Xian De Lai is a hotpot chain restaurant that serves noodles made of chicken, pork, beef or prawn paste piped into the soup. Soup bases available include the signature Sichuan soup, tom yum and bak kut teh, which are served in special handcrafted Chinese hotpots. It also serves Chong Qing grilled fish. continue reading
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Visiting the steamboat profession at Nex, Xian De Lai had its own specialty, to serve single individual pot for every customer. Ambience and decor layout gave me a good feeling, with the appropriate lightning ultimately sealing my great impression of this place. Reservation was recommended to avoid disappointment. Three different soup bases we chosen, they were Chicken Pork Ribs Soup, Tom Yum and Bak Kut Teh. The unique pot reminded me Majesty’s cutleries at Olden Castle, it was classic. The soups initially tasted quite light, absorbing and spreading the scent of ingredients put in after being cooked shortly. Seafood, Meat, Frozen Food and Veggies, the choices were extensive yet always in small portion to avoid food wastage. Also the service was slow, obviously short-handed. $28.90++ per pax, it was still considered reasonable for me. continue reading
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Level4 2013-09-04
So a bunch of us hotpot loving girls decided to make our way to NEX for our hotpot fix. Little did we know that it would be the worst place ever to dine. It was a Monday night dinner and although the restaurant was filled, it wasn't overwhelmingly so. This Xian De Lai provides individual pots for diners. Which would be higher on the hygiene standards but hotpot's all about sharing isn't it? The soup choices here were of a greater variety- 5 kinds and we had one of each. I personally loved the pork bone one and the duck soup. Tom yum was not bad either but the spicy one was my least favourite. One whole pot of mala soup is just not the best idea. See what I mean? The service was lacking. Our first order of food only came after 45 minutes and a lot of 'checking in with the kitchen'. It also took an hour to fetch two cans of green tea. The second order never came. Our third order took another hour. We left with barely filled stomachs and a terrible taste in our mouths. This even costs more than their Bugis outlet. We are never returning. Danro upstairs would've been a much better choice. continue reading
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for more food pictures and detailed review, please go to http://princessmic80.blogspot.sg/2013/09/of-steamboat-ing-good-times.htmlThe steamboat actually comes in individuals and powered by those solid fuel. so the soup takes longer time to boil. there are different type of soup base you can choose from. This time we choose the duck meat and the ma-la type. i quite like the ma-la one as it is not choking like others. it is less oily too. the ingredients wise, sadly the beef fails big time. if only they use quality beef else it will be perfect! the pork is ok. variety of steamboat ingredient is also ok too. overall - OK except for the beef. or maybe the fire is too small, so the beef gets overcooked lol.there are also some cooked dishes that you can ordered. i like their meatballs best!Price : ***Customer service : ***Food : *** Will i come again? Yes. but i will not order the beef anymore...=Xvariety of steamboat ingredients - OKcooked food - meat balls superb continue reading
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Level4 2013-08-15
Some time again, the family and I went to Xian De Lai at Nex to try their steamboat as my dad had been wanting to try it ever since it opened at JEM. My friend said it was quite expensive and not worth the money so when deal.com.sg had Xian De Lai deals, I bought them at $18.90 each per pax.Their service was extremely slow. When we reached the place, there was only 1 table occupied and when our soup came, the ingredients that we ordered took a long time to come even though by the time, there were only few tables occupied and we were the 2nd group of customers to arrive. I really wonder how they can cope if they are having a full house. The 4 soup bases that we had were secret recipe duck soup (supposedly brewed for 6 hours), chicken pork ribs soup, tom yam soup and bak kut teh soup.I felt that the taste of the bak kut teh soup was too overwhelming for a hotpot meal. Somehow, it didn't feel quite right eating hotpot with bak kut teh soup base.The duck soup was the worst of the lot. It was very salty and adding in ingredients only made the soup saltier. There was some duck meat in it though and they were very tender and has absorbed the flavour of the duck soup, making it more delicious.The best soup base was the chicken pork ribs soup. It was very light and tasted rather bland so when the ingredients were being cooked in it, it became more flavourful and was just right.The tom yam soup faired better than the duck soup and bak kut teh soup, with the right mixture of sour and spicy flavours. It also became salty after we were halfway through our meal.The mom could tell that the soup was mostly flavoured with m.s.g as her body did not react well to food with lots of m.s.g. Their ingredients were very fresh though. Everything looked pleasant and there was nothing to complain about the taste except for the assorted pastes which tasted horrible.Because only 4 pieces of crab parts were served to us at the first round, we ordered 6 portions of crabs the next time but to our disappointment, they only gave 3 pieces to us (there were 4 of us). Furthermore, the food came very slow. It gave us the impression that they were trying to save and scrimp on the food's portions. The staff even told us to jot down the amount of portions we want and they would be served to us.One thing good about Xian De Lai is that if you are very particular about hygiene, having a personal hot pot on your own is ideal. However, it is also quite boring to eat like that since hotpot is a communal style of eating.Their side dishes were better than expected and we had a second serving to ourselves for some of the dishes. They were all more skewed towards the salty side though. Not all of our orders came and we had to order it again. The spicy nuggets in particular, did not come at all despite us ordering at least 4 times and reminding the staffs about it.The century egg tofu was decent however the braised beancurd was extremely salty. The friend (in all seriousness) remarked that it was no wonder they are called 鲜(咸)得来 (xian 咸 means salty). Lol!In total, we paid $91.35 for the meal for 4 people as service charge and GST (they sure know how to make the most out of it) were not included in the coupons. Personally, I do not find it worthwhile to make a visit if you are paying the full price. If there are deals online, it is still worth a try.For a complete review, visit http://rachelays.blogspot.sg/2013/08/xian-de-lai-nex.html continue reading
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Level4 2013-02-04
My husband's friend read reviews and asked us to join him at Xian De Lai. By look, it really take you away!The interior design is well furnished and the table was designed in a way for extension to place the food.There's a wide range of selection, however there are some that's a little weird.Mushroom paste - I dared not tried.Complimentary dish:It's individual pot at Xian De Lai - there's Bak Kut Teh, Tom Yum, Duck and Chicken soup base.The Tom Yum fair the worst among all - it's like the maggie mee soup. Other soup base were average. Overall, fresh ingredients but average soup base. continue reading
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