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TomorrowFree KaFei is a cafe with a comfortable ambience and affordable food, perfect for coffee and gatherings, offering great food with great company. continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Braised Chicken with Rice Yam Cake Mee Siam
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We gathered at TomorrowFree KaFei for a tasting session in mid-July, when it just opened its doors to the crowd near Tai Seng MRT Station. The name alludes to the owner's idea of encouraging his guests to always look forward to spending a carefree and fuss-free "tomorrow" with him in his cafe, looking forward to familiar faces return to his cafe, both "tomorrow" and beyond.With their desire to preserve the cultures and flavours passed down from previous generations, it is clear to see why they chose to offer only Singapore's popular local eats with a homemade taste. One popular local method of traditional coffee making, is to 'pull' it. Yes, pull. One might ask, how to pull coffee? If you've been to kopitiams a.k.a hawker centres in Singapore, you might already see that action happening. Similarly at TomorrowFree KaFei, they use a thin 'sock' (a tiny butterfly net with a wire handle) to brew their coffee and tea. The sock is lightly rinsed after each use, ensuring the oils and residue of the coffee beans and tea leaves are retained, also explaining why each brew is intensely rich in flavour.Accessibility:Approx. 3 minutes walk from Tai Seng MRT StationLet's Eat!Chee Cheong Fun and Yam Cake ($3 for 2 pieces each)Chee Cheong Fun with chilliI loved 2 of this dishes, as it reminds me of my breakfast mornings with my family. The chee cheong fun was nicely steamed and I did like how the sweet gravy complemented its texture.Yam cake Fried Chicken Wings ($1.40 for 2 pcs)You cannot go wrong ordering this. Served freshly deep fried, it is fragrant and super crispy. Loved it!Mee Siam ($4) Sorry, I took this dish when it already become a little dry, but actually, it is fully served to customers when it is erm, 'wetter' with more gravy. Flavourful!Bak Kut Teh ($7)A comforting starter to any meal, we understand that there are many return customers for this dish! Curry Chicken ($5)Another favourite dish of mine. But I did think that the gravy was a little too thick, it would have been perfect if the gravy was not so thick. But that's also because their curry doesn't have any floating chilli oil in it, ensuring you only get the goodness of the full curry! Chicken Chop ($13.90)The classic chicken chop, with colesaw and baked beans. This chicken chop was flavourful, topped with peppery gravy. It may prove to be a little too peppery for some, but if pepper is your thing, this dish is way up your alley. Like, my alley. haha. Braised Pork Rice ($5)"Eh, can I have second helpings of the braised fatty meat?"This is one dish I cannot stop eating, because it was braised well and its meat absorbed the braised flavours. With the layers of fat on the meat, it was delicious and very good with steamed white rice. However, I did hope that the gravy given was more, because being cantonese, I love gravy over rice! (Personal preference, sorry. LOL)Overall, we did enjoy the food, and we are free to eat to our heart's content as their food only use all-natural ingredients, without additional flavourings or enhancers. Just like how our mothers would cook our meals!This tasting session is by invitation. continue reading
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Level4 2015-08-21
Located just 200 metres from Tai Seng MRT Exit A is Irving Place, currently filled with lots of F&B options. You can just waltz by and choose your meal, local, western, cafe, traditional kopi/teh, etc.TomorrowFree Ka Fei is aimed more at people who want to eat some local dishes in the comfort of air con in the industrial estate of Tai Seng.Their dining area is very simple, and they have managed to cramp quite a number of tables and chairs into this elongated unit. We visited at 12pm on a weekday and the crowd only appeared at 1pm.They have a small menu, kimchi ramen, chicken chop, bak kut teh. Braised pork rice and curry chicken rice seemed to be their main seller. Almost every table ordered a chicken curry rice. In each serving, you get a huge chicken drumstick!They also sell these adorable owl decorated cupcakes!1. Bak Kut Teh $7It is normally served with white rice, but I asked for toast instead and the owner was accomodating and helped me toast the bread as well! The soup was very flavourful, not too peppery or salty. The temperature of the soup was just right. There 3 pork pieces, all were tender and it was very easy to get the meat off the bone.Check out the pork pieces and the sizes of the meat!2. Braised Pork Rice $5It would've been nicer if they drizzled some gravy over the rice. The pork was very soft and braised well, the pork wasn't too fatty either.The Teh was pretty refreshing even though it took awhile to get it. I had finished my meal before my drink arrived. The shop was full of customers and the owner and two other ladies were running in and out of the kitchen and serving customers.All in all, a decent place to grab lunch in Tai Seng, but do expect to spend some time waiting for either your food or hot drink. continue reading
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