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Chong Qing Doufu Bullfrog Grilled Plate Dou Hua with Century Egg Lemon Lime Juice Seasoned Black Fungus Signature Grilled Fish Plate Spicy Chicken
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Level4 2017-04-12
The restaurant which was located just above the MRT station. It looked small from outside but it had 3 and half floors of dine in area. The place was decorated with lots of frog figures and pictures around. Very colorful looking. The restaurant offered bull frog cooked in 10 different flavours in both soup or grilled type, served over charcoal stove to keep warm.Spicy Bull Frog with Soup 泡锅牛蛙香辣味 ($39.80) Level 3 spicyAlthough it was one of the first dishes to be served, but it turned out to be the crowd's favourite tonite. The frog was surprisingly tender and juicy. One could also add on vegetables such as Potatoes ($3.80), Black Fungus ($3.80) and Golden Mushroom ($4.80) to soak up the soup's flavours.Pickled Mustard Bull Frog with Soup 泡锅牛蛙外婆酸菜味 ($39.80) Level 2 spicyAlthough listed as a spicy dish, most felt that it was more on salty side and lacking of sour taste from the pickled mustard. The soup while a tab too salty was good to go with plain rice. Similar to the above dish, the frog meat was very tender and juicy.Special Pepper Bull Frog 怪椒味平锅牛蛙 (S$39.80)Level 3 spicyIt was similar to grilled fish. As the frog pieces went through a frying process before adding into the dish, one could not help but felt that the dish was much drier and oily when compared to the soup version, with the frog tasted more drier and less juicy too.Spicy Hot Grilled Fish 招牌烤鱼 (S$35.80) Level 1 spicyAlthough it was a level 1 spicy, but one felt that there was no much different from other dishes. there was no wow factor in this dish.Fresh Crab with Shrimps in One Pot 虾蟹一锅 (S$38.80) Disposable gloves and tool were provided.  Sri Lanka mub crab was used for this dish. Although there was no spicy level indicated on the menu, I felt that the spicy level was similar to the fish and bull frog dishes. Barbecue Mutton 烤羊肉串 (S$1.20/ stick)Served on metal stick, the meat looked a tab but was quite tender and flavourful without any gamey taste.Barbecue Chicken Mid Wings 烤鸡翅 (S$2.20/ stick) The meat was very tender but I felt it was a tab too salty for me.Beef Tripe 牛百叶 (S$9.80)Served with a mixture of red and green pepper. Tasted slightly spicy but the spare part was quite tender.QQ Shrimp 蹦蹦虾 (S$11.80) Served with a mixture of red and green pepper. Tasted slightly spicy, the prawn was quite bouncy.Stewed Pork Intestines 猪猪肠 (S$9.80) Served with a mixture of red and green pepper and lots of thin strips of ginger. The spare part was tender and flavourful without the strong taste that usually associated with the spare part.Barbecue Mix Vegetables in One Soup 爱情上上签 (S$12.80) It was similar to Japanese Oden. Served with soup, it was sticks of kelp, bean curd puff, crab stick, meat ball, beef tripe, and lotus root.Sour Plum Juice 酸梅汁 (S$2.20)It was quite dilated. Most disappointing among all the drinks. Pomegranate Juice 来电  (S$4.80) The drink was served in a light bulb shape glass which looked very interesting. Tasted rather carbonated lemony drink.Kumquat lemon juice 金橘柠檬 (S$8.80)I was surprised that the serving was quite big. At least triple the amount when compared to other drinks. It was a refreshing lemonade.Kiwi Fruit Juice (Contain Alcohol) 火辣的心(含酒精)(S$7.80)I was surprised that the drink was served with chilli on top. One could not taste the alochol nor could taste the kiwi flavour in it. It was more like a lemonade. Service was not bad with staff coming over occasionally to change the plates. continue reading
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