With the sauciest, juiciest, tastiest burger, Triple O's has it's first mouth-watering burger grilled it 1924. Now, they have extended their menu to serving fries and milkshakes too. continue reading
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Mushroom Burger Original Burger Combo Quebec-style Poutine
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It was only months after returning to work in Singapore did I realise that Triple O's actually have a presence here. One of my favourite fast food chains while working in Hong Kong, this Canadian brand deserves much more recognition than it does at present.It all started in 1924 when founder Nat Bailey transformed his truck into a travelling lunch counter in Vancouver, Canada. It is very much like our travelling food truck today though this started some nine decades ago! With a passion for baseball, Nat began selling hotdogs as a youngster on the rickety grandstands of old Athletic Park in Vancouver. Customers would shout out to Nat to bring the burgers to them and Nat hired three 'hustlers' who would dress provocatively to take orders from customers in their parked cars. For the simple fact that the ladies hopped to the cars, they became known as Carhops! More importantly, this inspired him to start the first fast food restaurant in Canada that offers drive-in services. It has been coined the 'Carhop Story'.The name Triple O's originated from the shorthand language of the carhops who took the orders. Customers could choose specially made mayonnaise and relish for their burgers. On the order pads, 'X' meant 'hold' while 'O' meant extra and Triple O simply meant 'plenty of everything'. It was then, a legend was born.Original burger | S$6.90/nett (burger only price)All burgers at Triple O's are made-to-order, so that every customer is guaranteed quality and fresh food. The signature classic burger comes with a dill pickle atop, separated by the wrapper. The artisan-styled buns are made using Nat's original recipe and the key that draws customers coming back was the Triple 'O' Sauce which was so good that they named the restaurant after it! It was almost like mayonnaise but blended with various other elements to give it that ultimate kick of richness and savouriness that would almost certainly please everyone's palate.The Hickory smoked bacon delivered the savouriness which was paired with four ounces of fresh beef patty! This is not your usual processed beef patty usually found at fast food chains but rather fresh minced beef is used. There was your usual fresh crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomato beautifully topped by a slice of melting cheddar cheese. Of course, we are talking about sinful calories-laden food here but heck, there are cheat days even for the health-conscious!2 piece crispy fish burger | S$10.90/nett + S$1.50 for friesThoughtfully set aside, the wedge of lemon slice was separated allowing customers to squeeze in as much tang to their burgers as desired. The crispy beer battered cod was seasoned and deep-fried to give a nice golden brown coating to that tender and soft fish fillet. It was fresh and the softness of the cod fish was nicely complemented by the layer of batter and crust on the outside.What made this irresistible was that to-die-for homemade tartar sauce and ranch dressing which would have you coming back for a second bite almost right away!Buffalo chicken club | S$9.90/- ; S$12.90/- for combo set meal which includes fries and drinkI would usually share my burger around but not on this occasion. The large deep-fried chicken breast was drizzled in hot sauce and topped with Hickory smoked bacon and a cool ranch dressing, not forgetting the cheddar cheese and greens of course. The chicken breast was tender and moist and the coating batter had that desired golden brown crust. The freshly toasted soft buns complemented the sinful indulgence with the light fluffiness and it was so good that I was deciding if I should have an encore!French and sweet potato fries | part of the combo setI was expecting this to shine like the ones I had in Hong Kong but the fries were quite a disappointment. It was not freshly deep-fried so both the usual french fries and sweet potato fries were a little on the soft, soggy side.The sweet potato fries would be a worthy try as one would expect to taste the natural sweetness of the sweet potato and you know you are not eating processed food when you are able to spot unpeeled skin of the potatoes and sweet potatoes on the fries! It is also worth mentioning that their signature chipotle mayo is a must-try dip!It is not common for me to award a must-try label for any restaurant, bistro or eatery for that matter but this burger chain has never failed me. Well, technically speaking, the fries were a large disappointment on this visit but the burgers were more than enough to make up for it.In terms of ambience, expect some casual fast-food dining sort of setting and everything would be self-service. You will be issued one of those UFO saucers which would buzz when your order is ready and you would need to head over to the counter to self-collect.As all burgers are made-to-order, do expect a five minute or so wait. The staff which took our orders was patient while we decided on our choice of burgers and was friendly in his demeanour. Now that I learnt that Triple O's exist in Singapore, they have won themselves a regular customer.Please visit http://www.makeyourcaloriescount.com/2014/02/sg-triple-os-canadian-burgers-with.html for full review. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-17
Looking for a better burger? That seems like what Triple O is trying to offer to you. With the price you are paying for "fast food" you wonder how good can it be?We ordered a Bacon Burger set with sweet potato fries and apparently a very good cup of Milke Shake with real Premium hand scoop ice cream. We grabbed a salad too for our greens.Salad was pretty alright but for that price I would rather head over to Carls Jr for their flavorsome chicken chargrilled salad. Bigger portions and bigger flavors.The burger was of a sizeable portion but the patty turn out a little thinner than I expected. But still it was pretty packed with bacon and other ingredients to fill you up.Tastewise, I didn't particularly feel that it was worth the price we were paying? It definitely taste better than other fast food chain's burger, but the lack of sauce evident in this burger. Top up a few more dollars and you will see me sitting at Relish with one of their juicy beef burgers. Best thing ever.Sweet potato fries were surprisingly good with a crispy crunch to it.The milkshake which cost as much as a burger are a letdown cause it just tasted like melted ice cream. My food kaki and I were looking forward to these famous shakes which turn out mehhh.Isit worth another trip back? Not for me unless they are having some crazy good promotions to entice me to give this place another chance again. continue reading
