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Claypot Huadiao Chicken Creamy Pumpkin Custard Pork Ribs Granny Mapo Spicy "LA" MIAN Poach Farm Chicken w Superior Oyster Sauce Seasalt Grilled Prawns Smoked Duck Fried Rice w Diced Capsicum & Onion
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Level4 2019-05-21
Recently I had visited this zhi char stall which was located in a coffee shop in the industrial park area in the neighbourhood. The place could be easily reached by taking bus service 811 from the bus interchange or at the bus stop after the MRT station.Besides the usual dishes in most zhi char stalls, the restaurant also offered a number of unconventional dishes.Pattaya Style Grilled Pork 芭提雅烤肉 (S$12/18/24)Pan seared pork shoulder, served with green mango dressing and homemade Thai green chilli sauce.Imagine bak kwa with sweet tangy Thai chilli sauce. Accompanied with thai style mango salad to balance the meat.Steamed Emerald Fish  Head 翡翠蒸鱼头 (S$28)Seasonal item, not on regular menu. Served topped with pickled green chillies but it was not spicy at all. But if one was a fan of garlic or ginger, you will sure like this dish a lot which brought out these flavours very well on the firm moist meat of the fish.Crispy Crackly Egg  阿发鸡蛋(S$8/12/16)Deep fried egg with basilDoused in sweet soy and topped with crispy golden mushroom.We thought it was Tahu Telor when served. One was surprised  to find egg  yolk lava flowing when cutting it open. Addictive crispy with different textures from the egg and the mushroom. One of the favourite dishes.Homemade Tofu with Preserved Turnip 菜脯豆腐 (S$10/15/20)Deep fried homemade soy tofu topped with crispy preserved turnip.Instead of the commonly found salty preserved turnip, the crunchy turnip used here had a kind of sweet taste. Adding flavours to the dish.Claypot Hua Diao Chicken  三杯鸡 (S$12/18/24)Wok fried chicken  leg with Chinese rice wine, basil  in spicy sweet sticky sauceThis was the favourite dish of the meal. The meat was very tender and moist, while covered with a thin caramelized layer, which made one thought it was some other meat at first bite.  Not overpowered by the marinate and basil.Szechuan Style Braised Eggplant  鱼香茄子煲 (SS$ 10/15/20)Wok fried eggplant  with garlic, shallots and minced pork.Best with a bowl of plain rice because it's so intense in flavours.Apple  Champagne  Pork Ribs 苹果香槟排骨 (S$14)Seasonal item, not on regular menu.Interesting serving the tender pork ribs 排骨王 with a scoop of ice cream  on top.If you felt the location is a bit too out for you, the restaurant does offers delivery too. continue reading
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