Arriving by Public Bus: #52/132/162/162M/163/165/166/167/410/640/855/980 (Bus Stop Number 53049 - aft Thomson Rd PO) Nearest MRT: Exit A - Marymount Station (CC16 on the Circle Line) continue reading
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Creating ice cream with utmost care and dedication, Udders is dedicated to creating home made ice cream chock full of natural ingredients. All their recipes are unique, created with a little bit of passion and a whole lot of cheekiness. continue reading
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Fresh Mango Sorbet Rum & Raisin
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Located along the busy upper thomson road stretch, is Udders. It is super crowded on weekends and night time, mainly because it caters to the young crowd that never sleeps, or the crowds who have cars and can drive out here. The nearest mrt is marymount but it's a distance to walk from the mrt to Udders.They have a watercooler, the ones you find in pri/sec/JC schools, so it's a self-service station to get water. They also serve sundaes, cooked food and drinks on top of their famed ice cream selections. We decided to go ahead and try their shroom bites and at $7, it was kind of pricey for 4 portobello mushrooms with bacon. The mushrooms were juicy and they were good, but it does not justify the price.They do not have waffle combos, so everything is ala carte, Waffles $4, double scoop of classic ice cream $6.80 and I got cookies and cream as well as hannah's banana which is their rendition of chunky monkey.Hannah's banana was filled with banana creamy goodness along with chunks of bite-sized chocolate and crunchy bits. I highly recommend this to any chunky monkey lover! It was quite sweet too, sweeter than the cookies and cream!The cookies and cream tasted decent, in comparison to typical cookies and cream, I'll have to say, Udders is more generous with their cookie bits in this ice cream.Upsettingly though, the waffle wasn't crispy or fluffy, it was just salty and not worth your calories or $4. I was very disappointed in the waffle, despite waltzing into Udders at 12am with a huge craving for waffles, and smelling their freshly cooked waffles on their waffle iron. continue reading
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Level2 2014-11-20
My friend recommended Udders waffles and their food. As my friend worked nearby the area, her friends too, recommended this restaurant. Being curious with their menu and the type of food they are selling, it sounds quite delicious and famous. So I brought another friend of mine to visit it.To my surprise, it was more delicious than I thought it would be, or expected to be. You can choose to add a bit of ox inside, and that makes a twist on the taste of the waffle. The waffle was crispy and I love waffles!  You can also choose your toppings with ranges of flavours of ice cream!  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-18
Located in the middle of a row of shophouses, and just behind the bus stop, the outlet is quite popular with the young people. There is a wide range of ice cream with 3 different ranges (Classic $3.80 single scoop $6.10 double scoop, Premium $4.70 single scoop $7.90 double scoop, Connoisseur $6.00 single scoop $10.30 double scoop). I have a great time test tasting the ice cream available. One can add $3.80 for waffle or $1.30 for monster cone.Besides ice-cream, there is also sundaes, milkshakes, fries, wings, fried mushrooms, and pancake dishes.There is both indoor and outdoor dine in area. The indoor dine in area is quite colorful and filled colorful decorated stools.After ordering at the counter, I am given a tracker to collect my order later.Remember to collect water from the counter too.Waffle with ice cream ($7.60)The waffle is quite crispy but I feel that it is not fluffly enough. I have it with Snickers Mars Honeycomb Vanilla ice-cream. It has chunks of Snickers Mars bars within the silky smooth vanilla ice cream. It tastes crunchy and sweet with honeycomb texture. Overall the food is yummy even in a cold and wet weather. The place has a warm and cozy feel during the quiet period when I dine in. Great place to be around in. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-28
Went to Udders' outlet in Upper Thomson after school. The space is not really wide, but due to weekend season it was packed, mostly with youngsters. I barely found a seat there, until I found three in the corner.Clockwise from the bottom: Chocolatey Kit Kat - Awesomely Chocolate - Vanilla BeanzAwesomely Chocolate (Classic - Single scoop) - $3.60. This was my friend's order. Not really different from my Kit Kat, only more bitter because it was made from dark chocolate with dark chocolate shavings.Vanilla Beanz (Classic - Single scoop) - $3.60. Made from pure vanilla beans, this flavor was super rich in vanilla taste. Yummy!Chocolatey Kit Kat (Classic - Single scoop) - $3.60. I was stupefied by how generously they scooped the ice cream. A single scoop was really much already. The ice cream itself was satisfying. Rich in chocolate flavor, and there's Kit Kat chunks inside. Not really sweet, so it's not something that you can easily be sick of. After 20 minutes of eating, I started wondering why their ice cream didn't melt quickly. There's only a very little amount of ice cream melt in my cup. And I thought single scoop was never enough... continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-27
This was really a unique flavour that I always love to order whenever i want to have a scoop of ice cream from Udders.  Gila Melaka, which i suppose the taste was quite similar to the brown sugar flavour, with generous amount of diced preserved coconut inside that is sweet and yummy! This outlet is quite small but all flavours are available here and is neat and clean.  The counter lady is very friendly and served with a bright smile as well.  For the price of $3.60 per scoop,is consider quite reasoable for this premium flavour ice cream. continue reading
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