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Level4 2014-05-11
For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/05/two-chefs-eating-place-sin-ming-outlet.htmlI accidentally chanced upon the signage "Two Chefs Eating Place" after parking in the HDB carpark. A thought immediately struck my head, "Did Two Chefs have another outlet?".Prawn Paste Chicken ($12.00). When this came, all of us went bewildered. It doesn't look like the usual crispy fried type in other places.One of their popular signatures, Honey Fried Chicken ($12.00). Crispy chicken with thick honey sauce "combed" all over it! Love this!Coral Beancurd ($10.00). Oh my... If I am given the chance to make one of the dish as the signatures, this will be one of them!Butter Ribs ($12.00). Another of their signatures, but I am still doubtful... Ribs are tender, and the butter which taste more like milk powder is quite nice too. But the combination just don't solve the puzzle.. It somehow still remains as two separate entity.A dish that is generally exist and almost on every table on tables while eating out on tze char stalls... Curry Fish Head ($23.00). Curry is not too spicy, and quite thick. Fish is fresh of course, but whole dish is just faring an average.For more details, please visit http://foodesteem.blogspot.com/2014/05/two-chefs-eating-place-sin-ming-outlet.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-05
Great Chinese food served here and glad my friend has brought me here. Even though the dining environment is squeezy and uncomfortable, but service here is friendly and fast. I bought the butter pork ribs and spinach with 3 eggs to try. Pork ribs are very tender and juicy, and full of the butter fragrance. Spinach are very fresh and crunchy, which is full of the nice flavour from the eggs cooked in it. We paid a $8 each for both dishes, which are reasonable. continue reading
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Level4 2013-11-16
I've heard that the two chefs outlet at commonwealth is good and that it's always packed. Thus, I was glad to be able to try the two chefs at sin ming here, where it's less crowded.- Butter pork ribs, $8Butter pork ribs is their signature dish, so of course we ordered this to try. The milk-like powder coating the pork ribs was quite tasty and finely spread over the ribs. The dish was not oily even though the ribs were fried. The ribs were quite lean though and could be just a bit more tender. The fried shredded yam was really interesting. It was reminiscent of the fried nian gao (or chinese new year cake), because there's a underlying sweetness on top of the crispy, savoury coating. A highly addictive and recommended dish.- Fried shredded yam, $8The spinach with 3 eggs was quite nice too, with plenty of ingredients given. The stock base could be a bit more tastier, then it'll be really good.- Spinach with 3 eggs, $8The san lau hor fun was delicious too, with plenty of tiny dried shrimp added for ooomph. There was also enough "wok hei" or wok fragrance in the dish. The chef was a tad heavy on the XO sauce though, so it was just a bit salty. Otherwise, a really good dish to try as well.- XO san lau hor fun, $12 continue reading
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Two Chefs Eating Place is a popular Cze Char stall in the West, in Commonwealth to more specific. Every weekend, Two Chefs Eating Place is bounded to be packed with a long line of customers queuing up. Their signature dish, the Butter Ribs 牛油排骨 has been highly raved about on the internet. I have been itching to try Two Chefs Eating Place for more than two years. The travelling journey was the main reason why I had been procrastinating for so long. I was thrilled when I got to know that Two Chefs Eating Place had opened a second outlet at Sin Ming (that's near Upper Thompson / Bishan). In fact, it's just located next to Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery which is the largest Mahayana Temple in Singapore. It would be timely to visit and try out their dishes.Revamped Two Chef's signboard showing their signature dishes. I believed that Two Chefs Eating Place either bought over or rented the entire coffee shop. The staff at the drink, roti prata and vegetarian stalls were all wearing Two Chef's uniform. The coffee shop was just half full during lunch time on a weekend. In fact, when we arrived at 1215pm, the place was literally empty except for another group of customers. There were many ceiling and wall fans that helped ventilate the place.Two Chefs Eating Place's menu with over 79 dishes. If you are visiting for the first time, you might want to ask the staff to recommend their signature dishes. We ordered several of their signature items and did not have to wait long before the first dish was served to us.The Drunken Cockles 醉蚶 which has garnered lots of rave reviews online was the first dish to be served. The plate of half-shelled cockles was served cold. They were covered with light soya sauce covered with lots of garlic, spring onion and chilli padi. The cockles were fresh with no sand in it and had just a slight raw taste. I thought that this was just an average appetiser. Nothing great to should about. And of course, your mouth will stink after eating this dish (due to the raw garlic). =PThe Vegetable with Egg, Salted Egg and Century Egg 三蛋时菜 was another dish that Netizen raved about. It was another disappointment; badly executed. The spinach which was supposed to be soft was firm and hard. The gavy which should have been so tasty due to the 3 eggs and spinach was tasteless. The chef failed to extract the flavours of the ingredients into the gravy. I had better ones elsewhere.The Hot Plate Beancurd arrived sizzling hot. Executed slightly different from most other Cze Char stalls, instead of slices of round shaped beancurd, the beancurds (tofu) were long, rectangular in shape and were soft. The gooey brown gravy was tasty with lots of minced meat and egg underneath. The gravy complemented the rice well and was not overly salty. An average dish. The Honey Fried Chicken, a signature dish recommended by the staff was outstanding. It was easily the best dish in this meal. The chicken was well marinated as the inside was tender and flavourful. It was deep fried till the outside was crisp. The deep fried slices of fried garlic added on top further enhanced the taste up a notch or two. The Butter Ribs 牛油排骨 is the most popular dish at Two Chefs Eating Place. The Pork Ribs (I doubt that it was ribs, should be pork meat instead) were covered with milk powder and curry leaves. I had high expectations and was expecting to be blown away by this dish. Instead, I was left disappointed yet again. The meat was tough and distinct flavour of the curry leaves was not brought out. To be frank, there was no melt in the mouth sensation. In fact, we had difficulties finishing this dish. A member of our group who had been to Two Chefs Eating Place in Commonwealth and Sin Ming several times mentioned that somehow, their standard was way off their normal taste today. It seemed that its the norm for their standard to vary on different days. Anyway, I certainly did not know how to appreciate this dish and wonder why nearly everyone online had raved about this.I know that there may be fans of Two Chefs Eating Place who may be reading this. But still I have got to say this; I left the place feeling extremely disappointed. I did not fancy any of the dishes I tried except for the Honey Fried Chicken. I do not understand the hype and thought that I had better Cze Char dishes else where. Overall, I was not satisfied with this lunch and found myself craving for more/better food (I was not the only one in the group who had this feeling). For full review and more photos, please visit http://foodiefc.blogspot.sg/2013/04/two-chefs-eating-place-sin-ming.html continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-20
Visited Two Chefs Eating Place at their Bishan outlet & ordered one of their signature dish - butter pork ribs with rice for takeaway.I must say I was blown away! The butter pork ribs is really yummy! The butter used is actually in a powdery form which is sweet and buttery, and they melts in your mouth! <3 The only downside is there are not much veggie (raw lettuces) given. =( continue reading
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