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Featuring an open concept and full height glass windows with a view full of greenery, White Rose Café seamlessly transition into one another, allowing you to dine in an atmosphere of tranquility. Offering fine Western and Asian cuisine, White Rose Café also hosts the thrice-yearly Penang Hawkers' Fare where authentic Penang hawkers dish out their tasty specialties. continue reading
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Penang Hawkers' Fare 2016Good news for all! This year, York Hotel Singapore is back to celebrate the 30th Anniversary for their renowned Penang Hawkers' Fare Buffet, held at their White Rose Cafe, Level 1.They brought in 12 stalls this year and 3 sessions throughout 2016:- March 11 to March 27, 2016- Sept 2 to Sept 18, 2016- Dec 16 to Jan 1st, 2017Response was really good and NO RESERVATIONS entertained, walk-in-only. Lunch 12noon to 2.30pm / Dinner 6.30pm to 10pm.Weekday Priced at $29++ Adult / $20++ Child below 12 / Weekends Priced at $33++ Adult / $20++ Child below 12If any of you interested to learn how to make their prawn noodles, assam laksa and ban chang kueh, last chance on 19 March 2016. Limited seats, call 68301156 to register now.Here were some highlights from their Penang hawkers' fare buffet1) Penang Assam Laksa- Assam laksa, the best item I had that night. A bowl of thick bee hoon (rice noodles), soaked in pipin' hot broth made from fish and tamarind. Sourish, full of flavours, so SHIOK! Topped with pineapple slices, chilli buddy, shredded cucumber, torch ginger and complete with a small spoonful of prawn paste. I can have this everyday! Rating 5/5(2) Prawn Noodles- This bowl of "hae mee" (prawn noodles) wasn't as impressive as the laksa but was definitely comfort food. As told by the hawker chef, broth was made from piles of prawn heads, pork ribs and shells to obtain this robust consistency but I wished the taste was much stronger. Prawns given were really tiny, pork slices too dry but the rewarding part? Lotsa crispy pork lard! Rating 3/5(3) Lor Bak- A snack resembling our local fried prawn fritters (五香虾饼), this Penang version came with only 4 items; deep fried prawn, sweet potato, tau gua (fried beancurd) and handmade five-spiced meat roll. I love the meat rolls most while the other three were rather common. They were well marinated with good amount of chinese spices, not overpowering, while the meat was firm and juicy. Rating 3/5(4) Penang Rojak- This interesting plate of "chinese salad" caught my attention because of the ingredients used. Instead of the usual tau pok (fried beancurd skin) and dough fritters we had in our rojak, Penang version had jambu and green mango in it. Love the crunchiness of the fruits mixed in with the thick flavourful rojak sauce (prawn paste) and fragrant grounded peanuts. Not everybody could accept the pungent smell of prawn paste but I can and I quite like it. Rating 4/5(5) Char Kway Teow- Longest queues were found infront of this char kway teow stall. Everyone patiently waited, just to get their hands on this Penang's renowned char kway teow. A small plate of fried flat rice noodles in soya sauce, loaded with bean sprouts, spring onions, cockles, egg and prawn. Fragrant, savoury, semi sweet and least oily! It's a waste that my plate of CKT doesn't carry that smokey "wok hei" taste otherwise it would be perfect! Rating 4/5(6) Kway Teow- An ordinary looking bowl of dry kway teow with fishballs and shredded chicken. But the base sauce for tossing the kway teow was so yum! A mixture of Penang sweet sauce, dark soya sauce plus sesame oil, these sauces' combination seems so simple yet delicious and satisfying. Rating 3/5(7) Pasembur- This year's new item. A mixture of shredded cucumber pile, potato chunks, fried beancurd, Egg slice and thin crispy dough biscuits. Special? Yes, the sauce! The orange-coloured sauce on top was made from sweet potato! Sweet and slight grainy, interesting fusion taste when consume with the ingredients. Rating 3/5(8) Ban Chang Kueh- Crispy, sweet, buttery, loaded with lotsa grounded peanuts, so yummy so IRRESISTABLE! Nuff said Rating 5/5(9) Chendol- Personally, I felt this chendol wasn't as authentic as those I tried before, especially these greeny pandan jellies (If you know what I meant). Kidney beans were nicely done and not mushy, the thick caramelized gula melaka was a highlight too but I prefer the portion to be more. Rating 4/5Other stalls' delicacies include Nasi Lemak with Nonya Chicken Kapitan which had very fragrant coconut rice and nicely done ikan billis chilli, Oyster omelette which lack crispiness, Cuttlefish Kangkong and dessert Ice Kacang.