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Tsukada Nojo, one of few Japanese to serve collagen soup beauty pot made by the nourishing 'Jitokko'. continue reading
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Level4 2017-07-12
The restaurant was located at the end. There was no no queue, but all members of the dining had to be around before being shown to a table. Comparing to its menu when it just opened in Singapore, the menu had expanded a lot to Curry Flavour and Spicy Chili Flavour Collagen chicken stock , shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and shaved ice.Nikumaki ($3.50++)Nikumaki onigri is bite-sized rice ball wrapped in pork, baked with a special soy sauce.Felt it was quite savoury with the rice inside moist and flavourful.Nikumaki Cheese ($3.80++)Melted cheese on Nikumaki.The cheese flavour was quite distinct and could be slightly overwhelming. Bijin Nabe (S$25++/ person)1. Soup Base - Spicy Chili Flavour Collagen Chicken Stock2. Ingredients - Lettuce, Baby Sweet Potato Leaves, Enoki Mushrooms, Baby Corn, Black Fungus, Deep Fried Tofu, Tori Tsukune, Sunflower Sprout, Prawn, and Watermelon Radish3. Noodle - Thick Mochi-Mochi NoodleServed with Basic Sauce Set : Homemade Chili Oil, Leek Oil, Yuzu Pepper, Homemade Chili Padi Soy SauceThe soup base was served in jelly form, which will melt as the pot warm up. After it was fully melted, the staff would served the stewed chicken in bowl with the soup in a tiny tasting cup. The soup was rich and flavourful without too spicy.The staff placed the ingredients in the hotpot, with the noodle last after finishing most of the ingredients in the pot. The staff also served a seaweed based paste which was said to enhance the soup's taste.After finishing the hotpot, we were served a plate which was decorated in a cutesy way with jelly cube for dessert."Shirokuma" Shaved Ice ($7.80++)Shaved ice and condensed milk, shaped into a white bear that is cute to eat.It was cute and not too sweet. Would prefer the ice to be shaved finer and the milk to be distribute more evenly instead of just the centre. continue reading
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Level3 2014-11-30
This restaurant is known for its chicken collagen hotpot (supposed to make your skin beautiful). We tried the hotpot sometime ago & were hooked to it. This round we had their chicken ramen for lunch. The chicken broth is to die for! Their ramen differentiates itself from the common pork broth you get elsewhere, so concentrated & flavourful. Heavenly.... I really don't mind having the broth everyday ;) The noodles were chewy & the chicken is tender & juicy. They use organic vegetables here. Very good service & healthy food. We will definitely go back next time. continue reading
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Level4 2014-09-08
Visit http://www.umakemehungry.com/2014/06/tsukada-nojo.html for more reviewsBijin Nabe Bijin Nabe when translated from Japanese "Beauty Pot" seems to be quite popular for a while. We had our colleague birthday celebration in their Westgate outlet on a Thursday evening. Even though we were considered early, we were not the first in queue and had to wait about half an hour before table is ready.Seatings were only available inside while their "outdoors" dining were no longer available. We took the time in looking at its premises and We were greeted spontaneously by the staffs while we make our way into the restaurant. Interior was of typical Japanese restaurant filled with their culture made of wooden frames and ceilings.While waiting for the food to be served, glasses of Iced Lemon Tea and Lemon Green Tea were served.The first sight of the pot of white lumps was like "oh my god" upon looking at those wobbly bean-curd like pudding in the heavy pot.These lumps were none other than the collagen and they were concentrated chicken stock. They were make of chicken bones, salt and water, boiled for 8 hours then cooled to become such super rich collagen. When we asked the server if there were any MSG used, she mentioned that there was little MSG added.As the induction cooker started to heat up, the pot of goodness starts to melt and slowly dissolve as the clocked ticked.Slowly, those chicken that were buried under the rich collagen were gradually revealed. They were actually Jidori Chicken, a well known brand of chicken in Japan which were raised organically in