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Level4 2013-11-18
Every coffee shop usually has a Zi Char stall, and this stall is the one selling Zi Char and Seafood dishes at this newly renovated coffee shop. My mum has tried their hokkien mee not long ago and said that it was pretty good. Coming from a fussy eater from her, my dad and I decided to give this stall a try this weekend and have our dinner at the coffee shop while we take-away food from the same stall for the rest of the family. There was a banner near the store listing a few $5.00 dishes catering to individuals. Zi Char stalls usually have Gong Bao Chicken on their menu but I didn't see this listed in the banner for individual meals, so I asked the lady about it. The lady was helpful and said that they could do it as a meat+rice dish for one person, much to my joy. So I got the Gong Bao Chicken with White Rice ($5.00) while my dad got their Signature Bee Hoon ($5.00) to try.Signature Bee Hoon ($5.00)The food was prepared pretty fast and the first to be served was the Signature Bee Hoon. It came with a really nice sesame fragrance to whet up the appetite. The bee hoon was firm and the dish had 2 prawns, 3 mussels, and 3 slices of fish that didn't smell too fishy. For $5.00 though, I thought that the ingredients portion was a tad small.Gong Bao Chicken with White Rice ($5.00)This dish fared much better in my book. The portion of the chicken cubes given was decent and the meat was tender. The sauce in particular was very tasty. It was sweet with a hint of sourness and did not overwhelm with the spiciness from the dried chilli. However, it's probably considered a "mild" version since it is not very spicy or "numbing"; even so, this was just right for me. The meal also came with a sunny side up egg. I thought this was a nice touch as some stalls I've went to only serve just the rice and chicken for more or less the same price.We also takeaway a set of Hokkien Mee ($3.50) and Horfun ($3.50) for the rest of the family.Hokkien Mee ($3.50) The Hokkien Mee had prawns, slices of pork and fish, and vegetables with it. I thought the gravy given was too little as the noodle was very dry upon opening the container. But after mixing it well, it turned out to be just nice. The gravy was quite thick and flavourful and the noodle was slightly chewy. The portion of ingredients given was also quite fair for $3.50.Horfun ($3.50)The Horfun gave off a really nice aroma upon opening the container! Like the Hokkien Mee, it also had prawns, slices of pork and fish, and vegetables in it. The flat noodles were very smooth and had a little hint of wok hei. The prawns, though small and lacking in portion, were somewhat succulent. Despite looking a tad watery, the gravy didn't taste too watery and it was also quite tasty.We have not tried the other ala carte dishes yet since we have ordered individual meals from this stall so far, but overall, I think this is a pretty decent stall for zi char. It's currently among one of my favourites for the Gong Bao Chicken, which I certainly would return to order again! continue reading
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