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Founded more than 70 years ago as a humble coffee stall business, Ya Kun has grown leaps and bounds as a strong homegrown brand. With more than 100 outlets across Asia, it has done Singapore proud with its signature piping hot coffee and charcoal-grilled toast with homemade kaya. continue reading
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Chicken Char Siew Toastwich French Toast with Kaya Iced Kopi Kaya Peanut Steamed Bread Kaya Toast with Butter Soft-Boiled Eggs
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Level4 2013-11-02
Well, everyone knows Ya Kun for its kaya toast. As a testament of its popularity, ​the branch at Causeway Point was packed even though my mum and I went there at 3pm! ​​My mum got the Set A Value Meal ($4.60) which comes with ​the ​Kaya toast with Butter, coffee and soft boiled egg. She requested for the lady to exclude the butter, since she loves having her toast with just the plain old kaya. The lady was willing to accommodate her request, which was a plus for service in my book. The toast is usually made on the spot with each order, so we had to wait a while for it. But there were the coffee and soft-boiled egg to start on first while we waited.The toast eventually came and while the dish looked simple, the taste more than made up for it. The toast was crispy and the combination with their kaya spread was just lovely! I wished they put more of the kaya in the bread though; I wouldn't have minded a kaya overload! I also got the Kaya Balls, which are like mini pancakes with kaya filling, and comes at the price of $3.30 for 8 pieces. This is one of my favorite food on their menu. The balls were served in a little basket, which I thought was cute. They were cooked until crispy on the outside but still maintained the softness on the inside (and towards the bottom). At first I thought 8 pieces were too much for tea, but I ended up eating all of it! I love munching on these and savouring the taste of ​kaya in each ball. I think these would make a wonderful snack at any time of the day!If you have not tried these yet, I'd recommend giving it a try, along with their standard kaya toast! It's more value for money to get the kaya toast as a set with the coffee and egg. Just don't expect any cozy ambience to enjoy your meal in, since it can get really noisy when it's packed! continue reading
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Level4 2013-07-22
Ya kun is my go to place for a good and reliable local breakfast. The food here is unpretentious simple and affordable and it is really comfort food to me. I like the kaya toast which is a nice brown colour and very crisp and crunchy. The kaya filling is eggy and sweet with a lovely coconut pandan flavour. The drinks are also good, I had a full bodied milk tea to accompany my breakfast. continue reading
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Ya Kun, as always is one of my favourite breakfast choice of all times.Something about that delectable toast makes me keep wanting for more!The smell of that freshly baked toast always attract my nose and captured my heart and stomach at the same instance As usual, stepping into Ya Kun brings about the olden days nostalgic feel Not that that's a bad thing, it's always nice to settle onto the wooden stool and grab a marble traditional style coffee table to settle into comfortably!When ordering, it's definitely nice to chat a little and exchange simple morning greetings with the aunties working there.And it's great to know that while my order is being taken into and set the bread on toasting heat, I get to carry back with me my boiled eggs and cup of coffee.It's my first time deciding to try their coffee since I'm usual a tea drinker except for ice coffee.So that day, i surprise myself too when i heard me ordering the coffee The first thing i did was to gently give my coffee a few stirs before i tried it to ensure that the sugar or condensed milk is being evenly spread.I'll have to say i took a tiny sip before allowing myself a bigger sip since i couldn't taste much with the small sip, silly me!The coffee was good I'll say, aroma taste of that coffee allows me to believe that i definitely made the correct choice that morning Next, I'll have to jump into my eggs.I love to crack, mix & stir and put a good amount of sweet sauce.Usually, i'm a soya sauce person but only at Ya Kun, I'll put in the sweet dark soya To me, i love my eggs as this half boiled kind so that it's cooked but yet runny yoke at the same time!I was still savoring my eggs when the kind auntie brought over my bread and took back the number block that they usually gives customers so that they can identify us I can't wait to reach for my hot toasted bread the moment my plate was put down (See my second photo for evidence of hungry me)! The bread i realized, have to be eaten freshly toasted.This is something that I always insist upon, to have hot toasted bread I especially hate it when my bread turns cold and hard So my usual practice is i drink a little tea or coffee in this case, eat my eggs till my bread gets to me and I'll definitely eat both the bread and eggs at the same time (Again, see that photo for that hungry lass)!Best of both worlds It's always nice to know that Ya Kun serves the butter in slices, on top of my kaya spread in between the toast.That signature sweet tasting kaya, plus the heavenly butter in melting process when you bite into the crisp toast is just a so simple gesture that gives the biggest taste buds boost I hope you're hungry when you read this as I'm definitely is craving for Ya Kun again now! I'm rounding up this review the same as I'm rounding up that coffee of mine, leaving you wanting for more.If you've not tried Ya Kun before, you honestly don't know what you are missing out! continue reading
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Level2 2013-01-06
The ya kun butter kaya toast at this place is highly recommended, especially on a rainy day. Infact the set meal is more value for money, as the tea is also included. The ice-cream toast, is very tasty. Reminds of the olden days in Singapore. Very affordable place to be at. It is very difficult to find a seat to sit, this place is always very packed, especially on the weekends. continue reading
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I tried the Tea Frostyz but it has nothing very special about the drink, just that it's ice-blended. A cup costs $3.80, if you would like to add whipped cream, it costs $4.20. 40 cents for whipped cream! I tried the one without whipped cream. The blended ice melted pretty fast, so it kind of turned out to be just teh-bing (iced milk tea). Imagine paying $3.80 for a cup of iced blended milk tea. I would not really recommend it as it's equivalent to ordering a cup of iced milk tea. continue reading
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