To-gather Cafe is created with Togetherness in mind, meant as home away from home for the young and the young-at-heart. At To-gather cafe, the belief is "The more we get together, the happier we'll be" continue reading
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Choco Lava Cake with Ice Cream
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Level4 2015-03-10
“Home is where the heart is” A very cozy and warmly themed To-gather cafe located just a stone throw from Bedok 85. It has since expanded from their initial cafe to accommodate more diners. I like how inspirational thoughts were scribbled and printed on as part of their cafe decoration. Their menu served a modest array of fusion food with touch of local flavors and known best for their matcha lava cake.It’s definitely a home away from home for the young ones! Besides being a good place for some gathering and catching up, it also has the best lunch deal for the students! When you’re sick of the usual and typical lunch sets everywhere, you know where you can turn to now!So we decided to order a couple of dishes to share, first up is the Soup of the day ($3.60) which is Cream of Mushroom. Consistency is thin but it has a thick creamy mushroom flavor! Simple dish yet it’s well plated.Together Sampler Platter ($8.90) is basically a little of every thing. In contrast to the soup, i must say the outlook does look a little disappointing, and the servings looks a little too miserly. Taste is pretty normal like the typical fried food you get from the frozen corner in the supermarket.We decided to order their most 2 recommended mains – Pork Cordon Bleu ($10.90) & Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop ($8.90). Every main is served with a side salad & chips. I like their dressing for the salad, it has a tinge of citrus flavor to it. What most people worry about serving food like pork chop is it turning out too tough. But their Pork Cordon Bleu is not the case, it’s not too thick and it’s tender with the cheese oozing out. On the other hand, for the Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop, doused with light creamy coconut sauce and salsa enhances the overall aroma of the dish and the chicken brings out a light flavor of pandan. A well-infused dish i would say.Since we are there, how could we not try their famous! We ordered both their Matcha & Chocolate Lava Cake with a scoop of ice cream, $6.90 & $5.90 respectively. Chocolate is something that doesnt go wrong, and matcha is something different that is worth a try. So what’s my convict? Generally, their lava cake is moist and dense. Yes, its true that Matcha Lava Cake is kind of special, but somehow the matcha flavor is not really there and the matcha lava is kind of too sweet to my liking. It gets a little too ge-lard after eating for long. Chocolate lava cake was otherwise. The warm lava is thick, creamy and has a bittersweet taste! Sometimes, the good old ones are still the best!http://poohlovesfood.wordpress.com/2015/03/10/to-gather-cafe/ for full review with pics continue reading
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Level3 2015-02-01
To-gather CafeI was around the vicinity during the last public holiday, since bedok is famous for the bak chor mee hence i decide to eat it again. Due to the long queue, I u-turn back and drop here to try on this cafe. The cafe is packed and there is a waiting list, hence i left my contact number and went for a stroll nearby. When i was shown to my seat, the cafe is still full. You will have to make your order at the counter and pay your bill right after ordering. Nets and Credit card payment are availableDifferent cakes for selection. Chocolate lava cake is their best seller while the matcha lava cake is limited quantityCaller, but it is actually table number. Guess they will use it when they are short handedSimple menuMocha ($4.50) - Lots and lots of foam on the top of the mocha. I wont say this is one of the best i had but still ok, only that i dislike the too generous amount of foam that was on the top.Seafood Aglio Olio ($8.90) - I am bewildered by the amount of seafood that was served with the spaghetti. There are squid, salmon and prawns in this dish. Abit spicy but still delicious. I really recommended this dish if you drop by.Grilled Pandan Chicken ($8.90) - Unique pandan flavour, i can only savour this taste at the bottom of the grilled chicken, guess it was the sauce that give this pandan taste. Overall, still taste not bad. Matcha Lava Cake with Ice Cream ($6.90) - The cake is soft and mist, matcha flow out once you cut the cake. Vanilla ice cream taste good when you eat the the matcha cake. Recommended to try. But if this is not available, you can try their best seller which is the chocolate lava cake. Can you