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Working Title is a hipster cafe to chill out with good coffee, unique beers and scrumptious food. continue reading
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Hawaii Five-O Holy Guacamole Darkwing Duck Burger
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As you walk along the busy stretch along Arab Street, you will no doubt set your sights on this cozy halal cafe which doubles up as a hostel. You'd see backpackers sipping coffee while waiting to be checked in. That's right, it's Working Title Burger Bar.Working Title is a halal cafe, serving up a menu of brunch items, but its owners pride themselves with serving up some mouth watering burgers.As you walk into working title. its interior might be a little dark, but wait till you walk into the back part of the cafe and you'd be in for a surprise. Want to see the outcome of this shot below? Continue reading on!We had a go at some of their burgers as well as snacks but what blew our mind were the churros with bandung ice cream. Yeap, very photo worthy. The churros were more dense, the more doughy kind of texture. Munching on some snacks like their Ribena wings and Truffle Tater Tots.Had a couple of burgers - tower of power, magic mushroom and darkwing duck. The burgers mostly came with beef patty and were accompanied by the different themes. full review and pictures @ http://shauneeie.blogspot.sg/2016/01/working-title-burger-bar-arab-street.html continue reading
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Level4 2015-12-22
Since all of us are free on the 21/12/2015 to take our certificate in recognition of our contribution to the 8th Asean Para Games Singapore 2015 (3rd - 9th December 2015), we decided to have halal food dinner together.This is so exciting! The restuarant name (Working Title) Burger Bar because they are still working on their name, but they are pretty sure about their burgers, coffee and smoothies.When I browse the menu, I am wondering whether can I handle the Tower Of Power because it has 2 juicy beef patties, hickory BBQ sauce, double cheddar, fresh greens and Truffle Tater Tots.After thinking for some time during the queue at the counter, I finally opted for it with my bottled water 600ml.It's fries was quite average, which was crispy. Must finished them upon food being served on table.Conclusion: This restaurant is still a chill out spot with good old American burgers being served. Remember to start your dinner with desserts during your next visit. continue reading
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Revisited Working Title with my IAAF Level 1 course mates recently, which was about a year later from my first visit. Rekindled my liking for this indie and rustic looking cafe which is located along Arab Street of Kampung Glam.Above this humble and relaxing space is a 5-storey travelers lodge. Right behind the counter/kitchen is this cozy corner where you can chill and get some work done. WiFi is available as well.During this visit, we had some snacks and dessert: Truffle Hash Browns ($8.9), Salted Caramel Nutella Tart and Churros ($12) which is relatively new on the menu.I never knew that Churros was deep-fried! It's essentially like Chinese you tiao, only that it's coated with sugar, cinnamon powder and chocolate dip.Mains, All day breakfast and craft beers are on their menu too! Perfect chill out cafe being it in the day or evening.More pics and thoughts at http://lepakwithyaops.com/working-title-hostel-cafe-eatery-at-arab-street continue reading
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Level2 2014-07-30
I came here with a group of friends during the lunch hours on Saturday. We ordered "Finger-O-Fish" and "Sausage and Fries Fest". I was appalled by their lousy service. When we asked how long more we had to wait, the waiter replied "Sorry, we're preparing your order as we have a lot of orders from the other table." Shouldn't you add more kitchen staff during peak hours to solve this problem rather than giving those excuses to your customers? We waited one good hour for the food (yes, one hour!). And when I asked a teaspoon to stir my latte, the waiter replied "Don't you have it on the plate?" I was like "Duh!" If I had it, I wouldn't have asked you for it, right? When the food was served, it looked nice. But I was wrong. It tasted horrible. The fish burger patty was dry, bland. The truffle fries was cooked in a burnt oil leaving bitter taste on my mouth. The sausage platter wasn't any different. We were overwhelmed by the saltiness of the curly fries. Definitely wouldn't come back here! continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-25
The Working Title is located at The Social Hostel itself, thus serving a lot of its guests breakfast in the mornings, and other backpackers looking for a place to chill / take a break. Its casually tasteful, hipster-style interior is inviting, and while there isnt much service, the cafe is relatively comfortable in its own right.The back door leads to a small yard area where the grounds are lush green patches of "grass", with more tables and chairs, emulating the feel of dining on the lawn or gardens. How lovely, and if one didn't step into the back, one would not have discovered this hidden find.I did not take the usual beverages toady - I settled for a Chai Latte (SGD5.50) instead. Fooled by its plain appearance, I took a very tentative sip, and to my surprise it was very delicious. The "chai" flavor was not overpowering, but blended very well into the sweet milky coffee. The cocoa powder on top was a plus point. I enjoyed this so much I ordered one more.My main course was the All Day Big Breakfast (SGD$14.90) - sunny side up eggs, bacon, tiny hash browns, rocket salad, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, sausages and English muffin. I waited a long time for this, and when it came I was surprised by the variety of items in this tray. Digging in confirmed my suspicions that the aroma (while cooking) was not deceptive of the quality of food in this tiny, simple cafe. All of that, for the price of merely SGD$14.90 - and tasted good (not salty) , now where else could one find such a homely treat?For more detailed information and photos, please feel free to visit:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2014/07/brunch-at-working-title-cafe-bar.html continue reading
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