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Toothsome Cafe serves a wide range of food such as Asian local delights, western food, desserts and Artisan coffee. continue reading
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Review (2)
Located along the busy tanjong katong road, right off the express way is this humble cafe. It prides itself in local asian cuisines, burgers, western fare and more! It's a very family oriented cafe, and there's even a play area for the kids. The whole cafe feels very cosy and I could definitely spend some chill out hours here. If only they had free wifi!I tried to make a reservation online, but they said not to worry and just walk in. On  a saturday evening, it wasn't packed at all. Here's some of the mains and they start from like $6.90 for the chicken wing and rice set up to $18.90 for ribs!It is a nett priced cafe, no service charge or GST. So help yourself to a pencil and fill in your order and pay up at the cashier. The food will be served to you. 1. Calamari Rings $6.90The calamari was freshly fried and crispy but the squid itself was abit too hard and chewy for my liking. The staff was very polite and provided us with mayonnaise upon our request.2. Spam Fries $5.90The spam fries served at Toothsome, is alot thinner than what other cafes serve, but still tastes pretty yummy! I tried not to devour this plate, to save stomach space for the main course!3. Hazelnut Latte $4.50Tasted good and I liked it. I am not a coffee lover, but I needed something to wake me up.4. Teriyaki Fish set $9.90I loved the teriyaki sauce, the fish tasted like your typical dory fish. 5. Chicken Wing Set $6.90The chicken wings were okay. They were freshly fried and quite hot. I had to wait for them to cool down. The coleslaw was yummy with tons of raisins. A pretty low cost dinner, that satisfied my tummy and expectation.6. Waffles with Vanilla ice cream $8.90Pretty sure this was King's vanilla ice cream, I recognized the taste. The ice cream scoop they gave was generous, but then again it was a generic brand ice cream. Toothsome is no ice cream parlour, but their waffles are yummilicious. Crispy on the exterior and slightly fluffy on the interior. This made my night!Yes, I smiling non stop looking at this beautiful waffle with ice cream perched on top!My friend tried the Montreal chicken burger, which he said tasted decent. They fries were crisp and tasted good too.To be honest, if I lived around the area, I wouldn't mind coming out to Toothsome cafe to chill and hang out, but I live on the other end of the island. Nonetheless, I think toothsome cafe has done a good job, providing a nice cosy family cafe environment with a large menu option. They sell hawaiian pizza waffles too! continue reading
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Level4 2015-01-13
Taking over the former grounds of 7th Manna Cake Boutique, Toothsome Cafe had done some renovations to the space, making it seemingly more chic somehow. Despite how the cafe looks, the food menu is pretty different from expectations; cooked food includes Fried Chicken Wing Rice while there are also small bites such as puffs and pies.To whet our appetites, we went for the Baked Chicken Puff ($1.60). Resembling a Char Siew Pastry, the light, flaky pastry was shaped like a pau while the Chicken chunks inside was well-marinated with sweet, sticky honey which makes every bite so addictive with savoury-sweetness.I decided to go for the Fragrant Fried Chicken Wing Rice ($5.90); pretty unconventional for a cafe. Presentation was simply; not even a single bit gimmicky. Just rice with two fried chicken wings with tomatoes at the side. Chicken Wings were juicy; a single pull and you could literally hear the juicy wings spurting its juices, and that crisp fried skin and light peppery flavour in the meat makes it pretty delightful. Rice seemed to hint of garlic flavour, and seemed like a more premium version that is lighter and less oilier than Tenderfresh’s rendition. A simple dish it might be, but it does not stop being just pleasant; it is also pretty affordable somehow. We only had one gripe; perhaps it could have come with a few lettuce leaves, or even a slaw as it feels a tad meaty and the tomatoes just seemed a tad lonely in a corner by themselves.My dining partner went for the Carbonara ($7.90). Pretty much unlike those thick, creamy and sometimes cheesy Carbonara out there, Toothsome’s rendition is much much lighter, which eradicates that sickening feel one might have after just finishing half the bowl. The cream-based sauce seemed a tad watery, but it had hints of garlic that perfumed the pasta which absorbed the flavours well. Pasta was also cooked al-dente, and the chicken and bacon though cooked rather simply were delectable. My dining partner loved it, and even said this raised his bar for his standards for Carbonara.For a sweet, we had the Original Cheesecake ($5.00). Much like the Carbonara, this was also seemingly lighter-tasting than the ones served elsewhere. Still, it was smooth and rich, but less cheesiness with quite a toned down zesty flavour. It was subtly refreshing, and the cheesecake also felt a tad stiffer to cut than the usual though it does not feel so while you are actually eating it.For more photos and the full review, please visit: https://jiaksimipng.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/toothsome-cafe-tanjong-katong-road/ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)