** The whole dining experience was really good, especially when dine with good friends. On site situation was crowded, even on a weekday Tuesday night, but all customers were really discipline and queued politely. Despite the long queues and busy nights, the hawkers cooking at individual stations were all smiles throughout. They were also kind enough to tell us more about the food recipes when asked upon. Thumbs up! Although each dish came in small portions but you could queue again for your favourite choices, it's buffet!!For the price of $29++ on weekdays and $33++ on weekends, this deal was definitely worth! Hurry down before this fare ends on 27 March 2016. **York Hotel Singapore📍21 Mount Elizabeth Singapore 228516Tel: 67370511Open daily.http://www.yorkhotel.com.sgNearest MRT station: OrchardExit to Far East Plaza, walk across the big carpark from Goodwood Park Hotel and you will see destination, York Hotel.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-22
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comBy word of mouth, I heard that they had launched a menu of the Treasured Flavours of Singapore, featuring Singapore's iconic dishes at York Hotel's White Rose Cafe and with tantalizing tastes in the local specialties from different ethnic groups.Its chick and elegant design makes the dining environment classy, relaxing to dine in. To add on, their hospitality is great, service staff are attentive and polite.While waiting for the dishes to be served, we had a plate of crispy and airy light papadum to munch on. These are complimentary from White Rose Cafe.The Fish Head Curry is the key dishes out of its delectable menu, featuring Singapore's iconic favourites. The fish head was large serving 4 to 7 persons. It was steamed and come with a mildly spiced curry gravy. The use of its tamarind had make the dish very appetizing. Other like tomatoes, lady fingers, sliced onions and fresh chillies were added. Try getting the half size portion if you are dining for about 2 to 3 persons.Simply love the sweet infused and heady scent of curry yet not overpowering taste over the tender meat of the fish. If you dont take too spicy stuff, dont worry, this dish is mild on heat.Ink were not too overpowering - at least still able to see the white area of the squids. They were poached simmered in their smoky spicy ink gravy with fresh green and red chillies, onions as well as garlic. The chewiness of the squid were just too perfect to be mentioned.How can the main dishes go without a plate of fragrant rice? That will be a waste on the fish head curry gravy! Apart having such scrumptious gravy on the fluffy white rice, the plain white rice does not seem to be plain anymore paired with the local delicious "azar" with a circular banana leave as its base.Another signature dessert, Chendol. Served in the cup filled of chilled coconut milk, green jelly, red beans and palm sugar. Leaving rooms for dessert is definitely a right choice made. Such cooling and traditional sweet dessert can never be missed. Can be served hot or cold, the bowl of cheng Tng comes with a ball of finely shaved ice, filled with fried longans, persimmon, gingko nuts, a handful of lotus seeds, "Pang Da Hai" (Malva nuts) and strips of jelly. The sweetness level is mild in the longan flavoured soup.Overall, I'm quite impressed by their Fish Head Curry. Taking into the consideration of its location, the quality and taste of food, the price isn't too exorbitant and still within the acceptable limit. continue reading
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Level3 2013-10-31