stringent standards. They were shipped over from Japan by limited farmers thus considering "rare" chicken in such.How to enjoy the meal was actually a knowledge. Perhaps without the efficient and patient server, we were will lost especially this was our first time dining there.While the soup was really rich, tasty imported all the way from Japan. The first step was that we were told to enjoy the soup first in sips using the cups. I couldn't believe my taste buds, they were indeed tasty!The 2nd Step was that there were 4 different types of spices available, namely chilli shoyu, Neggi Ginger oil, Yuzu pepper and red chili oil.For the 3rd step, we stirred the soup followed by grabbing the pieces of chicken and have a taste.Meanwhile, our side dishes came...A traditional dish in Miyazaki which brought popularity wide in Japan. These fried chicken came in a pair served with Tsukada Nojo's homemade Tatar sauce and complimented with vegetables drenched with Japanese Sesame Sauce.Comes in a tray of two, these Shumai were big with fillings tasted more like Xiao Long Bao from common chinese restaurant.Set for 4 portions were all combined in a serving, making up of vegetables as the majority.What was most outstanding looking was actually the chicken minced meat that had filled the bamboo. Prawns and this chicken minced meat had make up part of the Bijin Nabe Meal.The sweet and pretty server dressed in her kimono explained that she will be making meat balls out of it and putting them to boil. The creation of the server! She had actually placed the items in one by one and arrange them neatly, at the same time introducing the name of the items namely, zucchini, watermelon radish, wintermelon, black fungus, spinach, cabbage, lettuce, tofu and mushrooms.For those who feel that the above was just too little. Noodles come at a later part when we had finished up with the vegetables. Although there were 4 portions / pax, we were only allowed to choose one type of noodle and share among ourselves.Tsukada Nojo had deliberately decorated the additional seasame paste in heart shape form for everyone of us. The paste is to added into the noodles for extra taste.Every ingredient adding a slight sweetness to the soup, like most of the steamboat / hotpots, the flavorful base that was just too addictive! On a side note, the first refill of collagen is complimentary and subsequent ones are chargeable)The most "powerful" flavored items for the last and that's these fresh prawns which were pierced right through its length.It's hard to bid goodbye after so much of fun and goodness. To get customers returning, Tsukada Nojo comes out with a witty marketing method by issuing everyone of its customer with an Assistant Manager name card for first timer. And for those who those with repeated visits, they get their promotions into Vice President, CEO and so on. All we need to do is to write down our name on the given name card and get it stamped during the next visit.Thanks to the staff of Tsukada Nojo, these were being served as the desserts (mango pudding in cubes) illustrated by a girl with cake to celebrate my colleague's belated birthday.It was a delighting experience in Tsukada Nojo with good service from the servers. We spent about $150 for 4 pax (including taxes) which I felt was a tad expensive for Hot Pot items. However taking into consideration of the Rare chicken and "bean curd" puddings from Japan, it is still worth to visit once in a blue moon perhaps. continue reading
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Level1 2013-12-23
My friend and I decided to give it a try. It was only their the 3rd day in Westgate. We were there early around 4.30pm and guess what, we were the first customers~ =pOut of curiosity, I actually tried the collagen pudding before it was heated. It tasted quite salty. The collagen pudding started to melt once heated. Overall, it was tasty.Note that this hotpot (Bijin Nabe) is served during dinner only. To avoid disappointment, it's best to queue at least half an hour early as it was full house in just an hour.For more information/photos, please visit: http://www.eatdrinktalkplay.com/2013/12/22/%E5%86%AC%E8%87%B3dinner-westgate-tsukada-nojo-%E5%A1%9A%E7%94%B0%E8%BE%B2%E5%A0%B4-%E7%BE%8E%E4%BA%BA%E9%94%85/(Kindly note that this blog post is actually written in Chinese. =p) continue reading
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