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Boasting 200 items on the menu, diners can savour comfort food borne from simple recipes characteristic of the typical Hong Kong and Macau cafes, local Singapore favourites, tim sum and tea-time snacks. continue reading
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Founded in 2005, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is possibly the most successful brand of Hong Kong style 'cha chaan teng' / tea-house in Singapore. Known for opening till the wee hours of the morning in popular youth hangouts and nightspots, Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is also popular for their snow ice desserts, thick toasts, and simple stir-fried noodles or rice dishes.Ambience at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is clean, modern, and functional, but with little decor. Plush cushioned booths and simple wooden furniture line the spot-lit dining area, alternating shadows and light playing across the coloured walls. Tables are closely packed, which means the place is noisy and buzzing most of the time. The biggest draw for them is their longer than usual opening hours, suitable for late suppers or early breakfasts.Service at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is mostly decent, with staff being polite, and quick to attend to diners. As expected, the more senior staff tend to demonstrate better service levels, showing guests more attention. Requests are quickly fulfilled, as are orders, so expect short waiting times of within 5 - 10 minutes, even during peak periods. I also note that staff quickly clear empty / dirty tables, but in their haste, they only do a quick wipe of the tables, rather than a proper cleaning.Food at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe is focused on mostly Hong Kong cuisine, Chinese Cantonese cuisine, and snacks. Dishes are mostly simple and quick to prepare, but this also means not as good value for money compared to other restaurants. Fortunately, portions are large, and prices are still wallet-friendly, good enough for everyday casual dining. Most dishes are tasty to a passable standard, you just have to know what to order here!Loved the comforting Wanton Dumplings Soup (SGD $5.90), with its light, delicate soup / broth that has a slight sweetness. The large, meaty wanton dumplings are tightly packed in a medium-thick skin, with a generous amount of fresh prawns / shrimp, and minced pork, having a good savoury sweet flavour. Excellent!The Peanut Butter N Condensed Milk Thick Toast (SGD $4.90) was excellent! The thick toast has a crisp exterior which crunches softly, while the interior remains soft and fluffy! A generous spread of sticky sweet nutty peanut butter, and a dressing of sweet condensed milk, make this breakfast / snack incredibly addictive! I feel like a little kid getting a treat with this, due in part to the peanut butter which sticks like, everywhere. Highly recommended!The best thing about the Fermented Pork Chop Dry Curry Ramen (SGD $10.90) is their crisp, savoury salty pork chop. Big on flavour, the pork chop has a soft crunch when bit, followed by the smooth, tender meat with a thin silver of fat. The thin egg noodles tossed in a thick, savoury spicy curry gravy (that has no fiery heat), and the crunchy stalk of fresh bok choy / Chinese cabbage complete the plate. Good!Full Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe review here: http://ivanteh-runningman.blogspot.sg/2016/04/xin-wang-hong-kong-cafe.html continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
I will always come to Xin Wang Cafe to enjoy a Hong Kong French Toast because there is no other similar kinds on Singapore. Therefore it is my only choice and it tasted always so good! French toast bread is thick and fluffery soft. It like the honey that is drizzled on top of the French toast and the butter to make it taste better.. I like the butter that is already lightly soaked in the bread and match it with honey. I requested for extra honey and gave without extra charges. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-30
Xin wang hk cafe serves a wide variety of food such as dim sum, snacks, chinese and western cuisine. I ordered a spaghetti with chicken chop @$12.90. It is one of the recommended item in the menu. The portion is quite big. The spaghetti is cream based and it is cooked perfectly. Although i feel the cream sauce is quite overwhelming, its quite nice! The chicken is grilled to perfection, well marinated and flavourful. The skin is crispy and the meat is extremely moist and tender. The chicken chop is delicious and the meat is not dry at all. Overall, i recommend this dish as the chicken chop is indeed one of the best   continue reading
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Level4 2014-07-08
This was Xin Wang's famous ice mountain which is really huge and tall. I love the gula melaka, grass jelly, mango syrup soaked in a milk tea bath - all this combined makes me so jelly!~ Don't underestimate it, share the sugar-calorie count. Special mention to the service staff and kitchen staff - my friend and I couldn't finish this massive dessert in time as we were rushing for a movie, so we shamelessly asked for a takeaway for about 70% of what's left. Instead of refusing us (which would have been perfectly understandable), the manager agreed without flinching and with a smile too! In the end, they packed it into two tall bubble-tea cups with no extra charges at all. It turned out to be really icy cold and delicious, much better than GC's milk tea and with all the syrup and blended ice too.Thumbs up and I'm recommending this to my friends now! But don't eat this when you are in a rush... & share it with three or more friends. continue reading
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Level4 2014-05-23
Chinese Tea - $1.70. It was warming and fragrant.Iced HK Milk Tea - $3.50. It was served in a metal mug, which was neither too little or too much. Refreshing!Sambal Seafood Fried Rice - $9.90. Basically it was a rather spicy fried rice with seafood (shrimp, squid, and crabstick). It had a nice aroma and taste. I tried a spoonful, and I liked it.Fish Fillet Baked Rice - $10.90. Baked rice with fish fillet and cheesy tomato sauce. Even though it contained fish, there was no fishy smell. It was so fulfilling. Go for this menu if you are a cheese lover like me haha.Overall I had a nice lunch here. Food was awesome, service was also good. The staffs were friendly and polite. Will gladly be back. continue reading
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