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Level4 2012-05-08
Zhuge Kaoyu next to Lavender Food Court also open till 4 a.m.The shop's specialty is Chinese Sichuan Cuisine.We all must thanks to the influx of Chinese immigrants here in recent years has brought along with it some new culinary pleasures.Many of the cuisine from the northern provinces is very different from the food of Chinese Singaporeans, whose roots are in Southern China such as many Sichuan ma la (spicy and numbing) hotpot eateries.Chong Qing is a municipality in western China that was once a city in Sichuan province and the cooking is spicy with lots of garlic, chilli and tongue-numbing Sichuan pepper.The grilled fish recipe is apparently more than 1000 years old and the dish was reputedly a favourite with Zhuge Liang (AD181-234), a famous counsellor from the Three Kingdoms period whom some may recognise as a main character in the John Woo movie Red Cliff (2008).This is the only place that serves this dish, which is Zhuge Kaoyu (Zhuge Liang Restaurant) in Foch Road.It was one of the spiciest things I had ever eaten and much though I enjoyed the fish.It was tasty from a marinade of herbs and spices, and the grilling firmed up the exterior while leaving the meat inside moist and smooth.The fish was smooth textured and tasty, and the broth was full of sliced potato, peppers, leek, cucumber and celery.Conclusion: A selection of Chongqing cuisine rounds out the menu. This restaurant is specialising in Sichuanese kaoyu (literally, barbecued fish). Unfortunately, this restaurant has no English menu and the (very attentive and lovely) waitresses are from PRC who I doubt they speak English. continue reading
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