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Straight from Ho Chi Minh, Wrap & Roll is a casual Vietnamese dining restaurant bringing you the best dishes from all over Vietnam. Featuring several first-in-Singapore dishes, come try the selection of freshly steamed rice paper rolls or savour the biggest Vietnamese Banh Xeo Crispy Crepe! continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Banh Xeo Lotus Shoot Salad with Prawns Mustard Lettuce Rolls with Prawns & Pork
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Level4 2016-07-20
頭盤來個米紙卷,首先來一個大包圍。自己動手包越南米紙卷,首先用水噴上米紙,待軟后再包入食材,非常得意。法包非常香脆,蘑菇及豆腐亦做到了素肉的味道。蝦餅一般般布甸如果能夠滑一些就更完美了。 continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-08
The restaurant was pretty empty for a weekend lunch time. Although it was past 11am, the staff was still outside promoting breakfast set. We decided to dine here as the restaurant allowed us to use the Entertainer mobile application 1 for 1 main course on quite a number of choices from hotpot to noodle soup dishes to rice dishes to stir fried noodle dishes.Banh cuon nhan thit ($3.50++/ 2 rolls)Minced pork & mushrooms steamed rice crepe rollsThe dish was served with a sweet tangy sauce. The skin of the rice roll was quite thin and smooth. The dish was quite yummy.Com suon nuong ($12.90++)Grilled pork chop rice with salted egg puddingThe pork chop was quite tender and flavourful, although it had a rather dry look. The egg pudding was actually minced meat with salted egg in it.Pho xao ga ($12.90++)Stir fried pho noodles with chickenThe noodles was quite smooth although it looked quite thick. The sauce was rich and flavourful.Tra xa ($4.50++)Vietnamese Hot Lemongrass TeaQuite a refreshing drink to have during such a hot weather.Overall the food was not bad. Service was not bad too. Cutlery were cleared smoothly. Total bill was $29.90. continue reading
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Level4 2016-01-04
For more reviews, visit www.umakemehungry.comHaving Wrap & Roll has been a thought in my mind a while ever since I visited Star Vista in Bouna Vista. Whenever I enter a vietnamese cuisine restaurant, I can't do without a bowl of their noodle soup for I'm so in love with their Pho.Thus, I order their Phở bò, Beef Noodle Soup. The broth was decent and clear with subtle herb taste but it did not have the grabbing taste that I'm looking for.Unlike the usual sweetened lemon grass drink I had, Wrap & Roll's had hints of bitterness but its complemented by the sugar sweetness as well as the sour taste from the little lemon wedge.Another not to miss in a Vietnamese dining place will be their dripping coffee. You can order it with or without milk.One thing I like about Wrap & Roll is its availability of vegetarian food and it makes it easier to dine out with my vegetarian friend. Phở xào rau nấm was vegetarian friendly with Pho being stirred fried and added with ingredients like mushroom and tofu. Portion was alright and was not too oily.Replacing the summer rolls will be Cuốn rối, another vegetarian starter that you can share with your friends. Crunchy and fresh with ingredients wrapped securely by rice paper, being a non-vegetarian, I'm pretty happy with the taste. However there is a strong herb smell from the vegetables used in the roll which my vegetarian pal was not totally in favour of that.Overall, dining at Wrap & Roll gives you a good introduction to Vietnamese Cuisine and a decent filling meal. continue reading
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Level4 2014-03-30
This beef noodles is unlike any beef noodle I've tried! Definitely different from Singapore style beef noodles, Taiwan beef noodles, Thai Thaksin beef noodles and even Vietnamese Pho!  The Hue Beef Noodle Soup features thick rice noodles with slices of beef shank and one pig's trotter (if you don't want this, let the staff know and you'll be served with more beef slices instead), and a wedge of lime and raw bean sprouts served on the side. The noodles were slightly thinner than the normal chor bee hoon/thick rice noodles you usually eat in hawker dishes. They were nice and smooth, albeit too smooth making it a little hard to eat with the chopsticks. The broth itself was light yet flavourful, and I really liked the hint of tanginess after squeezing the juice from the wedge of lime into the soup. The star of the show is of course the beef, and they were really nice and tender. My only fault about this dish was that it was served only slightly hot, which got cold really quickly Otherwise, I absolutely love this version of beef noodles and I'll definitely be coming back for more! continue reading
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Having more than 10 outlets spanned across three countries worldwide, Wrap & Roll have recently just opened their latest outlet at ION Orchard. The first outlet in Singapore which is in The Star Vista however still lacks the typical hustle and bustle given its location, which is why I decided to visit that outlet instead.Grilled Pork in Steamed Rice Paper Rolls ($7.90) is just one of the various dishes offered that uses steamed rice paper rolls, which is often used in Vietnamese cuisine. While the Steamed Rice Paper Rolls essentially replicates our Chee Cheong Fun in taste, the texture is more stiffer but chewy as compared to the slippery and wetter variation that we are more used to locally. The grilled pork also surprised us as we were expecting just something that would be served in a restaurant without the T-bone, but we would have never thought that it was marinated and grilled to the point that it was similar to satay. Coupled with a leafy vegetable which provided a crunchy and fresh taste, this dish felt so similar and close to us yet different at the same time.Taste of Saigon ($9.90) is a dish that actually incorporated two fried items together as a platter. The Prawn Pancakes might look normal but they were rather crispy and was quite chewy from the prawns inside, which seemed rather fresh. The Traditional Deep Fried Spring Rolls were rather decent according to my dining partners, though people whom are allergic to peanuts should just stay away because it contains peanuts.A trip to any Vietnamese restaurant cannot be considered done if one does not have Vietnamese Drip Coffee ($4.90). A real treat for the patient, one would have to wait while the coffee drips into the cup. Servers would assist once it is ready for consumption. The coffee definitely would appeal to those whom love strong coffee that is mildly acidic. Interestingly, there was also a flowery scent that came through from within that made it different from the usual coffees elsewhere too. Also available cold with an option to have milk added as well continue reading
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