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Togi Charcoal BBQ & Salad Bar serves a variety of authetic Korean foods including charcoal BBQ & Steamboat. continue reading
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The pancake is very crispy TOP with very fresh seafood. The Chef is very generous with the ingredients and you can taste seafood with each mouthful of pancake. The Cha Jiang Mian is another one that is worth trying. Not too sweet and the noodles is very "q" continue reading
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Full Togi review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2015/05/togi.htmlTogi is a Korean BBQ restaurant that has been operating for well over a decade, serving authentic, down to earth Korean cuisine, in a comfortable, modern setting. While Togi may not have the tastiest, most premium Korean food around, you're assured of at least getting a great tasting meal each time.Ambience at Togi appears, at first glance, clean and pristine, with natural touches as as a green wall of plants against colour themes of white and black. Only on closer inspection does Togi shows signs of aging, the walls are slightly off-white to grey, with holes pockmarking its surface. Decor, aside from the green wall, is minimalist. Furniture is semi-comfortable, large wooden tables fit for communal dining, and they also offer both indoor and outdoor al-fresco dining. I notice that ventilation here is above average, the smell of cooking doesn't cling too strongly to your clothes.Service at Togi is friendly, with several Singaporean and Korean staff present. They'll able to converse in English pretty well, and able to make good recommendations from the menu, as well as provide basic descriptions on the dishes. Food is served pretty quickly, usually within 10 minutes. However, payment is self-service over the counter. I notice staff can assist with the initial cooking if you choose to order the barbecue items, and they do provide tips on how best to consume a dish if asked. Good service!Food at Togi is distinctly Korean. They offer both Korean barbecue / BBQ, as well as ala-carte dishes, all of which are accompanied by 6 Banchan / side dishes. The menu is extensive, with portions designed for communal dining, so visiting with 2 or more people is strongly recommended. Taste of food is decent, but not the best, so Togi probably classifies as middle of the pack for me. Prices are reasonable for a restaurant, budget about SGD $27 per person for a meal here, though it's more economical and wallet friendly if you dine in larger groups of 4 or more.The Samgae-Tang / Ginseng Chicken Soup (SGD $25 Whole / $16 Half) has a tasty, refreshing soup / broth that is incredibly addictive, so tasty! The chicken meat is tender, pulling away from the bone easily, and fragrant with the infusion of herbs. The glutinous rice within is so soft, almost like porridge, and just delightful to eat. And yes, I couldn't get enough of the clear, tasty soup / broth! Highly recommended!The Dak-Galbi / Stir Fried Chicken & Rice Cakes (SGD $16) is served piping hot on a sizzling hot plate, and is packed with tender, super tasty Dak-Bulgogi / marinated chicken, soft and chewy Ddukbokki / Tteokbokki / rice cakes, and a generous helping of vegetables, including cabbage, onions, and lettuce. Sufficient for 2 people to share, this dish is incredibly tasty, the chicken meat is sweet, savoury, smoky, and still moist. Good! continue reading
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Togi Korean Restaurant is located at Tripleone@Somerset and this is its second branch in Singapore, with the first one located at 11 Mosque Street, around Chinatown. I was in town and googled for affordable korean food, and this showed up on my list, so my mum and I decided to give it a try.The restaurant has a comfortable dining atmosphere, and coupled with the decor, it really feels like dining in korea. I loved the somewhat casual and warm atmosphere of small-medium eateries that I visited while I was in Korea, and Togi offered that vibe here.The restaurant was filled on the Saturday evening we visited, and there were a few big groups enjoying the korean bbq. The menu was sufficient in variety, comprising of the usual korean fare- Korean Bbq meats ala carte, pancakes, soups and rice (think bibimbap and bulgogi with rice). 