Who would have thought of finding a $5 chicken pie in a hotel restaurant? Check out White Rose Cafe located in York Hotel, in the heart of Orchard Road. The chicken pies are freshly made each day in limited numbers. It comes in 2 sizes - Small ($3.50) and Large ($5.00). If you plan to order more, make sure you call in to make an order 3 days in advance.If you are having it at the restaurant, the chicken pie comes serve on a plate with salad. Iced water is on the house too!The fillings of the pie is creamy and the chicken chunks are quite big. It taste really good when eaten together with the puff. The only downside is that it isn't heated up hot enough.Overall, if you are looking for something new for lunch in Orchard Road, do try out the chicken pie in White Rose Cafe. Just remember to ask them to heat the pie up a little longer. continue reading
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A friend recommended me to try the chicken pies here, claiming that they are the best chicken pies he's ever eaten. The pies come in large or small sizes and are accompanied by a side salad if you're dining-in.Unfortunately, the pies that were served to us that day were not hot enough which made the crust not crispy enough. The good thing about these pies is that it's filled to the brim with chicken meat. I didn't enjoy the breast meat though, as it made the texture pretty dry. However, the cream sauce base they used tasted quite natural and not too salty. Probably not "the best" chicken pie for me, but I think it's worthy of a second round. =] continue reading
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http://sofood.wordpress.com/2013/06/07/whiterosecafe/Calamansi Plum Juice S$5++A classic local drink that is quintessential to our ever tropical island.It got to pack the intense sour plum amongst the sweet and sour juice.Deep fried curry chicken wings S$8++The ultra crunchy curried batter on these wings were so good.And it remained crunchy even after a long pause of sitting on the table (inside air-con interior).The fat layers of the skin rendered out completely, flesh underneath took on the spicy flavours too.Fish Head Curry. Half Portion S$28; Whole Portion S$42.The key dish here would be this Fish Head Curry, a tamarind (assam) based curry broth.It was prepared according to a well-guarded recipe dating from the 1970s.Remember, be quick and take away the cheek flesh of the fresh snapper once served *kiasu*.It was so tender, sweet and infused with the subtle yet heady curry spices served together with a myriad of vegetables – lady fingers, tomatoes and red chillies.Sambal King Prawn (per piece S$8)The juicy king prawns were deveined and split, lightly fried prior to being smothered in the aromatic sambal sauce.It was mild on heat but flavourful.Fragrant fluffy rice and acar with the homely dishes.Black Ink Sotong (Squid) S$12This was available decades ago before the Italian nero pasta created a wave in Singapore.Trust me, you will like this plate filled with fresh and soft squid coated in the briney squid ink – eaten with white rice NOT pasta. Nice one!Crab Masala S$32I learnt that it was chicken masala that cued for this crab masala from the regular diners.However, we way prefer crab masala than chicken one.The sweet fresh crab meat soaked up the tasty masala spices and turned into a really wonderful dish.Ask for a finger bowl or two as I couldn’t imagine eating it without my fingers.Tips: Use the poppadum to scoop out the leftover masala spices if you couldn’t get enough of it.Chicken Masala S$12Chicken Masala contained chunky bits of different chicken parts.Perfect for those who prefer non-messy affair eating the crab version.Chap Chye (Teochew style) S$8This simple stir fry of vegetable medley blew me away.It was of Teochew version – stir fried with fermented bean paste (instead of the Cantonese style of hoisin sauce).The vegetables were not overcooked, still retained a little crunch, infused with the bean paste seamlessly.Sambal Kang Kong S$8I must commend on the right amount of salt used in the homemade sambal sauce here.It was punchy without being too salty found commonly amidst the cze char stalls.Beef Rendang S$15 (from media set) We did not try it out this time round, definitely next time.The following desserts are perennial choices, and it is comforting to know that in the midst of fast-paced developments, we could still find some nostalgic taste from these retro desserts.I really hope they will stay that way.Creme Caramel ~S$6When I saw this wobbly white dome approaching me, I thought out loud – so retro! The smooth steamed custard and rich caramel are speechless. continue reading
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