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Boulangerie Chaude means "hot bakery' in French. With most of its ingredients and recipes from Japan, Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude promises customers freshly baked bread daily. continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-28
There was a Japanese Bakery in JCube, it was located at a corner away from walking crowd. Initally I thought this Japanese Bakery was selling only Japanese Pastry, but they also had local flavour pastry.The Snow Chocolate Bun attracted my attention. The swirl looking sugary top looked cute. Hence, I bought one at $1.20.The Snow Chocolate Bun had a sweet smelling aroma, I guessed should be the sugary top. The bun was slightly stiff in texture, not so fluffy. The filling inside was chocolate flavoured custard. The cocoa was over powering the custard filling, it was like eating Royce chocolate which I loved it. Overall, this Snow Chocolate Bun was tasty especially the chocolate custard filling inside was so good to munch.  continue reading
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Level4 2014-12-19
Yamazaki is a bakery which specialises in cakes and bread. I especially love the soft chocolate cake. It is priced @ $1.80. The cake is extremely soft and fluffy with chocolate bits in it. The chocolate is not too rich but there is still a hint of chocolate taste. It is definitely one of the best cakes i ever had. There are a other flavours which are cheese and strawberry. However, i do not like cheese and strawberry flavoured cake. For some reason i feel that the strawberry cake was too sweet and had artificial flavouring too. I highly recommend this cake if you love chocolate and cake! In addition its at a decent price for a great treat!   continue reading
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Level4 2014-02-14
I am especially fond of Japanese bakeries. So when I heard of Yamazaki Boulangerie Chaude, and that their most of their ingredients and recipes are from Japan, I knew I had to check it out!The exterior of the bakery looks quite spacious from the outside, but the interior, with its somewhat rustic-looking decor, is smaller than expected. Despite this, they have a decent variety of bread available, many of which I was actually keen to try. But I couldn't finish so many and I didn't want to keep them for too many days so I mulled around for a bit trying to decide on a few to try. Walking around the bakery, I was glad to see that there is a small counter at the back containing a few baskets of bread samples to try out. The Hawaiian bread was among one of those samples and I was totally sold on my first bite of this bread! Hawaiian Bread ($1.5​0) Superbly soft and fluffy, even the outer crust layer is thin and soft as well. This is also mildly sweet in taste. I love bread that are good to eat on its own and the Hawaiian bread here definitely falls into this category. Although you can eat it with jam or other fillings, its subtle flavour is really best appreciated by eating it plain, or with just a dash of butter. Highly recommended!Snow Chocolate ($1.20)This special Hokkaido soft bun is kind of a cross between a cake and a bread, based on the description for its Snow Custard counterpart. The ​bread itself is quite soft but the top of the bread is slightly crusty and a little crumbly. I like the smooth chocolate custard filling which is quite chocolatey but not too sweet. Chocolate Cream Puff ($1.80)This scores just by looks alone. Just look at the generous, whooping amount of smooth and fresh chocolate cream sandwiched between the puff pastry! It may seem a bit daunting eating all that cream, but this cream puff is unexpectedly light, fluffy and not cloyingly sweet. Best of all, it's only $1.80. Certainly worth a try, but recommend not to store it for too long before eating.Chocolate Chip Waffle ($1.50)The waffle is very crispy on the outside but somewhat crumbly inside; it kind of feels like biting into an oversized cookie. But taste-wise, it is surprisingly good. The addition of the chocolate chips is also a nice touch to the waffle for that extra bit of sweetness.Chocolate Fudge Slice ($4.00)The selection of cakes here is quite limited, but I wanted to try the cakes from Yamazaki so I just rolled with this. The sponge cake layer is ...spongy but a little dry although this is redeemed by the smooth and rich chocolate fudge layer. A pretty decent cake overall, but I didn't find it particularly memorable.On the whole, I am quite pleased with my first purchase at Yamazaki, especially the bread and pastries. My favourite from this trip is the Hawaiian Bread, which is worth a try and definitely worth buying again! I also enjoy the Chocolate Puff and Snow Custard as well. The prices for most of their bread are very reasonable and affordable, and service, while not spectacular, is decent. I’m already planning a return trip to try out their other bread. But do note that the selection of bread may be somewhat limited if you go early in the morning when they are just opened (around 10am). I went around 11am and quite a number of bread slots were still empty, so you might want to consider going just slightly later when most of the bread, which are freshly baked daily, will be fresh out of the oven! continue reading
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Yamazaki is one place I love to go to buy breads as their breads are just more fragrant and soft. It is great that they have an outlet at Jcube so it is rather convenient to buy them anytime. Just yesterday, I bought the mini buns which costs $3 and also two other buns which cost 70/80 cents. The mini buns are the mochi buns which are tagged with a tag which says it is one of the best selling buns. And it is not surprising as it is indeed very tasty as the bun has a nice bite to it and the flavours are subtle and not overpowering. There are a few flavours of the mochi bread, I love the green tea ones as it has red bean which has a good taste contrast. The two other buns I got are the chicken sausage and cheese bun. I ate the cheese bun and I felt it is rather tasty as well, the cheese is fragrant and the bread is soft. There is really nothing not to dislike about Yamazaki. I strongly recommend it! continue reading
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Level4 2013-10-01
Strawberry Mousse $3.50 it looked quite moist but it was quite dry to be eaten. i was not able to finish this by myself. the strawberry flavour was too sweet and did not seem to go well with the mousse.Chocolate Mocha Puff $1.80the puff was light and fluffy, very yummy! The mocha and chocolate taste were equally distinct. the cream fillings were very generous and shiok. continue reading
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