Tian Kee & Co. started as a local provision shop back in 1958 and now it has evolved into an Artisan Cafe & Bar, retaining its old school vibes. continue reading
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Level4 2015-04-22
Given the less-than-stellar conditions in Dakota Crescent, there were news of redevelopment and residents / tenants are to relocate and move out by 2016.Dakota Crescent is part of my childhood memory and I'm always fascinated by the facade of the flats there as it looked outstanding as compared to the older development in the west. It's such a pity that everything will be gone by then.And Tian Kee & Co is nestled within this old estate. Having said so, a visit to Tian Kee had make me felt nostalgic with its old school settings, restored tables, chairs and even the 20 cents dolphin ride machine. It seemed as the time machine had tuned its way back to my childhood days.Tian Kee Cafe was said to be converted from a 54 old provision shop and the signage is left down by the previous owner of the provision shop.To maintain the old school feel from the cafe, the current shop owners had put in maximum efforts in retaining the facade as well as its interior. Just take a look at these old greasy metal grills, I wonder how often can we get to see them in the estates now?With wde spread of news on the social platform and a common trend of cafe hopping, Tian Kee Cafe is known for serving all day breakfast, pastries, cakes and beverages.Unsure what to order? Here's some pictures for illustration on their monitor but remember its not a touch screen order system. And all orders has to be made verbally via the payment counter.For some who wishes to know abit of Tian Kee's history, its written at the number tag when you have ordered the food.Right at the extreme left of the grills, we get to see a small cabinet filled with books, featuring Dakota Free Library. Its a sharing corner for people to donate their books and share it to the next user.Ice Pink Lady is a cooler for the sunny hot day. Basically its a reinvented version of Ice Bandung just that instead of having rose syrup with condensed milk, fresh milk was being used.Ice Snag is an upgraded version from the Ice Pink Lady added with Espresso.TCS stands for Toffee Caramel Cheesecake. With top layer as caramel flavored, I find that the combination was rather unique with its moist cheesecake.Rainbow cheesecake was the main attraction among all food that I am here for. With so much rave about Tian Kee and attractive pictures of its rainbow cheesecake, my trip is never completed without having this in my stomach. The Rainbow Cheesecake was wobbly just like tofu and comes in 7 different colors with biscuits crumbs as its base. This style totally floats my boat.Tian Kee & Co. holds a part of Singapore Heritage and its a good way to reminisce the good old days of Singapore. Too bad that it will be gone soon, thus do have a visit while they are still around. It is located near Mountabatten MRT and do note that there is no GST or service charge rendered.For more reivews, visit www.umakemehungry.com continue reading
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Tian Kee & Co is a very vintage provision shop turned cafe situated at an old block of 2-storied shophouse in Dakota Crescent. From the name to the signboard bearing it, to the-fashioned metal mugs, to Dolphin kiddy ride sitting outside the shopfront, the rusted metal grill gates and windows - everything has been retained to give it an authentic, nostalgic ambience.I had an Iced Snag (SGD$6.50), essentially double Ristretto and Rose Syrup with Fresh Milk. It is a lovely latte beverage with the sweet linings of rose syrup, both suitably concocted so that they complement each other smoothly without obliterating / clashing with each other's flavors.Then we tried the Rainbow Yogurt Cheese Cake (SGD$7.50) - looking nothing like the average tiered rainbow chiffon / sponge cakes we usually see / eat. These light, dreamy swirls were so pretty, so surreal, so eye-catching, and reminding us of the Paddlepop Ice-cream (anyone remembers?). The biscuit base was light and crumbly, a good fit for the lightly creamy-textured cake. Yes, the gently-sweet, colorful cake was a delight to the palate, in its smooth, soft, pudding-like form, we unwittingly finished the cake in bites before we realised it.Hence, we began to dug into the other signature item - the Yuan Yang Cheesecake (SGD$6.50). Thankfully they separated the layers into coffee and tea respectively - I had thought it would be a cake tasting of both flavors blended into one (just like the Hong Kong's yuan yang drink literally). The chocolate base was brilliant. The cheesecake was light but creamy, with equally delicate tones of coffee and tea flavors on each layer - distinctive when eaten separately; but a blissful marriage of taste when eaten together.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/afternoon-tea-at-tian-kee-co-cafe.html continue reading
