Opened by the folks behind Bedok Point $1 Thai Boat Noodle, Tuk tuk Cha is a takeaway shop that specialize in thai coffee and tea. continue reading
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Mae Milk Tea Tuk Tuk Lemongrass Yai Milk Coffee Kaya Bread Sticky Rice Mango Tom Yum Toast
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Level4 2016-02-23
Tuk Tuk Cha is a small cafe offering thai style desserts and drinks. Currently it has 4 outlets in Singapore. One of the outlets is located in Suntec City Mall. The cafe was small with a small dine in area of about 10 paxs. One would not miss the tuk tuk vehicle which front the dine in area when passing by the shop.Aloha Coconut Shibuya Roast ($10.80)It was served with coconut ice-cream, shredded fresh coconut, and honey, on top of the crispy toast. Although the toast looked quite thick, it sliced easily as it was quite crispy. The toast itself was quite yummy being buttery and honey sweet. The ice cream was quite milky and rich. Overall quite a delicious combination.Thai Milk Tea ($2.80/regular), Homemade Lemongrass ($2.80/regular)Not sure if the toast was too sweet. We felt that the drinks were just nice and not too sweet.Overall the food was great. Service was great too. Although we were the last customers left, the staffs did not chase us out. continue reading
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Ever sat on a Tuk Tuk (auto-rickshaw) in Thailand? Nope?Well, there's one now in Singapore, at Suntec City. Introducing the new Tuk Tuk Cha, a little cafe that officially opened yesterday, on 4 July. Honestly, they also don't need a signboard, because their cafe is so distinct, what with a huge Tuk Tuk parked right there. When I got there today, queues were already long, just to get a taste of Thailand. They cleverly designed their cafe (with such limited space) with the Tuk Tuk spanning out to be a longer table for those who wants to dine-in.Accessibility:Approx. 5 minutes walk from Promenade MRT Station / 8 minutes walk from City Hall MRT StationLet's Eat!Thai Iced Milk Tea ($2.80 for the cold version (regular sized))Smooth, but not smooth enough. I asked for less ice and sweetness (by right, this reduction should be well balanced so as not to undermine the flavour) but anyway, they still did give me too much ice and made the tea less sweet. I did like it but felt that maybe the tea could be better in its full on flavour.Tom Yum Toast with additional Chicken Floss ($2.50)I chose mine with Chicken Floss. Unfortunately, the taste of the chicken floss was buried under the spiciness of the chilli sandwich, which also didn't have any Tom Yum taste. I regretted not ordering the Golden Toast instead. Mango Sticky Rice ($6)I love this. The sticky rice was so good, mushiness was at the right level, together with the right amount of slightly thick, coconut milk given. The mango slices were big too. Would totally come back for this again. Low-DownThe best bit: Mango sticky rice!The worse bit: Tom Yum Toast, which was more chilli and no tom yam taste at all. continue reading
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Level3 2015-08-24
Tuk Tuk, the iconic three-wheeled vehicle in Thailand, has driven their way to Singapore. Parked at Suntec City, Tuk Tuk Cha not only offers a selection of beverages but also snacks that are great for tea time breaks.The beverages they serve here does not confine to Thai teas or coffee. They have in their menu home-made lemon tea, lemonade and roselle for non-milk lovers. Matcha latte, hojicha and chocolate are also available for those who don't fancy Thai drinks that much. Thai Milk Tea (S$2.80 - Regular)Unlike the other place that I always frequent, here they do not have an option to choose for milder or stronger Thai tea flavour. The ones they serve here really have a high tea content. Suitable for those who loves the stronger version.Thai Green Milk Tea (S$2.80 - Regular)For those who love milk base beverages with a not so high tea content. This green tea pairing with milk drink is rather fragrant.Home-made Roselle (S$2.80 - Regular)The perfect drink that makes you feel less sinful after eating all the toasts.As for the snacks menu, other than the golden and tom yam toast that we tried, they do serve the two popular Thai dessert/appetizer - sticky rice mango and mango salad.Golden Toast (S$3)Milky white bread drizzled in butter. Air fried to make it crispy and achieve the golden look. Pair it with your favourite dip or toppings from the selection available and viola, there you have a perfect snack to go with your drink.A little disappointed as we wanted to try their Home-made Taro Kaya and Home-made Thai Tea Kaya but it's out of stock.with Home-made Pandan Kaya (Add S$0.80)The pandan kaya dip is not too sweet but lacking the pandan flavour.with Condensed Milk + Milo (Add S$0.80)Recommended by the staff. This is indeed the best of the three. The milo powder complements the condensed milk making this full of flavour in every bite.with Nutella (Add S$0.80)The never go wrong dip choice. Definitely for nutella fanatics.Tom Yam Toast (S$2.50) with Chicken Floss + Egg (Add S$1)Tom Yam chilli sandwich. Have it with either chicken floss or egg or you can opt for both like what we did for an extra dollar. The tom yam taste was not very evenly spread out so certain piece was spicier than the rest. Nonetheless, this is quite a tasty combination. continue reading
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