see the matcha flowing out at the middle section of the cake?? YummyVerdict: 4/5Price: $8.9 onwardsI like this place very much. Cheap food with good service, only negative area is that the seats are limited. Beside this, they also provide reservation service, you can leave you contact number and they will call you once the seats are available.I love the matcha lava cake. This dessert is newly launched i guess as the quantity are limited. The other best seller is the chocolate lava cake. You can try it too. The ice cream taste good and should eat with the warm cake together to give you a warm and cold sensation.The other most worth waiting dish is the seafood Aglio Olio. Alots of ingredients are added in with such a cheap price. Waiting time for this dish is a bit long, but i guess it is really worth it. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-28
I had a gathering with my secondary school buddies last Sunday. Due to our hectic schedule, we only got together to meet up twice this year, excluding our secondary school 20th year mass reunion. We could only lament that time really flies, another year had passed by so fast. As all of us stay in the East, with 3 of them staying in Bedok, we decided to meet up at To-gather Cafe, which is strategically located at Bedok heartland. I called in to make reservation for 5 of us as I had seen queues outside the cafe on two occasions when I was around the area with my hubby. You could request for post-it from them to do some doodle or write some motivational quotes and stick them to a designated part of the wall.One of my friends decided to bring her two kids along and fortuately, there was a small play corner (just behind our table) for them while the five of us had our food and conversations over the small cozy table at one end of the cafe.Like many other cafes, we had to go over to the counter to order and pay for our food first. No service charge and GST here. My friends ordered a plate of Mexican Quesadilla ($6.50) to share - Tortilla with grilled chicken slices, sautee mixed bell peppers, mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato salsa. Roasted Hazelnut Latte ($4.40) I was the only one ordering a main as the rest of them had lunch already. I ordered Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop, served with light coconut sauce, pineapple salsa, fries and salad. ($8.90) The chicken chop was tender and for this price tag, I got nothing to complain. I had been warned by my cousin and friends that their Matcha Lava Cake was very sweet. However, I wanted to try for myself as I thought this was one of their signatures, after looking at so many of their matcha lava cakes on instagram. True enough, the matcha was really far too sweet. My friend and I couldn't finish it off! Overall, I find the cafe a nice cozy place to chill with friends. We spent two and a half hours at the cafe catching up and spending quality time with one another. Looking forward to our next meet-up. Another cafe? Probably. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-27
Was in the area and decided to pop in for a after-dinner thingie...What struck me first was how beautifully put together (no pun intended) the cafe was designed and decorated. It is evident that the owners put a lot of themselves into this cafe! The theme of the cafe is simple and every small detail is aligned with the whole feel of the cafe. I can't explain well, you need to come and experience it for yourself. I was so moved by the cafe that I was inspired to (one day...far far later) own a cafe of my own and to have my own feel translated into the cafe.Now to tell you a little more about the food. The desserts are actually quite good. Not sure if they make them on-site but it's good nevertheless. The drinks are no bad as well. All in all, a great place to just come and hang and talk and chill! continue reading
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Level3 2014-03-19
I like anything chocolate, so this is quite delish to me. However, it was quite milky. Wished they toned down on the milk.Spaghetti Carbonara! This is a pretty good pasta, if your expectations are not too high. The cream base resembles those canned Prego carbonara sauce, and not those thick and creamy carbonara sauce (Peperoni Pizzeria does a good plate of thick, creamy carbonara). Taste-wise, it's pretty delicious, and ingredients were fresh.Grilled Pandan Chicken Chop. Sounds weird, but it tastes pretty ok... If you don't mind that it tastes a little bit like Pandan love letters.Side note, do visit the cafe early, especially if you're aiming to get the lava cake because by the time I got there (it was 1+), the place was quite packed and the lava cake was sold out. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)