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Famed in Japan for yakitori, Japanese skewered meat and vegetables, Yakitori Lounge Hibiki aims to replicate the popularity of that same dish here in Singapore. continue reading
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Level4 2017-05-09
Hailing from the Saitama prefecture of Japan is 60 year old Hibiki, one of the only outlets representing the Hibiki empire outside of Japan! Ask any Japanese living in Saitama, part of the Greater Tokyo region about Hibiki and they will be familiar with this yakitori legend. They have countless kiosks, selling yakitori at train stations and convenient areas, much like the Tori-Q seen in Singapore and serving dining delights at over 30 restaurants. Hibiki at Bukit Timah has recently been taken over by Irene who did a new makeover for the restaurant, leading it to a more purist Japanese direction, as Hibiki is deeply rooted in the culinary culture of the Japanese.Located along Bukit Timah Road, you could easily drive by this place and miss it, as it is sandwiched between a pizzeria and an Italian restaurant. It has it's own car park, but there's also coupon parking just parallel of it, along Anamalai Road, with free parking on sundays and PH. The menu is printed with English and Japanese, you can easily tell that this restaurant was catered towards the Japanese living in Singapore who miss their authentic Japanese food. Their charcoal grilled items are their signature offerings that require the art of barbecuing to perfection.1.Sake Shabu-shabu(2 person serving) The shabu-shabu broth at Hibiki is unique as sake is infused into the aromatic mixture. Served with assorted vegetable platter (White cabbage/Spinach/Shiitake Mushroom/Tofu/Carrot/Konyaku stripes/Japanese Leek)What do we love about Japanese hot pot? It's a fun communal dining experience, you get SO MUCH variety in your meat and vegetable offerings (think everything from wagyu beef and kurobuta pork to sweet cabbage and shiitake mushrooms), and it's a rather healthy, nutritious dish that doesn't pack in calories. Kurobuta belly and Kurobuta collar is served here and sweetens up the broth, with every slice. Home made sesame sauce for vegetable dips/Home made ponzu Sauce for Meat to dip with spring onion and spicy raddish smash. To pair up with the Shabu Shabu, we also had Tako Karage, Miso Caesar Salad, Vegetable Sticks and Tempura Moriawase.The sake flavour is subtle and evaporates so you will only imaginatively taste the sake in the soup, however, there is a lingering sake aroma if you give the soup a good whiff.4) Hibiki Yakitori 5 Stick Mixture pork and Chicken $22Hibiki's favorable 5 sticks of mixture Kurobuta and Kampong Chicken mixture sticks.Ingredients used in the yakitori includes Kurobuta Belly, Kurobuta Collar, Chicken Mid Wing, Homemade minced ball. Every item is carefully cooked to perfection on the charcoal grill, giving them a slightly charred flavour and texture.5) Hibiki Yakitori 5 Stick Japanese Vegetable $12Mixture of the Favourite 5 sticks vegetableMy personal favourites were the homemade minced ball, which were so tender and juicy, and also the grilled onions! I never expected grilled onions to taste so good, especially with the miso dip!6) Tako Karaage Deep fried special Marinated Octopus. I'm a huge fan of octopus, and this was my first time trying octopus marinated and deep fried in this manner. The outer layer was thick and crisp, giving you a nice crunch. On the inside, you have a sizeable octopus tentacle which has a fresh aroma of the octopus and the marinate. The octopus was well marinated as it was very tasty on it's own!9) Authentic Japanese Ice creamTenpien - Sea salt Ice cream serve with Sweet potatoes stripesHouji Cha - Roasted Tea Ice cream serve with sweet potatoes stripesYaki Imo Ice cream - Grilled Sweet potatoes Ice cream serve with sweet potatoes stripesHibiki's Home made Sweet Potatoes Cake and Sweet potatoes Stripes serve with Vanilla Ice CreamOverall : Would I come back? Yes! If you are local Singaporean and want to try some Sake infused shabu shabu, or if you are looking to try out some variants of different Sake, do give Hibiki a try! Even for Japanese living in Singapore, I'm quite sure you will be satisfied with the authenticity of the food quality and service at Hibiki. continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)
Level4 2015-09-09
This is a relatively small Yakitori eatery that I would have driven by without even noticing it. It's in between the Pasta Fresca Salvatore and Ritz Apple Strudel shop. As this is our first time, we ordered assorted platters to start with and I love how this place make their own sesame miso paste which goes beautifully with the Yakitori sticks. We also ordered sashimi and I must say that their cuts are fat but I have had better elsewhere. This is not to say they were bad ah, just not I would recommend them for. You do walk out smelling like yakitori yourself after your meal so please plan wisely your after-dinner activities. 😉Final bill turned out to be quite expensive so this place lost one star (it must have fallen out of the pocket hole that the bill burnt thru). Not likely to return unless it's a treat from someone else! ✌🏼️ continue reading
(The above review is the personal opinion of a user which does not represent OpenRice's point of view.)