Wildfire offers a range of full-flavoured, toppings-ladened burgers using premium beef patties such as the 1824 Premium Beef range from Australia’s oldest beef producer and the highly acclaimed Rangers Valley Black Onyx Marbled Beef. At the bar, Wildfire carries a selection of more than 60 labels of craft beers from around the world, to suit every individual’s taste profiles. continue reading
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Had a tasting event and tried these few dishes and will give individual dishes review:1) Black Ebi BurgerThis is a very interesting burger as the bun is charcoal black and is due to it being seasoned with squid ink. The deep fried Ebi patty is very crispy and thick and it is a good meat to veg ratio. The prawn in the patty is really succulent and pairs super well with the soft sweet bun. The sauces are likely to be a peppery mayo and squid ink garlic aioli. All in all a very good Jap themed burger. (Comes with a good amount of fries - sweet paprika, pepper and salt seasoned)2) Truffled Mushroom BurgerEasily my favourite dish of the night. Abundant Aragula/rocket leaves and mushrooms (well-seasoned) on top of a thick beef patty. The truffle and truffle oil really lifts the burger to more refined taste level and the garlic aioli really helps to tie in the whole burger (the earthy umami mushroom and truffle taste with the sweetness of the aioli and bun and the peppery Aragula). And to add a richness to the burger, it is topped with gruyre cheese (melts over the burger just oh so nicely). (Comes with a good amount of fries - sweet paprika, pepper and salt seasoned)3) Southern Style fried ChickenThis fried chicken is to die for. It is chicken thigh pieces (no bone and the skin oh my!) fried to perfection. It is super tender and crispy at the same time. It was a good portion of about 8-10 pieces and the sauce accompanying, the maple syrup, really tied into the Southern Style and made me wish there were waffles also! (hahah I am greedy)One of the best fried chicken I ever had (likely due to the well fried buttermilk batter coating)4) Sriracha Glazed Fried ChickenSame as the fried chicken above but topped with adundant amount of Sriracha. Whoever prefers spicy to go with their fried chicken should order this. (my personal taste tends to lean towards sweet that's why I prefer the above chicken)The spice level is mild and will not blow your head off. Goes really well with beer. 5) Curry FriesThick cut fries with strong curry taste and topped with deep fried curry leaves, which gives a good flavour kick. The fries are fragant and well balanced in taste. And the fries are really abundant (can share amongst 3 guys over a beer). 6) Sichuan FriesUnfortunately the least favourite dish of the night. The sichuan peppercorn aftertaste really numbs the tongue and coupled with the sour after taste, the dish just did not do for me. Novel but not my thing.7) Chilli Cheese FriesAbundant amount of beef chilli, good topping of sour cream and scallions on top adds a different flavour dimension. One note, you have to eat this quickly or the fries will start to be soggy due to the beef chilli topping (especially if you want to retain the beautiful crisp that Wildfire Burgers does with their fries). continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-21
I am happy to be given this opportunity to try the burger and french fries. The Ebi buurger is good with juicy meat. However I don't like the charcoal patty whcih should be replaced by another type of patty.The cheese fries should have more cheese and the sichuen fries have a very strong spice taste which lingers on you tongue for 20 minutes, if I am not wrong. Maybe should lower the content of spice to cater to majority taste. continue reading
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I had the opportunity to attend a food tasting session at Wildfire Burgers last Wednesday. Having only tried burgers from Fatboys, Handburger, GRUB and Little Hiro, I was excited to see whether Wildfire Burgers could be the game changer for me - I'm not a big fan of burgers. While waiting for the food, I checked out the menu which composed mainly of burgers ($16-$26), fried chicken and a range of alcoholic beverages. Good for those looking for a place to unwind after work I guess?We got to try 7 dishes that night.1. Black Ebi BurgerCharcoal brioche buns infused with squid ink aioli, breaded prawn patty, butterhead lettuce, sliced tomatoes, grilled pumpkin shreds with yuzu kosho mayonnaise.The first mouthful was enjoyable, as the crispy breaded prawn patty paired well with the veggies and black bun. I really liked the bun 'cause it was slightly toasted and had this sweet squid ink taste. I did not know there was squid ink prior to eating the burger, so it was a pleasant surprise. The prawn patty was flavourful too, 'cause it's not minced prawn but more like prawns chopped into bite size (like Mcdonald's ebi burger patty la). However, after a few more chomps, there was this orange-y taste coming from the burger. Upon inspection and confirmation, we realised it was actually grilled pumpkin shreads with yuzu kosho mayo! It was a strange combination in my opinion, but a plus for yuzu lovers I guess? I finished the burger anyways.Rating: 4/5 for the taste if it came without the grilled pumpkin shreds and yuzu kosho mayonnaise. Priced at $19, I guess it's worth a try if you have the money.2. Truffled Mushroom Burger120 day grain fed beef patty, arugula, beer caramelised onions, sauteed mushrooms, gruyere cheese, truffle oil, truffle mayonnaise and signature master sauce.I could not detect the truffle scent when this dish arrived. The patty tasted pretty dry by itself, and was not as flavourful as expected. Not sure if it's just me, but the mild truffle mayonnaise and signature sauce failed to enhance the taste of the burger. Sure there were cheese and mushrooms, but hmmmm... I didn't finish this burger.Rating: 2/5 for the taste. Priced at $23.3. Southern Style Fried ChickenThis dish arrived with maple syrup on the side. The chicken was nicely fried, crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. While many raved about this dish because it was really flavourful, I could not really taste the seasoning. Perhaps that's why the chef provided maple syrup?Rating: 3/5 for the taste. Priced at $13.4. Sriracha Glazed