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Waffletown is a family restaurant that is part of the familiar US chain. Reflecting an old school American diner charm, they serve Fried Chicken, Burgers, Fish & Chips, and Belgian Waffles. continue reading
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Level4 2016-04-07
Passing by the stretch of eateries along Bukit Timah Road, we finally decided to give waffletown a visit!The interior kind of remind me to the my younger days in the 80s where parents brought me to fast food. Chairs and tables were affixed to the ground, simple furnishing without being too fanciful unlike what you can see in most cafe nowadays. There isn't any theme here and the atmosphere and surroundings give a feel of "family style".Having fried chicken in Waffletown? Wait, I'm a little confused here... Aren't they famous for waffles only? Well, in fact both fried chicken and waffles are the must try over here. To make it a meal, the 3 Pcs Chicken comes with 2 sides like coleslaw and mash potatoes as well as a cup of soft drink.The deep fried chicken were not very oily and tasted good. This reminds me of having Chic-A-Boo but of course the portion here and pricing cannot be compared.The black pepper chicken chop meal has 3 sides and we had wedges, mashed potatoes and cocktail salad. Chicken Chop was tender with black pepper sauce moderately covering its surface area. It tasted just like any old school chicken chop and was not too greasy. Good to know that the black pepper they did here was not too overpowering too!Waffle Ala Mode is served with a scoop of ice cream and 1 topping of your choice. In this case we had black berries, rum and raisin ice cream with whipped cream over the Belgium Waffle. The Belgium Waffle was more of those "ready-to-eat" kind which can be bought off the shelf. Nevertheless, it was still crispy and goes very well with my scoop of ice cream and black berry topping. Ice cream sweetness was moderate and best of the topping is that you can actually get a bite of the fruit without feeling its too artificial.Waffletown is a good place to hangout with friends or with family for Waffles, Burgers or Fried Chicken. Chicken portion may be smaller here but still worth the try! continue reading
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The entrance of Waffle Town facing the main road. It has quite alot of seating, to accomodate big groups. Although their tables are fixed into the ground, so you can't really have too big a group. We came in a group of 10, so just nice, there were 10 seats together.The ice creams here, reminded of the ice cream at NYP south canteen waffle shop. More like the typical Kings or Walls ice cream. Hey! But at least there's rainbow flavour?The menu is catered more for families.This banner on the wall, just screams "EAT ME!"Waffle with one scoop of ice cream $4.50Pretty reasonable, considering hipster cafes charge twice of this. AC Barker boys are all too familiar with this shop, reminiscing the days they used to head over here after school.I got my all-time favourite cookies n cream. Apart from the whipped cream, the ice cream tasted normal, like the kind you get in tubs from NTUC. RAINBOW ICE CREAM! Paddle Pop? Nonetheless, this creamy ice cream is still a kids favourite!The waffle was quite crispy but didn't stay crispy as the ice cream soaked through this. Check out Les Patisserie's waffles if you like crispy waffles that has ice cream soaked right through it!All in all, a cool hang out spot for those living around the area. I just wouldn't travel all the way to Balmoral just for this. continue reading
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Level3 2013-02-27
Had some cheese fries at Waffletown as my snack recently. The cheese fries was really yummy, it was freshly fried, rather crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. The fries was generously covered with lots of cheese, which made the fries super delicious! Really recommended for cheese lovers. Slurps!The hot dogs are real cute. Although its only hotdog plus sunny egg plus waffle, the whole dish makes my day coz of the vibrant colour and presentation. The waffle is okay only, the outer crust is not crispy and the inner is not fluffy. Could be better if served hot. continue reading
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Level4 2013-01-29
My late mum used to bring us to their Bukit Timah Plaza branch (closed)Waffles reminds me of my childhood, cause my mum loves her waffles.Fastfood like restaurant that serves western and asian cuisines;we had the chicken burger with fries, it's not fancy just fried chicken patty with sesame buns.Recommend the waffles, crispy on the outside soft and moist on the inside. would just eat plain with maple syrup and butter. Cheap, fast and good. continue reading
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Instead of serving the round shaped waffles, the waffles here are in square shape and look really neat and beautifully decorated with the different sauce and ice cream toppings on it. The waffles here are baked till nice golden brown and is really crispy and not too oily. My favourite ice cream here is their traditional chocolate chips flavour which is really thick in the chocolate flavour and the chocolate chips in it are generous and very crunchy too. Love the fresh vanilla whip cream that is topped on the waffle which is really light in flavour but with that slight sweetness in it. The portion is just alright for an adult but the taste is definitely awesome! continue reading
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