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Located in Amoy Street, WANTON prides itself on making noodles for the people, striving to serve time-perfected wanton noodles. From the egg noodles to char siew and dumplings, everything in WANTOn is handmade. While lunch sees standard bowls of wanton noodles for $5.50, customers can make their own gourmet combos during dinner service. Choose from sides like honey roasted char siew, braised pork belly and Batalong egg with spicy mayo, among others. The restaurant also serves a list of craft beers and cocktails. continue reading
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Pork Char Siu Noodle
Review (4)
First time here and quite surprise with its place. Quite small but very comfy here. Plus, it's only open for a short period of time. From 11:40 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. for lunch.For my lunch, finally I order Char Shiew Mee.Its service a little bit take too long, but it was paid by its taste.Its noodle had very firm texture, very well seasoning. Its wonton a bit small but firm and taste very good. Just a little bit thick on its dough. Last but not least its Pork Belly, a little bit dry but taste very nice.One of my favourite noodle bar in SG. continue reading
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Level4 2016-05-23
The shop is located in the middle of a row of shophouses. The shop serves time-perfected wanton noodles, hailing from the famous Seng’s Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre. The dine in area was quite small, with mostly counter seats surrounding the open concepted kitchen.Menu was just a single page for lunch. There was also cocktails available on the drink menu.ThreeSome ($8.50)char Siew, roasted pork, wontons, braised shiitake mushrooms, spring onions, fried shallotsThe roast pork was light and crispy in texture. The Char Siew which looked like braised pork belly, was a bit dry. The mushroom was fat and juicy but tasted a bit too much of vinegar. I like that there was crispy pork lards in it. The wantons were average.Cosmoy ($16)infused Pandan vodka, cranberry juiceReminded me of an adult version of ribena.Don't forget to add condiments such as crispy pork lard and Seng’s infamous chilli sauce to the noodles. Help yourself to the flask of hot soup on the counter.Overall the food was not bad. The place was packed, but the turnover was fast. continue reading
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Ever fancied having drinks over your favorite wanton noodles, in a dim, intimate setting complete with mirrors and long bar counter? Wait no more- head over to WANTON Seng's Noodle Bar now for your favorite Asian / local food and chill out while you're at it. The food hailed from the famous Seng's Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre, but the concept here is a novel collaboration with The Establishment Group.In this contemporary setting which is a union of traditional hawkerism and the modern dining style, one can get to enjoy a deconstructed version of the original Seng's Wanton Mee. Service was rather affable and thoughtful - I'd arrived early and was waiting for *Ms L. and so I placed order for us first. They served my wine but offered to wait till she got here before they prepared the noodles - a smart move too, in case noodles turned soggy / hard and creates bad first impressions.The Siu Yok Mee aka Roast Meat Noodles (SGD$6.50) was made up of double-roasted pork belly, scallions, fried shallots and wantons as well as noodles, of course. The noodles were bouncy and firm in texture, each strand was long and dinstinct and there was no clumping. The wantons were soft - not in a mushy way - but tasty; the double roasted roast pork belly had crispy skin and tender flesh.The Char Siew Mee aka Honey-BBQ Pork Noodles (SGD$6.50) comprised aburi slow-cooked pork belly (char siew), wantons, scallions and fried shallots. The char siew was very succulent and soft, utterly delicious, and the noodles were springy as well.For full review and more detailed information, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2015/12/lunch-at-wanton-sengs-noodle-bar-amoy.html continue reading
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Located along Amoy Street, Wanton Seng's Noodle Bar serves traditional hawkerism and modern fusion wanton noodle. A collaboration that has given the famous Seng's Wanton Mee of Dunman Food Centre a modern twist.Here at Wanton Seng, they serves lunch and dinner menu where lunch they offer their wanton noodles with aburi pork belly, roasted pork belly or both and a handful of sides for sharing. As for dinner, you can order a bowl of plain noodles, or what they called it here as Nudles, then add your choice of premium sides to go along with it.Being my first visit, its not difficult to guess that I will order their two-some goodness to have the best of both worlds.Two-some Goodness (S$7.50)I opt not to add on condiments so as to taste the goodness on its own. The roasted pork belly that I had was not that crispy but its still yummy with no oily feeling. The aburi pork belly on the other hand was tastier in flavour, however I felt its not tender enough. Noodles was springy and delicious on its own without having to add on any other sauces. Of course not forgetting the boiled wanton which is tasty though the filling might be a little salty.Take a closer look at the mouth-wartering pork belly.Condiments were placed on the table for customers' easy access and there are crispy pork lard too.Go for their delcious hearty broth which is kept warm in this pitcher.Fried Wanton - 6pcs (S$5)As the noodles doesn't comes with fried wanton (not sure if we can request for it), we ordered some for sharing. Well, this definitely pales in comparison with the boiled version.Under their lunch menu, you can opt to add S$1.50 for soft drinks or juices (ala carte price at S$2.50) when you order pork belly wanton noodles. So we chose cranberry and orange juice to complete our meal. continue reading
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