반찬: Bean sprouts Kimchi, Fishcake slices, potato salad, tuna with peas with mixed vegetables, marinated anchovies and kimchi.The 반찬 (banchan - small portions of side dishes commonly served with korean food) was served to us after we placed our order. Especially memorable was the flavourful porridge(seafood with carrot bits), potato salad and bean sprouts kimchi. The porridge, with the seafood flavor, was sweet and refreshing to the palate, and tasted really wholesome with nutritious goodness. The kimchi wasn't that much to my liking though. It tasted a little too mild. I like my kimchi with the sour tang and crunchy bite. The refill of the banchan was gladly given- all you have to do is ask. Just the banchan alone, especially the porridge, is enough reason for another visit. Banchan - Seafood porridge. As you can see, I already took a mouthful of it because it looked enticing and tasted superb.Service-wise, it was hard at times to get the attention of the servers, perhaps because we were sitting right at the corner of the restaurant. The Kimchi pancake with seafood ($12) was crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside with a generous serving of squid. My only gripe is that it seemed a little too oily, and the taste of kimchi was not that obvious. The waitress did apologise for serving it slightly imperfect in presentation, as pictured below. As for the kimchi soup with pork ($13), it came bubbling hot and hearty with ingredients such as mushrooms, a few flat rice cake pieces (tteobbokki), beancurd and of course kimchi. It was slightly more on the spicier side. A pretty good version of the kimchi jjigae among all those I have tasted thus far.The cappuccino is also affordably priced at $3 and came with a green tea biscuit. Decent coffee they have here, if the cappuccino is anything to go by. I will likely return to try the dolsot bibimbap(korean mixed rice in a hot stone pot), and also the ala carte bbq meat which we saw so many other tables ordering. It is definitely reasonably priced and very much authentic. A good choice to go for when you are craving for korean food in town without a wish to jostle at foodcourts nor pay exorbitant prices. For the full review, go to herpenandfork.blogspot.sg continue reading
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Level4 2014-06-09
Look out - Korea is making waves again on our shores with culinary imprints. Yoogane and Togi Korean Restaurant have been acquiring quite a lot of space on social media for the past week especially. While I am still not ready to brave the queues for Yoogane, I visited Togi Korean Restaurant for a friends gathering!It turned out to be a good decision because there are so many dishes at Togi Korean Restaurant that you can't really finish on your own but you want to try a bit of everything!Togi provides starters generously with six choices - tuna with green peas, kimchi, potato salad, beansprouts, sweet fried anchovies, and spicy sliced sausage.We all loved the Spicy Stir Fried Chicken - I can finish two bowls of rice alone with this dish! Its piquant spiciness is not over-the-top and lightly fizzles on the tongue, and really yummy. It is very addictive - order this if you're coming!Togi's spicy stir fried rice cakes (dukbokki) were doused with a fiery spicy thick sauce but nonetheless still sweet and strong in its flavours. The cylindrical shaped sticky rice cakes were also very chewy! It would be perfect if there are more sesame seeds to go around.The Spicy Beef Soup with glass noodles did not seemed spicy for me, and I loved the soup a lot because it is so rich with flavours and ingredients! Different types of mushrooms were infused in it along with silky smooth glass noodles.This kimchi pancake with squid is pan-fried and really crispy, but a little burnt on the edges and on the flip side too. It isn't exactly as delicious as compared to the other meat dishes but a good try nonetheless. The sweet sauce was overpowered by the burnt taste of the pancake itself.The grilled saba fish is the most impressive dish in picture! It gets cold quite quickly, so dig in when it arrives immediately. It is not deboned, so be careful too! In terms of taste, I think it's not the freshest sort, just average and not too memorable.I enjoyed the atmosphere at Togi Korean Restaurant which has a high-ceiling concept with hanging vegetation... a modern place that incorporates greenery within indoor space. TripleOne Somerset is also quieter and very conducive for some getaway from the raging crowds on Orchard Road. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-23
I was back at togi for their ale carte dishes with my friends. once again, we are very satisfied with the quality of the food here!we ordered seafood pancake ($18) and bibimbap (it is actually mixed rice with vetagable and some chicken/pork slices with korean sauce) and both were very delicious! our favorite will be the seafood pancake. The sotong and prawns are fresh and a generous amount is given. togi also served very nice bibimbap which i find it quite authentic. The rice is soft and it taste good with the special korean sauce mixed togetehr with the meat.definitely giving 5/5 for the food here! continue reading
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