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Whampoa Keng family of restaurants that is award-winning and recognized as one of the best group of restaurants in Singapore for fish head steamboat. continue reading
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Fish Head Steamboat Prawn Paste Chicken Prawn Rolls Marmite Pork Ribs
Review (4)
https://www.umakemehungry.com/2019/06/whampoa-keng-fish-head-steamboat.htmlFriends were mentioning that we should try some Fish Steamboat for the evening and we went through a list of popular eating places and decided that we should explore the shop house in Balestier as its has been popular and long standing in that area.It was nearing dinner time and for walk-in customers we had to join the snaky long queue as we did not make any reservations.While waiting for our tables, we were told to look into the menu and decide what to order. There were seats outside the restaurant to let customers rest while waiting, however the number of seats could not accommodate all the people that were waiting. Some of them have to stand on the pavement which is just next to the road and we find it quite dangerous, also blocking the pedestrians who were passing by us.We waited for quite sometimes and while watching both human and the traffic, we managed to catch the beautiful blue hour during that day.About an hour of wait, we finally got our table. Order taking was fast and soon, our dishes were up on the table.Spinach has a well balanced with depth of flavour coming from the mixture of normal, century and salted eggs. I'm the one who usually love to grab some of the vegetable gravy with my rice but not in this case as it is more of diluted and too much water content in the dish.Har Cheong kai aka Prawn Paste Chicken's depth of flavour is there and it was marinated long enough with the fermented prawn paste. Wings were plump and crispy at its first bite, letting out its hot juicy flavours.This was what we were attracted to Whampoa Keng. The steamboat stock was milky and tasted great. Ingredients include the chunks of fish, fried yam, cabbages, seaweed, herbs and hints of fried sole fish taste were spotted. Charcoal as left burning throughout the session in the middle of the pot.The entire eating area was cramp and servers have to be extremely careful not to knock over the hot steamboat into others. Not only that, the entire place was smoky with steam rising up from each table's hot pot.Their prices are on a steeper side if we were to compare the same meals to other Fish Head Steamboat. For that time taken for us to queue and grab a table, I would not mind exchange Whampoa Keng Fish Head Steamboat for other eating places. However, taking a look at the crowd, it seems like big families with elderly were enjoy such dinner sessions. Perhaps this traditional name of Fish Head Steamboat already have a group of their die hard fans who love Whampoa Keng's style of preparing the Steamboat.https://www.umakemehungry.com/2019/06/whampoa-keng-fish-head-steamboat.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-10-15
See my full reviews & photos at = http://chefquak.com/2015/10/15/ri-g20-11pax-dinner-whampoa-keng-fishhead-steamboat-on-14oct2015-good-food-fair-price/organiser of this month’s RI G20 dinner selected whampoa keng fishhead steamboat. ^^3 of us decided to go early for a cuppa at the wheeler’s yard. i took flat white. strong coffee with very smooth frothed milk. i liked it.great ambience & lovely coffee (apparently food not so good & the cakes looked unappealing)after coffee, i parked at ah hood gardens (HDB, lots of parking) & got to the restaurant before 7pm.restaurant was plastered with photos of the owner, his wives & staff & the more famous patrons. our friend the organiser ordered a S$288set for 10, and changed some dishes.the signature braised pig trotters replaced the salted egg sotong.excellent call! this pig trotters lagi shiok! the best of texture not overly soft & mushy & tender meat falling of the bones. my friend liked the star anise flavours. for me that was just slightly over.the best undeniably was the fish head steamboat. my friend ordered the red garoupa.this really a supremely good tasting fishhead steamboat! ^^the murky soup was such intense goodness.& the refills were also not just water or light tasting soup, but almost the same intense stock. i guess the same stock minus the additional taste from the steamboat content.not sure if it was just the head or a whole fish but it came with lots of meat too.i think i must go round trying out fishhead steamboat liao!the stir-fried brocoli with scallops in XO sauce was a pretty nice dish. there was a good serving of scallops.& there was also something that tasted like the cheaper canned shellfish. a friend thought it was gluten but i felt that the texture was shellfish. not sure.my friend changed the prawns in the set to their signature salted egg prawns.it was a good competent dish, looked nice & tasted good too.i guess it was nothing special just a standard dish in any zi char or restaurant.we had a tofu dish. didn’t leave an impression with me.i think the tofu dish at kok sen & also at muliangzai liang kee were a lot tastier.the pork ribs with deep-fried cod strips was another signature dish.it was competent but like any 排骨王, it’s a passable dish not my favourite.the crispy boneless chicken 金龙鸡 was another signature dish.crispy skin was there, but the sweet, moist, falvourful taste of a roast chicken was gone!alas! i like my roast chicken at 6th avenue coffeeshop better leh!we did not try 2 other signature dishes – the prawn paste chicken & the hae chorwe also had a tofu dish plus a shanghai green for a vegetarian friend.the dinner was S$33pax, a little more expensive than the usual zi char stalls like-keng eng keetwo chefskok senbut quite fair price for the food (i would say better food, maybe except for kok sen), especially the alluring fishhead steamboat!^^ continue reading
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Level1 2013-06-10
Their yu tou lu is fantastic! I can't get enough of their soup. The staff isn't that friendly but the food is very nice! If they can change their staff attitude, it will be great. Came down to eat for 2 times. Once for my birthday and the last time was 5 weeks ago with my bf. We ordered the main and popular dish and it was on Saturday. A lot of people and its crowded. Hardly can grab places if come a little later. overall its nice. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level1 2013-06-01
We arrived at the restaurant and saw the place was pretty much filled up with crowd of young adults and families (only one table was open in the small dining room). Fortunately we were ushered into a second - much bigger - dining room on the second floor. That was a surprise. This dining room was probably 3/4 full as well. The air conditioning was pumping, the tables were clean and the service was very friendly. The waitress gave us wonderful recommendations and even told us what not to order when something else was similar and better. She also told us not to order too much since she recommended that we order more later after we see what we get on the first round. It was nice to have a server who wasn't just trying to see how much she could sell to us.Note that we did not order steamboat even though almost everyone there came for their steamboat. We were not in the mood and did not have a lot of time to spare after wasting so much time at another restaurant. Our food was great including a wonderful ribs with fried cuttlefish dish. They have coffee ribs on the menu which we want to go back for soon. It was a bit pricey for what they call "street food" but well worth it. The crowd seemed to agree. Of course there were lots of big tables filled with groups of friends and family enjoying the steamboat menu. After looking at some other reviews I see that many times they have a line of people waiting to get a table. Since we were there on a week night after 7:30pm they were busy but we didn't have to wait to be seated. continue reading
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