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<br>WA strives to preserve authenticity in their menu and seeks to be creative in their servings. They offer traditional Japanese Shabu Shabu with 5 unique soup bases to cater to different tastes. continue reading
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Kurobuta Wagyu
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Level4 2013-03-06
Was craving for some buffet kind of dinner at cineleisure but other restaurants are having a long queue.Saw this steamboat buffet located at the corner and there wasn’t any queue. Went through the menu and it looks good.Choose the sukiyaki and the kimchi soup base. Was attracted by the kimchi soup base that was rare at other restaurants ;DThe kimchi soup base requires topping up of $10 though.But it’s worth that topping up because we liked the kimchi soup. It’s not too spicy and has moderate proportion of spicy and sourness.The sukiyaki was not bad too, clear and refreshing.(:The buffet style was to order items we wanted through the order slip which was passed to the staff when we’re ready.There are chicken meat, beef and pork shabu shabu, a variety of meat balls and prawn balls etc.There’s also udon, which got us excited as it seems rare too.A variety of vegetables to choose from, and many soup ingredients to flavour the soup like corn and carrot.The variety of choices are pretty great with quite a number of them.The meat are fresh and tender^^Things that we didn’t like is that they should have indicated roughly the amount/pieces for each portion of meat/ingredients ordered or provide us with pictures so we can have a gauge of the portion. There are some ingredients that we didn’t know what they were so having pictures would also be more convenient.A full dinner we had ;D the price may be a little high though, but its a Japanese buffet steamboat after all. continue reading
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Level4 2011-12-29
Ordered both the sukiyaki and the clear soup but I only drink the sukiyaki soup as the clear soup simply tastes terrible! In fact, the clear soup tastes like salted water. Though the food servings are pretty huge, I find that the vegetables are not fresh. Quite disappointed to find that vegetables which have turned yellow are being served. Nevertheless, the pork is kinda fresh and is well sliced to be cooked in soup. Personally, I don't think I have a good experience in the restaurant and hence, I will not recommend one to dine at this place. continue reading
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Level3 2011-09-30
Went in during lunch time and was surprised that there wasn't a single customer inside. Ordered their promotional set lunch of a claypot rice with a cup of bubble tea at 9.90. When just served, the claypot rice smelt really fragrant. I like the sauce on the rice, it's appetizing. The sausages taste normal, while the chicken are breast meat so kind of tough. But their milk tea is really not bad, especially so with the puddings added. Oh you can change your toppings. I'll go there again, for the joy of being the only customer ha. continue reading
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