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Beginning as a small curry rice stall in the Telok Blangah area in February 2014, the founders of Truly Test Kitchen, ex-forex traders Joel Chia and Deniece Tan, along with Joel's brother Joshua Chia, have since relocated to a much larger space within the Tai Sing area in November 2015. Now located in a rather out-of-the-way location in Jun Jie Industrial Building, on the 7th floor, Truly Test Kitchen now offers a much wider variety of food options, while still retaining their extremely affordable prices.Ambience at Truly Test Kitchen resembles that of a coffee shop, a large open space, brightly lit by natural lighting and flourescent lights, with functional plastic and wooden furniture scattered about. While the fans here are powerful, diners will still be subjected to the heat of the day, but at least the area is completely sheltered from rain. Of the 5 food stalls at Truly Test Kitchen, only the curry rice stall actually displays an attractive range of food, the rest don't have any pictures or food displayed, but at least the menus are large and legible.Service at Truly Test Kitchen is partial self-service, with ordering and payment done over the counter. Collection of orders is only done for items which can be served immediately, for all other items, staff will serve these to your table. As with any coffee shop, there is minimal engagement with the staff, unless you happen to be speaking to the passionate founders of Truly Test Kitchen, who can regale you with their history, how each dish is put together, and why it's presented as such. There usually is a short waiting time for dishes, during peak periods, be prepared to wait up to 15 minutes.Food at Truly Test Kitchen is varied, mostly consisting of classic Singapore Chinese and Western dishes, spread across the 5 stalls. Taste of dishes ranges from below average, to above average. What stands out is the large, filling, carbohydrate packed portions, created to be filling one-dish meals for the many labourers in the area. Prices are cheap, wallet-friendly deals, for less than SGD $4, you can get a complete meal, with drinks costing SGD $1 - $2 more. Incredible value for money to dine here!The signature dish which made Truly Test Kitchen famous is their Curry Rice With Hainanese Pork Chop & Cabbage (SGD $3). The curry is specially made, very different from other Chinese curries elsewhere, being thick and savoury, with a nice layer of spicy heat and a little sweetness. The cabbage is fresh, soft but not limp. The pork chop is decent in taste, a thin, breaded, piece of meat, that holds up well despite the curry gravy. I would have preferred a thick slice though. The Stir-Fried Egg & Tomato (SGD $2) is tasty, juicy and floral from the tomatoes, though I would have liked the egg to be softer instead. The best thing we tried from the Chinese economy rice stall was the Stewed Daikon Radish (SGD $2), tender slow braised chunks of radish in a savoury sweet, robust gravy, incredibly delicious! Highly recommended!The signature dish of the Western stall, the Chicken N Waffles (SGD $4.50) features a large, crisp outside moist inside, piece of deep fried chicken cutlet, that is straight forward and tasty on its own. Served sitting on a rather underwhelming waffle, which was crisp but dry, a side of decent potato fries, and sweet maple syrup on the side. Still among the better dishes we had here.Full Truly Test Kitchen review: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/03/truly-test-kitchen-tasting.html continue reading
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Level4 2016-03-02
Located on the 7th floor of Jun Jie Industrial Building, approximately 700m from Tai Seng MRT is the new 3000 square feet coffeeshop, the new homeground of Truly Curry Rice that moved here from Telok Blangah Food Centre. Opened by young hawkerpreneurs, they are passionate about filling up your tummies will delicious food without you looking at your wallet!Check out the prices of the drinks teh bing at $1! Or teh at 80 cents. These are rare sights at modern day coffee shops.They serve a variety of food, noodles, porridge, western, yong tau foo.Their western menu is pretty comprehensive, starting at $3.50 for pastas and there's even seafood marinara for $3.50!! You get to choose 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 side and 1 sauce all for $4. For choices of sides, you can even pick fried chicken chop, oven roasted chicken thigh! Next to the drink stall, you will see the curry rice stall with lots of pork cutlets displayed on the top shelf and veggies that follow below. Starting from $2, this is the reason why Truly Test Kitchen has gotten it's reputation!1. Tomato Fried Egg $2 *highly recommended*I generally love all types of tomato fried egg dishes but this was slightly different. The ratio of tomatoes to egg was significantly more. The sauces was also pretty thick which doubled as a nice gravy for the price. The egg was charred on the edges and yet still thin and was able to absorb the sweetness from the gravy. This is more of a sweet side dish and would go hand in hand with any side dishes that Truly curry offers. At $2 a serving, this is my no. 1 choice for a side dish on top of your pork chop and rice!2. Fried Yam Cake $2Joel was proud to serve this to us and here's why! The yam cake was so crispy and almost biscuit like on the exterior and yet soft and cakey on the inside. I love the generousity of the sauces and fried onions. I can never say no to more fried onions. The serving here again, is huge for just a mere $2 note! The yam cake was flavourful with every bite even without the sauce. The sauce added a tinge of sweetness and it had a lingering sweet aroma. 