The founders of VeganBurg are fervent believers in the plant-based diet. Their mission is to inspire and excite the world in introducing vegan diet into their lifestyle, as a form of sustainable diet and means of restoration for the global environment. They serve burgers which are healthy and nutritious, along with fries, franks and potato pops. continue reading
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Heard of VeganBurg sometime ago, but never had the chance to try this plant-based diet fast-food restaurant. Today I finally had the chance to step into this pretty fast food restaurant and trying a burger made entirely of healthy, organic, non-meat ingredients.The menu was surprisingly interesting, with different-flavored burgers such as pepperd mayo, creamy shrooms, smoky BBQ, char-grilled satay etc. They even have seaweed fries, for those who are in love with McDonalds' offerings.I had the Creamy Shrooms Burger (SGD$7.90). At that price, it sure was not cheap for a fast-food burger, but the burger was rather large, with its crispy whole wheat ciabatta bun, crispy vegan patty and bed of fresh button mushrooms. The burger was bursting with a delicious peppery flavor, but the overall texture was rather dry. The "creamy" portion was an over-promise as well. Don't get me wrong - the taste was still pretty good, just that a little more grease or juiciness would enhance the overall taste of the burger greatly.Thankfully I had the Chillers (SGD$2.80) which was actually a free flow rance of miami peach, lemon loco or citron cooler soft drinks - these helped to cope with the dryness of the burger very well.For full review and more photographs, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/01/lunch-at-veganburg-mbfc.html continue reading
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Have you ever heard of Organic Vegan Burger Fast Food Restaurant in Singapore? Yes there is one such a restaurant in Singapore with not just one outlet but 4 outlets (Eunos, Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3, The Grandstand, Golden Shoe) in Singapore. Here at VeganBurg, buns are made from organic wholemeal grains while the patties are free from dairy, preservatives, trans fat, gluten and genetically modified organism (GMO).Today I am invited to the Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 outlet for the launch of its latest burger which is called Cosmo-paleo Burger.  The outlet at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 is located next to the escalator. As the same compares to other outlets, it is decorated in whites which gives it a clean cut look. But size wise, it is much smaller compares to Eunos and The Grandstand outlets.The first thing that caught my attention in this outlet is the bicycle in the centre. Right underneath the bicycle is sign which is written "ARE YOU A VEGAN VIRGIN?" and send strong message across.Colourful posters decorates the wall.The Cosmo-paleo burger($9.90) is a runway of exotic ingredients (broccoli, tomato, pineapple, button mushrooms, alfalfa, and onion) - drizzled with a wet and wild blend of yellow mustard, all on top of a vegan patty (Its made of soy by the way and there is choice of 2 ways of cooking), sandwiched in ombre layers of fresh lettuce. It is interesting to have a burger without the buns. And it is a first for me having broccoli in burger or sandwich. Why broccoli? 'Cos it is a Superfood, packed with numerous vitamins and minerals to help fight cancer, build strong bones, and lower cholesterol. It feels more like a salad without the dressing in a burger form. One can also top up to $13.90 to make it a meal, with a choice of sides (seaweed fries or broccoli),and a choice of chillers (Miami Peach, Lemon Loco, Citron Cooler). The burger will be available at the outlets from 1 June 2014. With purchase of a Cosmo-paleo Burger Meal, one would receive a free Cosmopolitan Magazine.The Seaweed Fries ($3.90) is served in a metal box and tastes nice hot and crispy, but the seaweed taste is a bit faint here.I also try the Citron Cooler ($2.80) which tastes quite light and refreshing. Best without too much ice cubes, else it may tastes a bit too watered down.Remember to help yourself to the condiments and cutlery at the counter.As well as to clear the tables after eating.Should you have any feedback, remember to use the cards by the wall near the condiments.Lastly we have Cosmopolitan goodie bags to take home with. Thank you VeganBurg for the invite.With meals like that, I bet the parents will no longer have problems getting the kids to have the greens. As for adults like me, it has became easier to have a healthy and tasting meal that is rich in fibre and protein while being low in fat with absolutely no cholesterol. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-13
I met my friend for dinner after her work ends! She have been wanting to try Vegan Burg for the longest time ever and so we went to the nearest outlet at Marina Bay Financial Centre! I've been to the main Vegan Burg store at Eunos 1-2 years back and I didn't actually like the food. However, I am so glad I gave it another try as it changed my whole impression of it! I guess I ordered the wrong choice of food the previous time. The shop was pretty empty and I love the interior and decor of the place, very rustic and nice. I ordered the Sassy Relish burger, which consist of an organic ciabatta bun, crunchy soy patty with home-made relish sauce, topped with fresh lettuce and alfalfa. I added a sidekick to my meal, the Vegan Franks. I was impressed with the burger as it was delicious! The Vegan Franks was not to my liking though as I didn't like the taste of mock meat. My friend ordered the Smoky BBQ burger, which consist of an organic ciabatta bun, a thick patty of succulent minced mushrooms, oven-baked and slathered in smokey BBQ sauce, coupled with layers of fresh lettuce, tomato, fresh onion rings and alfalfa. She also added the combo set to her meal, the Seaweed Fries and a Lemon Loco chilled drink. The seaweed fries were yummy! I took a bite of her burger and it was not bad too! I heard their most popular burger is the Cracked Pepper Mayo and I'll definitely come back for more! continue reading
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Level3 2013-08-06
This outlet is popular with the people working nearby but most of them opt for takeaway. Hence, it is relatively easier to find a seat here than other places in the CBD during the rush lunch hour. My favorite is the Cracked Mayo burger which costs $5.90 ala carte but you can top up with a drink and fries for additional $3. The patty is made from soy and the texture is like normal meat patty. The taste is a bit unique but still tasty coupled with the mayo sauce that tops on it. Overall, it tastes like a chicken burger for me, minus the calories. A healthy option for the health conscious who need some comfort food in the middle of the work week. continue reading
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Level1 2013-07-08
Tried their cracked mayo and creamy shroom burgers. The cracked mayo is my all time favourite, love the sweet organic buns contrasted with the crispy patty (can't believe it's not meat!) and mouthwatering dollop of mayo, absolutely delicious! the creamy shrooms burger had a generous serving of mushrooms and the sauce is a great compliment to the patty and mushroom. I also love their seaweed fries which are just right and not too salty, as well as the lovely and refreshing citron cooler! continue reading
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