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Zenso serves Thai food and is located in Sunshine Plaza continue reading
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Signature Dishes
Thai Beef Noodle Soup
Review (3)
Level4 2014-01-19
We walked around Sunshine Plaza and spotted a cafe selling Thai and Japanese food so we decided to try it out. Don't be mistaken however, if you look closer at the menu you will realize that they offer Thai AND Japanese food but not a fusion of both. Iced Hazelnut CoffeeWe got this to share. This was too bitter for my liking and there was a lack of hazelnut flavour. Phad ThaiThe Phad Thai was very flavourful and the raw beansprouts gave it an extra crunchy texture, perfect with the soft and moist kway tiao. Red Curry ChickenWe did not order rice so we were unable to fully utilize the red curry but we did drink the curry directly from the claypot. The coconut taste brought out the fragrance of the red curry and it was not spicy at all. The chicken meat was lean and there were a couple of cubes in it.Tom Yum Soup (Spicy)This tasted mediocre but my cravings for tom yum soup was satisfied nonetheless.Zenso has indoor seatings and a small alfresco area. The place is quite small too. It is a decent Thai meal but if you are going to travel all the way here just to try, I'll suggest you save the time and give it a miss. continue reading
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Was looking for a place nearby our place to eat on may day after the angmo kia had finished some work and chanced upon this place. We often eat at the thai restaurant few steps away from here but grew tired of it after they decreased their serving size and increased their price. So we had a brief look at Zenso's menu and found that they had quite a variety and price was cheap for the type of food they were serving so we had a shot at it. I wasnt expecting too much as the price was really cheap for what they were serving.. to give u an idea, their menu includes zichar, thai and japanese bentos. Prices were ranging between 5 to 10 per dish. Major downside was the super long waiting time for such a small restuarant.. i guess they probably only had one cook and the variety of dishes may have made it hard for them to be efficient in cooking. Anyway my bf ordered the stir fry vermicelli with chicken and actually i think the vermicilli wasnt too bad! a tad oily (which is common) but had the smokiness of the wok.. but the chicken didnt taste very nice though.. another good thing was it actually had greens! lol. Which many places scrimp of so we were quite delighted by this.. I waited an extra 15 mins after my bf's dish for my salad(!) I think we had waited for 30 mins for the first dish to come.. so i waited arnd 45 mins for my fried fish salad.. though serving was small but the battered fish was quite delightfully crisp and the spicy sauce was very very good n not heavy at all! THough on hind sight i suspect i could be eating more batter than fish but still.. i cld foresee myself ordering it again.. Another good thing is it closes at 11 pm on weekdays so it adds to another late night dinner place we have! hooray! Next time i will try their coffee... they have quite an extensive menu.. =) Shall update again! continue reading
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Level4 2011-03-30
This new place has opened up, ZENSO, and it has this Thai-Japanese fusion, although after looking at the menu, there's no fusion dish to combine both - it's just that they serve japanese bento sets and thai dishes in tom yum, curry chicken, or rice dishes.I was chilling out with an old pal and so after a look of the whole menu, I recommended that why don't we get Set B, the two special sets for 2. It was at $18.90 each.We don't get an option for rice (plain rice), but for vegetable and meat dish and drink, we did have options. We got the coconut chicken soup, the vegetable dish I forgot the name, the beef dish and lemongrass and thai ice tea with milk.The coconut chicken soup was really thick, but the saltiness was just right. It was really thick in its coconut, you can have this whole set for 3 with an extra portion of rice. The soup also had tomatoes on it too. However the taste was not so thick until you want to throw up and can't eat anything else.Vegetable and beef dish had really scary looking size chilli but it was of worth - if you bite you die but the spice was just right - a bit too salty though, but try mixing the sauce with coconut soup spread on top of your rice - it gives a balance of milky texture and the spice salt taste.By the end of it you're super full! The drink was too sweet compared to the other thai chain just beside the store. But the lemongrass for me had a fresh mint aftertaste which I can't find at other Thai stores just! Best other thing about this new joint is that there's no charge in tax and service! So it was exactly $18.90. continue reading
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