<br>Wolf, a "nose to tail" restaurant run by The Prive Group and helmed by Chef Alysia Chan, their menu draw influences from American, British and French cuisine. Offal is available for the adventurous gourmand, while others can enjoy conventional steaks and fish. continue reading
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Level4 2014-11-17
It is one of the many restaurants under the Prive Group, and it is known to have one of the best pork chops in town. The restaurant has an interesting concept of "nose-to-tail", where it serves various dishes made from different parts of the pig. The restaurant looks small from outside but has a long dining room.Tonight we are having the Restaurant Week Dinner at $35++ per person for a 3 course meal. I am a bit disappointed as complimentary bread is not served in this meal.Based on the staff's recommendation, we decide to have a glass of Shiraz Winner's ($14++) each.StarterFoie Gras Parfaithousemade orange marmaladeIt is served with 2 pieces of hard toasts, which I feel is not enough.Crispy Pig Ear Salad (usual $18++)endive, chervil, pomegranate, aioliIt is light and crispy, but a bit too chewy and tough after sometimes.MainMangalica Pork Chop (350g) (usual $42++)mesclum, maple-glazed sweet potatoes & choice of juniper berry sauceContains the highest percentage of fat amongst all pork, melts in the mouth and offers a refreshing aftertaste without an overpowering aroma.Baked Red Snapper Filletcous cous, olives, fennel, cherry tomatoesAlthough there is two choices on the menu, both of us decide to go for the pork chop. I have the meat cooked middle as recommended by the staff. Although it is thick in size, it slices through quite easily. Inside it is juicy and pinkish in colour. The meat is tender and has no gamey taste. The staff also served 4 different sauces such as horseradish and mustard to go with the meat.DessertPear Tarte Tatin (usual $15++)vanilla ice creamWith only fork, it is quite difficult to cut through the tart, as it is not flaky enough. It tastes not bad, but lacking of caramel taste.Sticky Toffee Date Puddingpecans, butterscotch sauce, vanilla ice creamThe pudding is soft and moist, as well as, yummy in taste.Overall the food is not bad. The service is uneven. After having the starters, the staff uses a cloth to clear the table which has bits of the crispy pig's ear. There is still bits of the crispy pig's ear after the clearing. Before having dessert, the staff asks if we would like coffee or tea. My partner would like a coffee, but even after finishing the dessert, it is not served. Seem like the staff has forgetten about it. Total bill is $115.40. I am also disappointed that I have not the much talked about bag of complimentary pork crackling to bring back. continue reading
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To name a restaurant WOLF is just a catchy genius. Opened by The Privé group, WOLF is a pork centric restaurant and focus on the nose to tail dining experience.While you might be familiar with Kurobuta and Iberico pork, you will soon be intimate with Mangalica, Nagano and Duroc-Landrace type of porks as well. These are the Five Little Piggies that made up the Pork Chop selections for WOLF. For those non Moo Moo eater, WOLF is a definitely a new dining destination for you.The restaurant is decorated to pay homage to the adult version of Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. There is an engraved picture of the Wolf, along with the three little pigs are well-decorated on the walls the restaurants. For night dining, the restaurant is dimly lit and the setting is very comfortable. Looking for a place for romantic dinner, this is it. The music playing on the background is funky R&B genre. Great environment, but a real challenge for a blogger like me to take natural shot in this environment.While waiting for QC to arrive, we decided to place the order for starters to share. Pan Roasted Duck Liver ($32), Grilled Ox Tongue ($38) and one of our daring dish to try Grilled Beef Hearts ($22). Duck Liver is supposed to be the cheaper 'cousin' compare to goose liver. However, cooked it properly and combined it with port wine poached figs and aged balsamic vinegar, you can't tell the difference. It tasted velvety and melts in your mouth. Yum Yum.The grill ox tongue is just tender and lightly seasoned. There is no fat in the tongue and it works well with the lentils. The most challenging dish is the Grilled Beef Hearts. The texture is springy texture and gamey as well. Yes, gamey is a nice word for strong foul smell, We do not recommend this dish for the weak stomach and sensitive palates. We definitely won't order it next time as well. The greens, walnuts, grapes and dressing actually work well as warm salad without the beef heart.Our