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Set within a coffeeshop, Tiong Shian is reputed for its range of delicious porridge including fish slices, mixed, cuttle fish etc. It is also well known for its fried intestines, braised toufu and raw fish. continue reading
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Braised Toufu Fried Intestines Frog Leg Porridge Raw Fish Slice
Review (28)
Level4 2015-11-04
Tiong Shian Porridge is located at a corner coffee shop just a couple of minutes walk from China Town MRT and since it's right at a traffic junction. You will have to endure the carbon output from passing vehicles. Porridge is usually to be taken for breakfast or supper as its taste tends to be more subtle, and yet, wholesome. But not to this Cantonese-style congee which has become more flavorsome with pleasant briny taste by adding other ingredients in it, for instances, red meat, fish slices, seafood (bite-sized), and/ or eggs, to your preference, that can now be eaten anytime of the day!This porridge stall opens daily from 8am to 4am! So you can eat this, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!I think that their prices are fair and reasonably priced. At this coffee shop which can get really crowded at night, it can also get quite stuffy. Hence I decided to drop by in the morning around 10am. I found an empty table and made1. Claypot Frog with Ginger $8The aroma of the frog was very sweet and fragrant. For $8, you get a whole frog and it's a decent portin of meat for 1 person. The frog meat itself was tender and well mariated with the ginger sauce. The sauce from the claypot also doubles up as a seasoning for your porridge if you prefer a more seasoned porridge. Drizzling the claypot sauce over the porridge gave it a sharp and refreshing aroma. To eat this, you’d have to combine each mouthful of frog with a bit of porridge so the different flavours and textures would all explode in your mouth.2. Porridge with mixed ingredients and century egg $4.90This is probably the first porridge I've eaten with so many ingredients all in one mix. There was pork, kidney, intestines (both fried and poached), cuttlefish and century egg. Every spoonful of porrdige had some of these ingredients. I think their proportion of rice to ingredients had to be 50/50! The porridge was very tasty and I didn't feel thirsty after the meal, so maybe they were gentle on the MSG or the porridge was naturally seasoned from the variety of flavourful ingredients. For $5, I think this is worth and recommendable bowl or porridge not to be dealt lightly!! 3. Fried Pig Intestines $6Not sure why, but Cantonese porridge often pairs with fried fritters (fried dough sticks – 油条) that savours marvelous experience of having a porridge meal. But here at Tiong Shian they don't just offer fried fritters but also fried pig intestines!These pig intestines were fried till they were super crispy like potato chips. I couldn't even tell that they were pig intestines. The make a good crunchy substitute for your porridge.4. Minced Pork Porridge $4Tiong Shian does their proddige with the right consistency of being fairly smooth, light gluey with enough moisture. The temperature at which the porridge is served is also perfect to be eaten despite our hot and humid weather. They were very generous with the minced pork ingredients. The porridge itself was very tasty but if you wanted more oomph! Go for the mixed ingredients porridge!For 3 pax, we ordered 3 bowls of porridge, 2 frog claypot and a side of pig intestines for breakfast. I don't normally choose to eat porridge and this is probably the only time in the whole year I'll eat porridge but the porridge actually tasted good enough for me to want to come back again!Verdict : 1) Prices were reasonable 2) Their porridges were not heavily seasoned so you could just adjust the taste with additional pepper or light soy sauce to your preferences. 3) Convenient location next to China town mrt 4) no waiting time 5) Simple pleasure for a reasonable price continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-07
As it is already past 9pm, most eatries are already closed for business. With limited choices, we decide to stop here for a late dinner. Although it is quite late, the stall is packed with customers. Food is served quite fast after making payment at the cashier.With a bowl of plain porridge each for the 2 of us, we share a medium size serving of Spring Onion Frog Leg ($16). The dish is served pipping hot in a claypot. It has 2 frogs in the pot. The frog is well braised and tastes quite tender. The porridge is smooth in texture. Overall it is a filling and delicious light meal.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-23
They had two sizes of their claypot frog meat ($8 and $16) so we decided to get a $8 claypot dried chilli frog (gong bao) and a $8 claypot ginger spring onion frog and their fried pig's intestines. The frog meat didn't seem very fresh... The meat was sticking to the bones and wasn't very easy to eat. Some parts were quite tough too. The dried chilli frog meat was a huge disappointment. I'm really sensitive to spicy food and yet, this pot of dried chilli frog meat was Not Spicy At All. It tasted exactly like the other pot of ginger spring onion frog meat, and I actually had the courage to bite into one of the dried chilli. And yes, you guessed it, it wasn't spicy at all. I've no idea what kind of dried chilli they used.This just tasted like what it's supposed to be - fried pig's intestine. It was really crispy and those who like to eat pig's intestine can give this a try.Porridge was ok, nothing to shout about.Even though I was disappointed with the frog meat, I may still come back to try their other types of porridge and claypot beehoon. They seem to have a constant crowd here so maybe their other dishes is good. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-09
This Porridge Centre during night hours also sell barbeque chicken wings. Less than $8, I can get to enjoy a generous plate of chicken wings that are really filling and delicious. Chicken meat is very soft and juicy, and really enjoy the barbequed till really fragrant and not too oily chicken skins. Dip into the simple garlic chilli sauce really is very suitable and more appetizing. Stall owner is friendly and the dining environment is quite warm but spacious. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-24
This is a great supper hangout place after drinking at 牡丹庭 last Saturday 3.00 a.m. with my friends and singers. I knew that Tiong Shian Porridge has been around for a long time. This stall specialises in serving all many different types of porridge including claypot frog leg porridge.All of us just followed the crowd and walked in. After waiting for 15 minutes, the frog leg porridge arrived.It was nice because it wasn't that spicy and plain porridge was so good & nice if you mixed with the sauce from the dried chili frog in claypot (宮保田鸡). Yummy! Therefore, I'll guarantee try again with it's Frog with Ginger Onion during my next visit due to lots of good food here.Recommendation: Please come with the one you love so that the porridge will taste nicer at this best porridge stall in Singapore. However, 田鸡粥 is a bit too expensive and small portion. continue reading
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