3. Radish $2I don't normally eat radish as I find it to be a rather bland vegetable, but Truly Curry proved me wrong. The radish was so tasty and it definitely tasted alot better than any radish I had tried. It was soft and sweet.4. Hainanese Pork Chop with Cabbage $3Here's the actual portion you get for $3. I am still just to comprehend the value here. This is not just an ordinary plate of pork chop and chap chye. The pork chop here is deep fried in a thin batter leaving it thin and crispy. The curry was thick and not too spicy for my liking, as I do not normally take spicy foods. I believe that the spiciness level is okay for even children.The curry used here is made from scratch daily and this shows the owner's dedication for quality food!5. Assam Homely Noodle $3.50 *highly recommended*I loved this assam homely noodles. It isn't spicy at all, rather it's more like a sweet version of mee siam! Take note, you should eat this while it's hot, once you are done taking photos and it cools down, the whole game changes. The noodles absorb all the gravy and it's truly an a delicious dish for just $4.50. There's balls of minced meat. But being that this coffeeshop lacks a decent ventilation, I could foresee myself giving up half way through the bowl as it is truly too hot.6. Curry Homely Noodles $3.50Another version of the noodles is the curry homely noodles. For some reason I felt that this was spicier than the curry rice curry sauce. I wasn't really able to eat much of the noodles due to the spiciness level. But ingredients wise, it had the same ingredients as the Assam Homely Noodles.The noodles had a consistent soft and chewy texture. I just wished that it wasn't so spicy. Joel came by to explain to us the rationale for this dish, the bulk of their customers are industrial workers who need alot calories to fuel their body for work. As such, they wanted a bowl filled up tasty noodles to empower them for the day. Hence, this humongous portion of noodles was served!7. Chicken Chop HK style maggie $3.50 I love maggie noodles and this was no exception. The springy noodles coupled with a seasoning at the bottom of the bowl was enough to make me devour the noodles. The chicken chop here was slightly drier than the pork chop from the curry rice. I loved the sunny side up egg that still had a fluid core! I would totally order this again!The seasoning for this maggie noodle wasn't too salty but I felt that it could've been abit more moist. Maybe it sat for too long from the extended photo taking session but this noodle is served with a bowl of clear soup!8. Chicken Ball Porridge $3This chicken ball porridge came with a raw egg! There were numerous balls of chicken meat all rolled up that held together despite my violent stiring technique. The chicken meat had natural chicken flavours and the porridge itself wasn't bland. The consistency of the porridge was thick and spot on. Something so simple like a porridge may not seem to be the top of your cravings list but do give this a try! 9. Meatball Marinara $3.50The meatball marinara was a surprise to me, as their noodles tasted slightly spicy. Very different from the typical marinara seasoning. The meatballs were alright, but it could be cooked for shorter period as some tasted slightly drier than the others. The texture of the spaghetti was good!10. Chicken n Waffles $4.50 *highly recommended*Truly Test Kitchen is starting to gain popularity on instagram due to their $4.50 fried chicken and waffles, labelled as the cheapest chicken and waffles in singapore. The fried chicken cutlet was huge and the portion together with the fries and waffles, is definitely more than enough for one person.The chicken meat was juicy and the crispiness of the chicken cutlet was addictive. The waffle itself had a slight salty after taste which paired well with the sweey syrup that was provided. The fries portion was truly generous and I can only say, bring someone with you!Here's all the dishes that I tried that day. Owners Joel and Deniece have true passion to make you stretch your dollar and fill up your tummies with various food options. With so many choices, you can never get tired of all their food offerings. Not to mention, EVERY item goes for $4.50 and below!Overall : Food that shows the owner's dedication to food quality and value, is sure to make me return back for more! continue reading
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