Mains basically Pork Centric, we had Nagano Pork Chop ($40), Mangalica Pork Chop ($42) and Grilled Duroc Pork Collar ($30). As recommended by our service staff, we have ordered our pork chop medium rare because it is direct comparison on how we take our steak. This is the way to taste the tenderness and juicyness of the pork.Nagano Pork Chop originated from Japan but breed in Canada. The texture of the meat are superior marbling, pinker meat, and the taste comparable to aged wagyu beef.Mangalica Pork has the highest percentage of fats among the pork, resulting the meat that just melts in your mouth. It is flavourful, tender and succulent. For the Duroc Pork Collar, the meat is so tender comparable to any of the pork chops. Pork collar has a lower fat content and the combination with chimichurri tomatoes is just amazing. All the meats are well seasoned, the sauces seems to be well suited for decoration only. Amazingly delicious.For desserts, we decided to order Eton Mess ($13) and Chocolate Stout Cake ($14). The later has a dense texture with a rich chocolate flavour. The berry reduction helps to balance richness, but it is just too heavy to end the night. Eton Mess on the other hand is just perfect. Everything are thrown in together to create different texture with tantalising taste. The balsamic syrup works well to bind and balance all the ingredients for perfect ending to erase the overwhelming sensation from the pork.Service is impeccable. They know everything about the menu and patiently explain to us about the different taste of the pork chop. We were actually quite surprise that with the quality of the food, no other customer was there. Almost looks like we booked the whole restaurant.If you ever dine in Privé group outlets, they always give something for the diners to bring back with them. For Wolf, you get pork crackling to bring home. Unfortunately it was just too tempting, it did not even pass the front door before it goes Poof!!Overall, I did not know that Pork Chop can be so good. After this experience, I will have think twice on what to order next time I choose between Pork Chop and Steak. For a truly wonderful dining experience, Wolf got two thumbs up by Chubby Botak Koala. Cheers!!For the complete Chubby Botak Koala dining experiece, click here:http://www.chubbybotakkoala.com/2014/09/Wolf.html continue reading
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Level1 2014-06-24
At a quiet corner on Gemmill lane, there lies this cosy restaurant that carries the name "WOLF".Reviews has been going on bragging about their premium pork chops.As a pork lover, this is something that seems interesting for me.Hence, I decided to give it a try.A pork-centric restaurant that features a nose to tail dining it states.We definitely need to try these exotic items.We started off by sharing the pig's head & trotter brawn and the crispy pig's ear.To my astonishment, the taste of these items really deserved two thumbs up.How the trotter melts in your mouth and the crispiness of the pig's ear has really blown me away.Moving on to the main course.....Since the main elements that the restaurant is promoting are pork chops...We decided to go for the infamous pigs again!Boy we are spoilt for choices.There's these superior quality pork chops from top breeds such as kurobuta, Iberian, Mangalica and Nagano.We had the kurobuta and Iberian (since I only know these 2).With the price tag of $42 for a slap of pig, this is something that I am setting a high expectation on.I was shock to learn from the ever friendly guys at WOLF that these pigs are recommended to be prepared medium rare.I mean pork has to be fully cook right?To my understanding from the clear explanation from the guys the story goes...Wild pig has a dietary that they eat anything. Hence if the meat is not fully cooked, the meat will have a high chance of contamination.However as the pig they imported, all their meals are prepared with strict regulations (or so they speak).The meat they produce will be free from these contamination and it is much more juicier.So why not?Medium rare it is.The pig is served and "wow" is my 1st impression on visual.I was surprised that the serving is huge!Greens, potatoes and sauce are all on the side.The most important part is here...1st bite.... "wow, wooooW, WOW!"Juicy and tender and a punch full of pigs.... Its like you can feel thousand of pigs running towards you...Can't say more but highly recommended to go try it yourself!!After finishing the pigs, we didnt have space for any desserts but told the guys at WOLF..... You will see me again.And I will need to try the rest of your PIGS!Maybe the reason why its call WOLF is it makes me to be like a wolf thats hungry for the pigs....  continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)