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Timbre @ The Substation is situated at The Substation Garden, directly opposite the Singapore Management University (SMU) city campus and within the rapidly developing arts belt and museum circuit. Dine alfresco, while you rest your eyes on refreshing henna and teak-hued furnishings and foliage; or quench your thirst at the slickly designed outdoor bar with an extended platform counter. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
Timbe has a number of outlets in Singapore, but this outlet is interestingly hidden from the main road. One has to walk through the back alley to get into it. It has an open air concept with a laid back look. There is live band in this place at selected timing. The food menu in a single board offers tapas, pasta and pizza dishes.Crispy Pork Belly ($16)Slices of pork belly baked till charred and crispy. Served with caramel vinegarThe pork belly tastes sweet and crispy with a melt in the mouth fat. Super sinful.Salmon Scotch Eggs ($12)Soft-boiled eggs coated with salmon mousse, breaded and shallow fried. Served with smoked salmon and bell pepper salsa.The salmon mousse looks more like canned salmon to me. The egg dish is a bit too dry and quite filling too. I could not make myself to take more than half scotch egg.The Half & Half THIN CRUST PIZZA ($22)The best of both worlds. Choose two flavours from pizza selection and create your own. One half is Roasted Duck, where Roasted duck breast, sauté shiitake mushrooms with hoisin sauce, topped with crispy popiah skin and mozzarella cheese. The other half is Timbre Seafood, where Prawns, mussels and squid with sliced chillies on a tomato pomodoro base and topped with mozzarella cheese.The roasted duck pizza is quite delicious with lots of crispy skin on top. The seafood pizza is quite average on the other hand. The thin crust pizza is very thin and crispy.Overall the food is average, but served quite quickly. Service is not bad with staffs moving about, asking if we need additional orders. The place is quite relaxing and enjoying with live music around. The only disappointing thing about the place is its 2 restrooms which are unisex and quite dirty. continue reading
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Level2 2013-11-19
Timbre substation is my favourite place to chill on Friday nights/weekends. Love the band 53A on friday nights! Love the buffalo wings, roasted duck pizza and philly cheesesteak pizza! Best to go early as the queues would be snaking long around 9pm-10pm and you will have to wait for at least an hour before getting seated. Band will usually stop playing around 130am so good for night owls out there. Other than that, I would go back simply just for the pizza! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-06
for photos and more reviews, visit http://thelittlemomentsofmylife.blogspot.com/ (:i've heard of their pizza way before i ever stepped into restaurant. but when i asked people what else is nice there, they just give me blank looks -.- i was like, "you mean you've only tried the duck pizza and nothing else??!" lol! anyway, i've finally tried the legendary duck pizza there! (:the roasted duck pizza ($19) is a paper-thin, ultra crispy pizza that is covered with even more crispy bits of popiah skin that just make it so wonderfully crackly & yummy. there are select slivers of roasted duck breast (i wished for more, but i guess less is more right?) and sauteed shiitake mushrooms with a salty-sweet hoisin sauce that makes this such a lovely fusion dish. i think it was the hoisin sauce that sealed the deal for me xD i really loved how it pulled the whole dish together wonderfully, complementing both the asian duck and the western cheesy pizza the french onion soup ($9) was unfortunately, one of the most disappointing onion soups i've ever tried firstly, the bowl was quite small, compared to others i've tried. then the onions were not really mashed to a nice gooey pulp, so the taste wasn't really infused into the soup at all. instead, i think to make up for the lack of onion taste, there was a hellish amount of pepper. i took one sip of the soup and starting coughing madly!! omg.the basil beef with timbre garlic naan ($15) was a dish that i liked & didn't like. ok, i couldn't decide. hmm, i liked the texture of the garlic naan, i guess there is a reason why they called it 'timbre garlic naan' cos it doesnt taste like the garlic naan i usually eat haha, this one is ULTRA crispy, something like the pizza crust, really delicious! (: but there was no garlic taste at all!!!!!! gahh. if they just took the 'garlic' out of the name then it wouldnt be so misleading -.