Tsubohachi serves you authentic yet Modern Fusion Japanese Cuisine, features variety of traditional Japanese cuisine made only with fresh ingredients. continue reading
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Level3 2013-12-17
We kindly of passed by this Japanese restaurant which kind of attracted our attention with lanterns at its main door. So we decided to go in and have our lunch as we are starving after a long walk.The staff were very friendly and directed us to a table as soon as we step into the door. When we entered, I was quite impressed by the decoration and the layout of the place. There are some traditional style table seats which mimic Japanese seating while there are quite a lot of Japanese display within the restaurant. The whole place seems to be comfy and spacious too though I did not see a lot of customer eating here (Just 2 groups of customers when we were there).Anyway, since this was the first time we eaten at this restaurant, we just proceed to look through the menu and started to order our dishes. The service here were great as the staff were fast to refill your green tea when you were finishing it.The salad being served with some crackers sprinkled on top of it which seems so much like Chinese Yu Sheng style. Vegetables were very fresh with a few thin slice of Salmon sashimi too. The best thing I love about this dish was the use of Wafu Dressing though you can choose other salad dressing like Sesame / Ao-Shiso / Caesar too. The whole feeling of eating salad had come to a different level for this dish. Highly recommendedThe dish was being served using a hotplate which can keep the soba from getting cold while you slowly eat the nice dish. I like the sauce being used though I felt that they should give more pork meat for this price (Just saw a few very thin slice of pork in it). Overall, it was a nice dish for a meal.This dish was being served in a very interesting way. When the staff served the dish, it was not yet fully cooked yet and the staff explain that we need to wait for another 20 minutes before opening the lid to eat it. During these time, the staff lighted up a candle heater below the dish. Both Rachel and I had a great time chatting while waiting for the dish to be ready for us to eat. Luckily, the dish turn out to be quite nice and interesting to eat. With those mushroom and eels within the rice mixed with those ingredients that I poured in too. Good and interesting dish and you can choose other types of meat too like Salmon / Seafood / Chicken. continue reading
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Level4 2013-12-12
Tsubohachi was recommended by my bf's fren. Since it was a friend gathering, rather than a "food appreciation" session, I went there without much expectation. It turned out to be quite a pleasant dining experience, with lotza varieties and reasonable pricing. In fact, I went back there for my own gals gathering too. =)The menu contains many pictures to help you to decide on the many varieties... I like! Coz I'm someone more visual and will be attracted to the pictures, rather than reading those fasincating names of the dishes, which I have no idea what they means.. The usual "problem" when I visit those high class fine dining resturants..Hungry already? Yeah.. food "served" right up!Salmon Sashimi The salmon sashimi was good! Look at THAT thickness! The chef was definitely generous ^_^Saikoro Steak Set Another favourite dish of mine. The beef was cubed to contain its juiciness and tender. Something to take note, finish the dish while it's hot. The beef will be "overcooked" if left on its own since it is served in hot pan. Dun waste the effort of the chef, so finish your food and dun forget the "dao gay" ( bean sprouts)! Mushroom Hot Pot The boys loved mushroom, and so we ordered this. As the name suggested, the pot had all kinds of mushrooms such as golden mushrooms, shitake mushrooms etcPotato MentaikoThis was superb! Must order! Twice I went there, twice the group made a re-order for this. Basically, it's potato, cheese and mentai. I cant remember the pricing, but definitely not expensive, probably around $5? I love good & cheap food!Kanioshi Sushi I liked this too! Simply, it was kani (crab) mayo sushi. It served as a good alternative to just normal rice. We need the rice to make sure we were full mah...Yakitori Platter (10 pcs) One of the highlight here is the skewers. It is rather expensive if you order them one by one, so we ordered the platter plus some other that we would like to try.I rather like the one with bacon and aparagus, whereby the saltiness of the bacon was mellowed by the crunchy apargaus. The bacon with golden mushrooms was nice too. Hmm, was it the bacon that I liked? Hmm..The meat selection was also not bad, the chicken was rather tender, although the pork was kinda tricky to chew. To read more & view photos, please visit http://fun-hideout.blogspot.sg/2010/12/tsubohachi.html continue reading
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Level4 2012-03-31
What an interesting place where order is taking using a talking pen! The Japanese style buffet restaurant comprises of sides ( like gyoza ) , bbq ( pork , chicken etc) and main dishes ( like noodles, not forgetting dessert. Really enjoyed the meal. It is a good place for gathering! love their sashimi! continue reading
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Level2 2012-01-19
The novelty of this place is that it has an electronic menu that you order from with a talking pen. They claim that it is to increase efficiency, but honestly i think that it's just a marketing ploy to pique customers' interest. Afterall, what is the point of having an electronic ordering system if you still need a waitress to guide and help you enter your order because of unclear instructions and a silly system that has trouble registering out inputs. Even the waitresses were struggling with the menu themselves, and the restaurant didn't have the right mind to arm them with a pen and paper as backup. Efficiency you sayThat aside, food was average. I had the Mushroom Hot Pot while my friends had Soba and Ramen (can't remember the exact names). We also ordered Fried Chicken among ourselves. Dessert was pretty substandard. The small piece of cake and macaroon that came on top of my Sundae was trash, but I did appreciate the crunchy cornflakes in between.Place was nice and quiet on a weekday evening. continue reading
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