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Level4 2013-03-22
Me and my friends came to this food centre after a badminton game at the nearby CC. Thankfully at 8 pm, there were still numerous stalls open here, and seating was plentiful. After our main meals, we wanted to order something extra to share. My friend saw a few people ordering the sausage as a top-up to their western meal sets ordered here. Hence we decided to order the sausage set (labeled as $3/$5). Initially we planned to get the $3 one, but my friend did not state that and we also assumed that $3 is the default...but we were charged for the $5 set instead...hmmmm.We were actually quite horrified to see that the sausage was thrown into a huge cauldron of oil to be deep fried. We were hoping that the sausage would be a grilled one. Or was the owner using the hot oil to heat up the sausage?! Back at our table, the fries tasted over-fried...maybe it was fried twice..yikes. The sausage is big and the meat quite firm within but there's a weird cheese/milky taste within that we cannot really identify. Coleslaw was made up of only cabbage and was drenched in mayo. We had a bit of trouble trying to finish the set actually. Will not recommend anyone to order the sausage set.- Sausage set ($5)- Stallfront continue reading
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