanted pasta and she commented that it was nice. Good for her!Overall, I found that the food is very decent cafe standard. Not a bad place to dine if in the area. I personally won't go out of the way to come eat here though. continue reading
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Level2 2013-03-23
I was initially deterred by the remote location, but found out that it is only a short ride from Novena MRT by taking either bus 24 or 131. The whitewashed interior and sofa seating gives it a very laidback and intimate vibe.However,the seating is rather limited,but the excellent service more than makes up for it.I had the $10 set meal which was on offer on streetdeal.sg. This comes with a main,a soup and a drink.I chose a pot of lemon tea for my drink,which turned out to be very fragrant and soothing. A good palate cleanser.The server recommended me the beef lasagna($11.90,ala-carte), and it was pure comfort food-fresh minced beef with chunky tomato sauce amidst pasta sheets slathered in cheese.The rosemary chicken($11.90,ala-carte) was also memorable and came in a sizeable portion.Tender chicken with salad and garden vegetables (awesome grilled potato chunks) as sides.They ran out of mushroom soup($3.90,ala-carte), but the waitress was nice enough to offer a tasty replacement- a row of 8 winglets with the special Wombats (tomato herb) sauce($7.90,ala-carte). A healthier option than fried chicken wings because this version is lightly grilled,retaining its juicy texture.The Wombats sauce was rather addictive,with a tart tomato taste.The cafe's exterior was very warm and welcoming, with a hipster charm and quirky decor. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-31
A rather small cafe, less than ten tables. We had a large group so we made reservations first.GREETED by this very cute three wombats, a rather creative theme that the restaurant owner have set up!We didn't had the opportunity to understand the creativity behind this theme though, would be great if you went to find out and comment below Well, ordered the Finding NEMO's because of its' creative name A rather large portion with ALMOST overloading of fries. It's really delicious, the sauce wasn't enough though so don't be shy to ask for more!When you go to the toilet, have to ask the counter for the keys because it's located right beside the shop. And there'll be a dog resting over there, so if you're afraid of dogs, remember to do your little business first before coming to eat continue reading
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Level3 2012-06-25
Three wombats cafe cooks a variety of Australian food, which is a little different from mainstream western food in terms of the ingredients used, and it's my first time in a cafe like this.The place isn't very big, with seating no more than 20, but definitely very cosy with cushions and stuff. Although there is only one staff serving all the customers, she was had no problem coping, with ordering, serving, drink refill and bill payment, fast and efficient.I went for the set meal with includes a soup of the day, a main course, and a drink. Mushroom soup is the soup of the day. The soup had a lot of mushroom of different variety and it adds texture to the soup. However, I feel that the soup would be better if it's creamier.For my main course, I had the Pumpkin ChopChop. It's basically Chicken Chop in brown sauce served with pasta in pumpkin sauce. Chicken chop is quite soft and juicy inside, together with the brown sauce which had a little tinge of herb taste, is delicious. However, what caught my attention is the pasta in pumpkin sauce. I've never tasted any pumpkins (or pumpkin dishes) before, so I have no idea what to expect. Turns out that, the pumpkin sauce is rather bland, slightly salty and sweet, and the consistency is quite thick and makes a good sauce for pasta.Drink selection is pretty wide for set meal, which includes coffee and Italian soda, which cost $4+ on the menu. I took the peach Italian soda which is a little peach syrup in soda and it gives a little kick in otherwise plain soda.The set cost a total of $18 with service charge, and which isn't expensive for the quality of food servedI would recommend this cafe for anyone who likes to try something different from usual western food. continue reading
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Level2 2010-07-01
Three Wombats Cafe is an Australian-inspired cafe that serves Aussie breakfast and other mains, as well as an impressively large selection of beverages – coffee, premium teas, smoothies, milkshakes, Italian sodas and even beer!Coffee art! Simple yet…lovely. You get a cup of coffee and dessert just by forking out an additional $7 upon ordering breakfast or any of their main courses.The Wombat’s Grilled Chicken ($11.90) is tender and a bit spicy. By the looks of it, it seemed quite oily to me. The portion is kinda huge too.I wanted to have something from the breakfast selection and the Wombat’s Omelette ($8.90) did not disappoint me! Soft and very slightly runny, there were generous bits of ham and mushroom. If you want to start the day off with tasty and hearty breakfast, look no further!My friend merely commented that the Peach Cheesecake is nice as the cheese is creamy. As for me, I don’t really like peach..I don’t have very high expectations for desserts but I wasn’t quite used to the rubbery texture of the Molten chocolate lava cake. Actually, I was quite full but I told myself.. It’s just chocolate! Haha. Yes it’s only chocolate. Do I have a weakness? Nope! Read it here: http://foodoshoot.wordpress.com/2010/05/08/three-wombats-cafe-aussie-brekkie-saves-the-day/ continue reading
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