Using only top quality mozzarella cheese, choice of ingredients, fresh vegetables and of course their very own recipe for pizza dough, Tomato's Pizza bakes their pizza in high quality Italian pizza ovens to produce the popular home-style pizza. And whats more, customers can even design their own pizza to their liking. continue reading
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Hawaiian Margarita Pepperoni Vegetarian
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Level4 2014-02-07
A Neapolitan pizza is typically made with mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes, thus probably the name Tomato's Pizza. This simple but homely looking kiosk with a faux "brick" counter has actually been opened for quite some time selling freshly baked Neapolitan pizza. Recently, someone told me Tomato's Pizza also sells tiramisu so I came to check it out, but to my disappointment, it wasn't available when I went.However, there were quite a number of pizza for sale by the slice when I went. There were the usual flavours like Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Vegetarian, and the classic Margarita, although I also spotted a few innovative flavours like Ham Orange and Peach Ham. I must say that these pizzas really look quite tempting sitting in the display counter!This is a takeaway kiosk and there is no seating area for dining in, so I decided to takeaway a slice of the Hawaiian Pizza to try. The staff was quite helpful and even offered to heat up the pizza for me without my asking.Hawaiian Pizza ($4.90)The Hawaiian Pizza comes with toppings of sliced chicken ham and very juicy pineapple cubes. It is topped with a decent layer of chewy mozarella cheese and there is a layer of sweet but slightly wet tomato puree between the dough and cheese. I like the contast of slight saltiness from the ham and sweetness from the pineapple cubes and tomato puree. The soft dough is also a nice contrast to the puffy rim and crispy crust, especially the finely thin layer at the bottom. The bottom also has a slight floury feel which I adored. Look at how big the slice is! Considering one full pizza usually cost in the range of $20-30++ depending on size and toppings, $4.90 for a slice of their pizza is quite reasonable considering that the portion size is quite big. I think they are worth a try as the Hawaiian pizza I tried was quite tasty. I kind of regretted not getting another slice! Apparently, the classic flavour of a Neapolitan pizza is the Margarita, with a classic base of tomato and mozarella cheese, and the Margarita pizza at Tomato's Pizza's is one of their bestsellers. Another bestseller is the Vegetarian pizza which l must say looked really appetizing when I saw it in their counter; I even noted a customer who grabbed two slices out of the three left. The Hawaiian pizza that I got is also another bestseller here and I am loving it so far, so for recommendations, I'd say, go with their bestselling flavours. I'd be quite keen to try the other flavours in future and hopefully their tiramisu as well! continue reading
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