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Visit http://freshffm.blogspot.sg/2014/01/triple-os-orchard-towers-mckiller.html for full review with photos!Lets talk burgers. Many of us, myself included, probably identify this food with the image of a McSpicy, BigMac or even the Whopper . No doubt, these are yummy-licious in their own way, but there's just something rather unromantic and unrefined about eating these "fresh" off-the-production-line, chemical filled and re-heated upon order burgers. Sure, there are many restaurants out there that serve different burgers, but nothing in singapore quite captured the essence of an actual, unique burger joint for me. That is until we tried Triple Os, and for anyone who wants to skip the details, let me just sum it up for you right now: IT'S REALLY GOOD.The burger, like all the other burgers here, were a little bit on the expensive side but you do get your money's worth in it's incredible taste. The burger is centered with a tender and crispy fried chicken which bursts with great fragrance and flavour on every bite. On top of it was a slice of cheese which looked scrumptious and two slices of bacon; and below was a serving of crisp, fresh lettuce.Visit http://freshffm.blogspot.sg/2014/01/triple-os-orchard-towers-mckiller.html for full review with photos! continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-31
We were walking past this place on our way to Forum Shopping mall and decided to try something different for a change. This burger joint is right in the middle of nowhere but serves up pretty decent burgers. I tried the Fish Burger which came with a gigantic slab of fried fish, smothered in tar tar sauce. While the bread bun wasn't that great, I thought the fish was pretty fresh; although slightly oily. The chunky fries were also a nice addition to the meal. continue reading
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Level2 2013-12-06
Hate it when Singapore's night food life only revolve around pubs, mac and only starbucks? And when you and your friends waned to go grab a bite in the wee hour, and you will be like, " huh, mac again?!" Fear not, Triple O's is here to save your hungry tummy in those wee hours! Something that you might want to know about triple O's: They are a Canadian burger restaurant that has 3 outlets in Singapore, including the one in Orchard Tower and their target are people like US ! People who are late night shoppers or lepak (hang out) at night, who are also looking for quality late night supper food !And they open till 5am daily !Side dishes:No doubts that the side dishes are like equal yummy as the burgers. We get to try the the sweet potato fries ( my favourite all times), onion rings (also my favorite !!) and chicken strips which is their specialties !I really have a long term relationship with sweet potato fries and onion rings !! Their sweet potato fries is soooo much better than shi lin ! As their has thick layer of sweet potato and with a bite of it, you can still eat the fresh sweet taste of the sweet potato !Their onion rings isn't losing out to the one in BK ! In Triple O's you still can taste and see the fresh onion that is hidden inside the crispy golden outlook of it ! It kinda weird to see the onion, however it doesn't have the strong onion taste and it will dissolve with the whole onion ring !The chicken strips are like the best strips I ate ! It has a special sauce to it and it taste super delicious, not dry and crispy !!Sweet potato fries, onion rings, chicken strips- $2.90 , $2,90, $8,90.Something that everyone will order while eating fast food.The fries !! Canadians like poutine, which is the fatter fries, unlike those in mac, the taste of potato is so much richer. And actually I doesn't like poutine, especially those you get from NTUC, because the potato inside the fries will taste horrible, as there is so little potato inside the fries, it is not "balance" and taste the little pieces of the potato. If you get me.However in Triple O's there will NOT have those issue as the fries are like rich of the potato and there would be the taste of air inside the fries. Plus plus plus, there gravy and the cheese is like the perfect match with the pout !Poutine - $2.90 Burgers It always curious me when people say the juicy of the patty just ooze out with a bite, and I'm like aren't patties dry? But Triple O's just prove me wrong ! With just a bite, I can feel that the juicy of the burger ooze out, and it's not the oil but the taste of the beef is overwhelming and fresh to extend where you will continue your bite.Also, the beef isn't hard to bite, but tender and melt in your mouth when you start to chew ! The best part is that it has bacon and cheese in it ! YES BACON ! And the bacon isn't hard like stone but crispy And it is the perfect match with the beef !Lastly, it is big ass big ! This is just half of the burger and I feel that I'm having problem finishing it ! Oh my, perhaps it is due to the large appetite of the Canadians ! And the best part is that the burgers are as big and looks as yummy as those in the website ! *meme: yes, not cheated*Bacon cheese burger- $12.90If you can't take beef, fear not, there is always chicken and fish, I didn't get to try the fish one, but there is also awesome reviews about it !For the chicken burger, the taste isn't as rich as the beef, which might suit some people's taste buds ! Also, can u see that oh-my-god thick chicken patty ?! This burger is mostly based on the taste of the chicken patty, and I can just say that it's awesome, as it is tender plus juicy !Chicken supreme- $9.90Oh did I mention that they actually do provide deliver too ! So instead of you leaving your comfortable sofa, you can order and have it in your place. HURRAY !Rating: 4.5/5Their service are excellent, so as their food, but I'm not loving the french breakfast meal, but overall is almost perfect. Even the price of their burger might be a little costly, but they have awesome good environment and no service charge. Everything is nett price ! continue reading
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