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My friends and I just had dinner at Old Aiport Road Hawker centre and decided to walk over here to try out the infamous rainbow cheesecake that has been gaining fame over Instagram!Facing the main road, is this lone shop. All the HDB flats in that area were vacant and waiting to be enbloced. My grandaunt used to live in this area and I remember it being quite busy and full of life. Now, it is just a quie place that has quite an erie feel to it at night.That iconic Tian Kee & Co sign board. Everything about this shop screams "Old School". I love that they pretty much kept everything original. Hurray! For the shop owners, lower renovation costs and HEY! CRAZY HIPSTERs will love this place even more. It seems like Gen Z is always willing to pay more for less aka (Old school) They have seating for about 20 odd customers, even though there was no air conditioning, it was pretty cool and breezy with their massively powerful ceiling fans.THE CAKES! I wanted I try them all, but I only had so much space in my tummy, and my calories had exceeded the limit for the day and the following day as well!1. Root Beer Float (2 for $8)We decided to get a drink even though our waistlines were exploding. The ice cream was very creamy and quite hard, it took awhile for it to melt and blend into the root beer. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the straws had a little spoon on the end much like the ones you get a 7-11 slurpee, to help scoop the vanilla ice cream.2. Rainbow Cheesecake $7.50The main star of the cake display, check out the videos of this cake wobling on a plate. It is a pretty quirky cake that seems to be gelatin filled! It is alot lighter than most cheesecake, woohoo! lesser calories I hope? Additionally, it is alot less gerlat and filling, so you can keep going at it! The colours are very pastel like, unlike the one at NOM Bistro @MacPherson CC. I like this alot better too!3. Yuan Yang Cheesecake $6.50This is one of the best cheesecakes I've ever had! Probably because I am a yuan yang fan. Yuan Yang is basically a mix of coffee and tea, so think of that and a heavenly cheesecake. This beats the Godiva cheesecake I love with a passion at The Cheesecake Factory. THIS IS A MUST TRY!If you're grabbing cheap hawker food from old airport road, don't forget to hit up Tian Kee & Co for their desserts. They have main courses too, but everyone just keeps Instagraming their desserts, no one actually knows that they serve brunch. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-21
I always read up Openrice article where they recommend food around singapore, I so envy that people work in Openrice~ Always foodsSsS!! Just Joking...This time I head down to Tian Kee for a short break after our shopping, hear their rainbow yogurt cake very nice...The cafe gives off a nostalgic vibe, not only by it's location in one of the old estates in singapore...Quite cosy feelingWe order their signature Rainbow Cake + Ice SnagRainbow Cake This is one of their signature cake which makes of Yogurt, this was delicious...The cake was really good, soft texture with soft biscuit crust that breaks easily... Recommed... Ice SnagNot sure is this their Signature drinks but is use of rose syrup with coffee which is sip the top layer then the second then all the way to the bottom to get three different taste...And also...There's no GST or SERVICE FEEs here!! continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2014-09-07
For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/09/tian-kee-co.htmlIt was crowded when I went around 11-12 plus in the afternoon, but managed to grab a seat soon enough. Although non-air conditioned, it is still cooling with the fans running at speed, above you.Iced Pink Lady ($6.00) consists of rose syrup with steamed fresh milk. Basically taste like we usually know as Bandung, but mixture of syrup and milk is of the right balance, depicting a "healthier" choice of drink.Snag ($5.50) is exactly the same as Pink Lady, but with an addition of espresso for the caffeine lovers. It tastes just as good as the pink lady, but with an attachment of "wakening" effect.All Day Breakfast ($12.90) consists of Cheese Prata, Hash Brown, Chicken Cheese Sausage, Sunny Side Up and Turkey Bacon. Love a simple meal like this where egg yolk is runny and bacon is not crisp and hard to chew. Plain prata with a piece of cheese placed on top and substituting egg yolk for my curry. Definitely a happy meal for me!Toffee Caramel Salted Cheesecake ($6.50). A layer of sweet toffee on top of the salted caramel cheesecake, with the overall taste leaning to the sweet side, but a favorite of mine!…For more details, please visit http://www.foodesteem.com/2014/09/tian-kee-co.html continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)