Wet Market is Mediacorp artiste Ben Yeo’s new Zichar stall in S11 coffeeshop, hoping to bring in the taste of the zi char he had near Genting in Malaysia. continue reading
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Level4 2014-04-29
Full Wet Market Zi Char review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2014/04/zi-char-wet-market-zi-char.htmlThe oddly named Wet Market Zi Char is a relatively new Chinese Zi Char stall in the S11 coffeeshop in Ang Mo Kio. The locals staying around the area seem to go for the "classic" zi char dishes. But Wet Market Zi Char also offers modern, restaurant style dishes, with prices that match.The casual coffeeshop ambience of Wet Market Zi Char offers a large floor space and ample seating, but the ambient temperature is a big factor. Warm days or wet days can be extermely uncomfortable to dine here.Wet Market Zi Char staff are typically hurried / brusque, especially during peak dinner periods. I notice they tend to upsell, or push the more expensive dishes on the menu if you ask for recommendations. Not good.The chef at Wet Market Zi Char has good skill, and dishes come out with wok hei (Breath of the wok) flavour. While tasty, I felt that the higher than average prices here make Wet Market Zi Char less value for money. I'll won't be dining here again.The Nonya Style Sliced Fish (Red Grouper) (SGD $16) uses a good quality, fresh red grouper. The flesh is firm and slightly sweet, and the Nonya style sauce is similar to assam, with a sour tangy taste. Perfect gravy for pouring on rice! I also love the medley of fresh tomatoes and orka / ladies fingers. My only complaint is that there are too few slices of fish for the price.Probably among the most expensive tofu I've eaten, the Special Pi Pa Tofu (SGD $16) commands a high price for its use of fish maw and dried scallops as garnishings. While the tofu is nicely done with a crisp exterior and a soft, wobbly interior, the high price makes this dish terrible value for money. continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-15
I have been in love with the Cantonese Fried Yee Mee after the first try, the very Chinese-style of cooking manner. In fact there are many different types of noodle in this Zi Char stall, Menu in photo was quite complete and extensive. S-11 was a bustling hawker foodcourt during dinner hour, luckily our waiting time was that long. Created a nice aroma and flavourful taste since it was stir-fried, thinly chewy and evenly mixed up. Ingredients such as cuttlefish, small shrimps, pork, egg and bean sprouts were added, portion was rather huge. Shredded cabbages were generously put on top, as a dressing and well-decorated. Taste was just nice without overly salty, soy sauce was in right amount. My plate was priced at $4.50, reasonable for me. My friend ordered Yang Zhou Fried Rice, colourful appearance was tempting. Decent and homely taste, the plate was a perfect mix. Assorted veggies added to enhance the freshness of rice and seafood. Price for rice was same as noodle, $4.50. continue reading
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