Fried ChickenWhat is sriracha? Hot sauce. Is this hot? Yes! The chicken was nicely fried, like the one above. But again, I was let down by the taste. While the sriracha sauce was spicy, it was one-dimensional and did not enhance the flavour. However, this dish was highly praised by a few others. Maybe you can give it a try if you're craving for spicy fried chicken.Rating: 2/5 for the taste. Priced at $13.5. Curry FriesOk the seasoning tastes like curry fish! Those indian curry fish that I dip with roti prata. But the curry taste kind of dies down as you eat more (not in a bad way). If I compared this to the rest of the fries served that night, this would be my favourite.Rating: 4/5 for the taste. Priced at $9.6. Sichuan FriesThis one... first impression: peppery. But the after taste is akin to drinking soda. That carbonated, popping sensation. I think it's the peppers that pop, like popping candy! If you like pepper and coke, you can give this a try. It's a love-hate dish, as this was highly rated by some. Not for me though!Rating: 1/5 for the taste. Priced at $9.7. Chili Cheese FriesMy favourite chili cheese fries are those from superdog, but sadly, they have all closed down. Where to find nice chili cheese fries now? Wildfire Burger's rendition of the dish came with sour cream, minced meat, beans, cheese and spring onion. I could not taste the cheese, and felt that the bits of minced meat and beans needed more seasoning. Rating: 2/5 for the taste. Priced at $15.Lastly, I must share that the service was excellent. The chef also took the time to chat with us, and I felt that he was really passionate about his cooking. However, I'm still not a fan of burgers, hence probably wouldn't return, considering the price. Thank you openrice for the invitation! continue reading
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I had a great opportunity to dine in Wildfire Burgers at 313 Somerset. The location was very convenient and the ambience was romantic alfresco. We had 6 dishes to sample. 1) Truffle BurgerThe beef was 100% beef. It was juicy and succulent. The beef was a big generous patty. The truffle oil was overwhelming. 2) Ebi BurgerThe bun was charcoal flavoured. Very unique. The ebi was a generous thick patty. 3) Fried ChickenThe chicken was well-marinated. It was tender and juicy. I love the gherkins on it. It enhanced the taste.4) Spicy ChickenOverwhelming spicy. All I could taste was chilli.5) Curry FriesThe curry was mild and sweet like Japanese curry. 6) Sichuan FriesIt was not spicy but the after taste numbs the tongue. It was kinda weird taste. 7) Cheesy chilli FriesI could taste the cheese or the chilli. Don't know what it is. The burgers and fried chicken was delicious but the fries ruined it all. There should change the Fries menu.  continue reading
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Level1 2016-01-17
1. Black Ebi Burger $19I would rate this dish 5/5. The patty of ebi has alot of prawn in it and when I bit down on the burger, I could feel the patty being very juicy and yummy. The chef used yuzu mayo as the sauce of the burger and it made the burger even more yummy. The texture of the bun was very soft and spongy. I would strongly reccomend this if you went there to eat.2. Truffled Mushroom Burger $23I would rate this dish 4/5. The burger was delicious and the mushroom in the burger was cooked till it was the soft and chewy type. The sauce used for the burger was very tasty, I would strongly reccomend this burger if the beef patty was not dry and hard. If the patty was soft and juicy, this burger would be a must try dish when you visit this restaurant.3. Southern Style Fried Chicken $13I would rate this dish 5/5. The chicken is coated with a layer of honey from what I tasted. The best part about this dish was that they used chicken tigh meat and it was boneless, which allowed me to enjoy the chicken without having to fear about biting on bones. They also provided maple syrup as a dipper to enhance the taste of the chicken. The chicken was also not as oily as you would imagine a deep fried chicken to be. If you were to compare to KFC chicken in oiliness, KFC would be a 10/10 whereas Wildfire's one would be 2/10. I would strongly reccomend this dish to go with the above two dishes when there is still room in your tummy.4. Sriracha Glazed Fried Chicken $13I would rate this dish 3/5. The chicken was very tender and everything was perfect as the southern style fried chicken except for that the sauce used was not as appealing as I imagined. To me, it was not spicy as I love to eat chilli, and therefore the taste was not up to expectation. To those who cannot handle spicy food, I would not reccomend you to try this dish as it was spicy for many other people who tried this and could not take spicy food. Overall, try this dish if you are curious .5. Curry Fries $9I would rate this dish 4/5. The curry powder used was just nice as the fries were not too rich in the taste of curry and not too blend. It was like just the perfect amount used. The reason why it did not get 5/5 was that I myself am not a fries lover. If you are a fried lover, I would reccomend this dish to go along with your burger as you can choose what kind of fries you want to accompany it with.6. Sichuan Fries $9I would rate this dish 1/5. The taste was unique, and subjected to the taste of one person to another. The fries first taste was pepperish, and after taste was a tingling sensation to your tongue which would be numbing feeling. It really lives up to the name of sichuan mala but there is no taste of spicy in it, I would not reccomend you to eat this dish if you are drinker alcohol as it made the numbing feeling worst. Overall please TRY THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK.7. Chilli Cheese Fries $9I would rate this dish 2.5/5. The taste was soso as the cheese taste was not strong, and the chilli was not strong either. If they had used a different kind of cheese, the outcome might be much better. For this dish, it varies to one person to another as I am not a fries lover, so if you are the adventurous kind, you should try it.I would reccomend my friends to try out this restaurant as it is really worth to try their burgers as they are really delicious, it might be an understatement though . continue reading
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