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Toast Box is committed to infuse passion, fun and vibrancy to create a new lifestyle experience for our customers. Be greeted by the homely aroma of freshly brewed Nanyang Coffee, smell of freshly toasted bread, and visual sights of coffee or tea pulling. Varying interior styles, display décor and stylised music are pieced together to create a relaxing ambience. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-19
There are actually 2 Toast Box outlets at Causeway Point: one on level 1 just next to BreadTalk and the other on level 4 at Food Republic. We have ate at both outlets and while the decor and ambience at the level 1 outlet is much better, I personally prefer to go to the outlet at level 4 instead, simply because I found my favorite toast there to taste much better. So when my mum had a sudden craving for Toast Box's Curry Chicken Rice, I suggested the branch at Food Republic and tagged along for my favourite Ham & Cheese Sandwich there!Curry Chicken Rice Set with Barley ($6.50)After its famous toasts, Toast Box also sells Asian Delight Sets like the Egg Noodles with Sausage or Luncheon Meat Set ($5.80) which I have tried before. But what really got the thumb up from both my parents was Curry Chicken Rice Set here. This was quite spicy (a tad spicy for me but my parents loved it) and had a decent serving of chicken, potatoes and taupok. The set also came with a drink of Barley which was helpful for providing some relief from the spiciness and "heatiness" of the curry. We also liked that the barley wasn't too sweet and tasted homemade.Ham and Cheese Sandwich ($2.80)We have also tried a few of their toasts before like the Kaya Traditional Toast ($1.60), Peanut Butter Thick Toast ($1.70) and Chicken Floss Thick Toast ($1.80), but my personal favourite of all is the Ham and Cheese Sandwich, which I ordered again on this trip. They actually sell this as a set but we have always managed to get it ala carte at $2.80. It is just a simple buttered toast with slices of ham and cheese, but it was just the right amount of taste and crispiness for me. The same toast from the level 1 outlet was pretty bland in comparison. Ham and Cheese Baguette In an earlier visit, we also noticed that they have the Peanut Butter Baguette which also came with different spread or toppings.We decided to try the Ham & Cheese since their Ham & Cheese sandwich was pretty nice. I have forgotten the exact price but this baguette was more or less the same price as the Ham and Cheese Sandwich if you get it ala carte. Unfortunately, it fell short of expectations. It looked more like a bun than a baguette, and was a tad greasy from the butter coating. The taste was simply underwhelming as well. Might as well stick to Peanut Butter since the stronger taste of the peanut butter would provide more flavour to the baguette. If you want Ham & Cheese, get the sandwich instead. Other than the Ham & Cheese Baguette, the rest of their toast were pretty decent. I personally like the Kaya toast and Peanut Butter Toast as well. However, the price can be a little high compared to the toasts you can get in coffee shops, but I personally find the variety and taste at Toast Box to be worth the slightly marked up price. However, the difference in prices can be a bit glaring for local food like their the Asian Delights Nasi Lemak ($6.50) or Mee Siam, which still feels a tad pricey even after factoring in the drink. Service wise, there was a time the staff got our baguette order wrong and got us a Ham & Cheese Sandwich instead. She was nonchalant about the mistake when told about it and did not offer to replace it with the correct order. But other than this incident, the service was pretty much okay the rest of the time we went. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-26
Toast Box is created in October 2005 as BreadTalk's answer to the local traditional coffee shops. With its white decoration, it brings people back to the past. On the menu are simple food such as sandwich, local one dish meals and drinks.Ham and Cheese sandwich with Kopi ($4.10)Curry with Barley drink ($6.50)Overall service is quite fast here. Food is average and reasonably priced. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-22
With all-day breakfast restaurants sprouting all across Singapore, it is comforting to find a trusty Toast Box Café at Causeway point where I can cozy up with a local breakfast set of kaya toast, soft-boiled eggs and tea, their coffee and Tea is decent...They also serve a whole variety of other local delights like toasts, curry chicken, laksa, mee siam, cakes and pastries and their prices reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-06-19
One may easily get pork floss sold commercially and toast themselves two slices of bread stacked together and top it with the pork floss to make this pork floss thick toast, but for me, foods bought outside just taste more interesting and get me anticipating.The thick bread was toasted to a crunchy outer layer and a soft inner, and topped with generous amount of pork floss and then butter milk. I am not quite a fan of their pork floss, too artificially sweet.Their already sweet pork floss + butter milk = very sweetI had to endure the already very sweet taste in my mouth and finished up the remaining toast to not waste food. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)