- the beef was quite nice in terms of texture as well, quite soft and tender, but then...!!!! it was super peppery too! what's with the copious amount of black pepper in their food omg. yucks.the baked portabello mushroom ($14) was a dish that was quite nice! (: it was a baked mushroom with herb crust and tomato concasse (whatever that is?? haha) with a generous amount of garlic! yummy! the mushrooms were nice and soft and drizzled with basil pesto.the sirloin steak (premium grain fed) with onion jam ($20) was a nice traditional dish which i liked as well. it comes with a choice of either garlic mashed potatoes or french fries. the beef was nicely done, very tender and slightly chewy, although it seemed rather rare, when my order was supposed to be 'medium'. and i have no idea why they keep adding the word 'garlic' to their food, when i can't taste the garlic at all!!!! it just leads to dashed expectations. tsk tsk. oh and we ordered drinks too (: there was some promotion where you can get a free pizza of the day with 2 glasses of house wine at $27. the pizza of the day was cheesy pizza. didn't sound very appetizing -.- but they let us have the discount for our duck pizza, so that was good! (: i ordered the old school ($15) which was sour plum infused absolut vodka, kalamansi, monin passionfruit syrup and jellies. haha the jellies were an interesting touch! (: continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-09
So I went to Timbre Substation with 4 other friends, we actually had a larger amount of people gathering but it's for supper, so for those that can meet up early, we went to Timbre to hangout for a while first. One of the initial places we wanted to go was Timbre, my friend tried to reserve seats early the day before and we've got confirmed. This was pretty unexpected for me as it's a Saturday night and normally there will be queues for venues like these. As we are still meeting more friends later on for supper, we decided to have light bites or finger food first, since it's Timbre that we're visiting, we ordered a duck pizza, and each of us a drink. The service and duration of food preparation was appropriate, one of the staff that served us was a new staff and made a minor mistake regarding bill payment, but it's alright. We stayed till around 9pm before heading off somewhere else to meet up with other friends, there was no live band playing, the atmosphere was a little dull but it's good for chatting with friends. I ordered a passion fruit ice tea but it kind of tasted like peach though. The pizza's standard is still the same, didn't change much.Overall the experience was pretty good, standards and services are maintained, no doubts will be back again. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-08
My friends was telling me about how great the roast duck pizza tastes and this is the main reason of me going Timbre. FoodTIMBRE CHICKEN WINGS, $13. We were considering between buffalo wings and this and decided to go for TIMBRE's as it was highly recommended. The deep fried to golden brown wings were deeply marinated with house seasonings. Die Die Must Try! THE HALF & HALF, $22. Customers are given 2 choices to choose from the pizza's flavour on the menu. We had chosen the goodfellas and roast duck. Goodfellas consists of lump prawns with a curry garlic butter base, cereal oats and mozzarella cheese on a thin crust. Topped with crispy eggs batter. Whereas for the well known roast duck portion, they have the roasted duck breast, shiitake mushroom with hoisin sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and crispy popiah skin. Yums!CRISPY PORK BELLY, $15. Thick juicy and sweet goodness. These 8 slices of pork belly baked till charred and crispy. Served with caramel vinegar. BREADED CALAMARI,, $9. Accompanied with tartar sauce, these battered squid rings are deep fried to a golden perfection. It's alcohol time with Erdinger!Greentini is simple served in a striking color - the green and striking orange skin.ServiceThere were tables with Ipad for their ordering system. However as our tables does not have the devices, we have to wave and grab hold of the servers' attention. It's quite easy to grab their attention as they were quite alert. However, the food waiting time is quite long.AmbiencePacked with people on a friday night. IF not for the earlier reservations, we could not have a seat. Ambience is good with tentage over Timbre. When the live band (53A) starts around 10am, the place became quite happening with all the dedications and events from the tables. Spontaneous chaps are being called up to stage for dancing and together with the live band, its entertaining. One thing I dislike about where I'm sitting is that there are insects and bugs keep landing onto my hands throughout the night I had encountered 3-4 times.PriceThe total bill sums up to be S$136 after 10% discount from OCBC card members and I find it quite reasonable for 4 alcoholic drinks and the food ordered.Recommendations / TipsTo secure good seats, one has to make reservations in advance. continue reading
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