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08:30 - 22:00
Mon - Sun
08:30 - 22:00
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Level4 2013-06-29
My first time trying out at this stall and have been craving for duck noodles and so our dinner is settled. There seems like always a queue when I pass by once awhile and I think their food must be good in order for such response.We ordered a Braised Duck Noodles $3.50 and Braised Duck Rice $3.80. Actually wanted duck noodles soup but end up they gave me dry noodles instead. Also added extra rice at $0.30.For the duck noodles, the portion of noodles is quite a lot but very small amount of duck meat and also 2 small pieces of fishcake. The sauce that is mixed with the noodles is tasty but towards finishing, it gets a little sick because you will be left with noodles only. Price is still reasonable with that portion of noodles but can improve by having extra amount of duck meat or maybe a half braised egg.Lastly for the duck rice, it is quite a big packet with extra rice and sides like tau pok, cucumber, soft peanuts and of course duck meat. The rice are not properly cooked as some are harden but still it is quite fragrance. Overall it quite satisfying but it will be good to have chilli to enhance the taste further. But no chilli provided.Most important will be the duck meat. Their duck meat are quite tasty with soft texture but a little fats on the skin. continue reading
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