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Located just beside the scenic Singapore River, Timbre @ The Arts House continues to champion Singapore music and musicians with live music performances nightly. Enjoy a wide range of pastas, pizzas, tapas, salads and against a backdrop of lights of Boat Quay. continue reading
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Roasted Duck Pizza Tequila Sunrise Timbre Chicken Wings
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Level3 2014-12-03
The famous few dishes of pizza at this acoustic style dining ambience has win a number of people attention to grab and snap their food on social media.Blog review : http://cennds.blogspot.comRoasted Duck PizzaThe famous Roasted Duck Pizza is really very mouth - watering. I love the crust of the pizza which made of from crispy popiah skin served with saute shiatke mushroom and especially the toppings of hoisin sauce, although it is a bit salty but it gonna be the best food of my dinner.Yakinuki Chicken PizzaAnother mouth watering of roasted pizza. But this time around is a chicken marinated pizza served with slices of button mushrooms. The toppings of mozzarella cheese, bonito flakes & shreddeed seaweed adds on more value to the pizza* Picture : Combination of 2 above mentioned pizzaTimbre Chicken WingsA delicious deep-fried finger food which neither too oily nor too dry. The house seasoning is well marinated in the mid joints of the wings. Enjoyed the golden brown fried chicken wings continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-22
Bar was still bar, so even though Timbre served food, the choices were limited to pasta, pizza and tapas. But again,the tapas & pizza that we had ordered were decently good.Service was fairly good except there were times when we had difficulties getting their attention as we were seated at the far corner. This was forgivable as it dun seemed to be intentionally & it was really crowded. The waitress that served our table was really friendly & helpful. Thumbs up for her!Lychee Freeze ( Happy Hour - HH charge $10)I highly recommended this drink for all gals! It was sweet & served with a big lychee, & you hardly taste any volka even though it was one of the ingredients. But hor, if you are a hard-core drinker, then this might not suits you wor....Tuttu (HH = $11)I ordered another drink before the happy hour ended, which was either 9pm or 930pm, I cant really remember... Again, this appeared to be a lady drink with ingredients like baileys and strawberry. To me, it tasted a tad like cough syrup even though the waitress had said that it tasted like thick yogurt, not really my liking though....Thin Crusted PizzasI must say their pizzas were really yummy,with "exotic" varieties such as roasted duck and of coz the family favourite such as Hawaiian. The pizzas were all thinly crusted and sliced in small square pieces. Hence Ladies, you wouldn't need to worry about the extra pounds of eating the crust nor feel un-lady "struggling" with those normal big triangular pieces. Very thoughtful indeed!Try the half & half, if you cant decide which pizza to get from the long listing. Simply order 2 flavors at the same time and be served with just 1 pizza! Varieties without ordering too much, again a neat gesture!TapasI tried their grilled prawns as well..... MmmMmm was the word. The prawns were big & sumptuous, lightly marinated with garlic, licking good! A must-try!To read more and view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2009/01/timbre.html continue reading
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Level2 2013-09-24
I have always wanted to try Timbre since many people have been raving about the roasted duck pizza and the buffalo wings, so one night, my friends and I decided to head there to try!Half & Half Pizza - Buffalo Chicken/Roasted Duck (SGD22)We had a half and half pizza since my friend felt that the buffalo chicken one was better than the roasted duck's!Verdict: The buffalo chicken one was yums! Duck pizza was not bad too, however the sauce was too salty! :XTimbre Buffalo Wings (SGD11)The sauce tasted like the peri-peri sauce from Fish&Co. and they were rather yummy! Arts House Coolers' (SGD10)Not a fan of alcoholic drinks so I had mocktail!Taste like passion fruit drink which was not bad, but I think it's more worth it to get alcoholic drinks next time since mocktail already cost so much! :/Overall, it was not a bad dining experience there, great place to chill with your friends and sometimes the bands play really nice music too! continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-28
Timbre has always been the first place on my mind to enjoy live music and good food! decided to head to there as it has been quite long since i went there (around 1yr+?)Now they even integrate their menu into ipad already. you can straight away order from the ipad without getting help from the staffs. Sakura (SGD $13++)It consists of Absolut Vodka, bols lychee liqueur, lychee juice and blackcurrant syrup. I really like this drink! i think probably because i like the taste of lychee.. however i could hardly taste the vodka. Choco Choco (SGD $13++)Bailey's Irish Cream with hazelnut syrup, cream and hershey's syrup. Personally i feel taste abit like chocolate milk haha. maybe the bailey added is not enough!Roasted Duck Pizza (SGD $20++)my all time favorite here! the best pizza i have ever had. i love the crust and the duck is very tasty Buffalo Wings (SGD $14++)I love the sauce of it!! its like chilli garlic and taste really good with the wings. together with the cocktail and pizza, it is just heavenlyOverall, i really like timbre alot. a very nice place to chill with ur friends and relax after school or work and my fav timbre band will of cos be 53a! continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-17
Timbre has always been my favourite place to chill since a couple of years ago after a friend's recommendation. i have frequent there often and each time they never disappoint me with their food and services.i actually been to timbre at old school and substation before but i find the one at art house is still the best because it's open air facing a beautiful scenery of the Singapore river together along with the buildings surrounding it. and also because timbre at old school have these terrible flight of stairs to go up and the one at substation gets crowded fast.anyway to cut the story short, I like to order their erdingers and duck pizza. i like to order more especially during their happy hour promotion from 6pm to 9pm daily, so each erdinger cost like $9 to $12. they do have after 9pm promotion as well.(but being the kiasu me i always try to get the happy hour prices of course.)I don't really know how to describe the taste of erdinger but it's pretty light and smooth and less gassy? compare to other beer like tiger etc. it smells better too of course.they do have a amazing range of cocktails as well which is also listed under their happy hour promotion. i've tried a couple of them but i still settle for the beer.As for the duck pizza, the crust is thin and crispy, gooey cheese with the roasted duck on top makes a perfect match. not to mention the fried popiah skin they sprinkle on top generously. and i can't find anywhere that sells duck pizza, even if there is im sure timbre's still the best. The price is $20, which is consider affordable. i would say the pizza can feed max 4 pax.so best to share with your friends. the tip is to of course drop by early to beat the crowd! continue reading
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