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For a full story coverage and pictures; please visit:http://www.epinosh.com/2012/09/rose-veranda-shangri-la-hotel-singapore.htmlWhile many are crowding the heart of downtown Singapore, I am feverish for some sweet treats in the oasis. What best to rejuvenate your taste buds and give it a thorough cleanse during this blazing period? I figure that tea is the most ideal, given the all year tropical weather especially the microwaving climate these days.Away from the bustling downtown, I sit myself
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For a full story coverage and pictures; please visit:

While many are crowding the heart of downtown Singapore, I am feverish for some sweet treats in the oasis. What best to rejuvenate your taste buds and give it a thorough cleanse during this blazing period? I figure that tea is the most ideal, given the all year tropical weather especially the microwaving climate these days.

Away from the bustling downtown, I sit myself in the most relax fashion overlooking the tranquil lobby court. I have been reminded umpteen times to accept bills from other high-tea venues, equally crowd-pleasing. I wish I could accede to these superficial requests, each time having tug-of-war deep within. But after a few tries, I just know which one caresses my heart genuinely and makes me sniff my way "home". I could never trade the good feel it brings, not even with a bucket of gold.

Even if one is not emotionally attached to a particular place, I am quite sure some fine offerings here are capable of luring new patrons. I am so used to that "family"-warmth vaporizing the mezzanine floor until recently, I find it missing. New faces replaced those familiar ones, the bonding somehow has broken bits. A newer team has evolved that more often requires a bite more time to shine in their service. I am most willing to excuse the slipped knowledge I encountered (I will not try conceal any service lapse, even for places I love dearly), if extra efforts are put in - this, I shall reassess during my next visit. Likewise, let the food speaks without disguise.

The Rose Veranda sits on the mezzanine floor, above the sedating lobby court. The L-shaped lounge greets its guest in a mellow and unhurried manner, displaying counter-long hot savories, finger foods and salads. For easy reference, I class them into 5 sections. Start off the left; help yourself to the small Japanese station with sushi and fresh sashimi displaying neatly in the enclosed shelving. Moving on to the right, you will meet the East with pleasing dim sum range - baked puffs and mini pies, stuffed with moist and well marinated BBQ meat fillings. Gently lift the steam bamboo tray, you will be delighted by some juicy Siew Mai (pork dumplings) and think starch skin Har Gow (shrimp dumplings).

After a few dim sum snacks, the taste buds become peppy and ready to welcome 2 sections of mouthwatering hot savory, separated by a cold station with salads and finger sandwiches.

There are 8 hot dishes, each waiting to be unleashed by hungry goers. I am pleased by a few most of the time, sometimes the Chinese with the Muslim cooking at other times. This time I find the braised Chinese noodles most enjoyable, each strands is evenly coated in glossy dark sauce with a balanced flavor. I liked its less soggy texture with a bit of bite in it. While the chunky chicken parts clad in a spicy thick coconut curry sauce, the beef rendang is milder and a little chewier in texture. I wish the beef could be more fork-tender and less fibrous. If the noodles is outstanding, the Peking duck is even more marveling. Prepared by Shang Palace, this signature imperial dish is one that I will eat every other day. It is prized with fatty crisp skin covering thick layer of moist and tender duck meat. Choose a drumstick for a juicier meat. Here, it is eaten without pancake wrap and spring onions servings. If seafood is your preference, you will find 1-2 fish varieties in deep fried and steamed cooking method.

Leafy options include salads dressed in different Italian ways and of course, some befriended pasta whilst others hit it off with aromatic smoked duck and light fruity morsels. For stir-fry option, the yellow zucchini and cauliflower combination was a good buddy up except that the chef could be more generous with seasoning for a more flavorful touch. Otherwise the taste is flat, only buttery. There is always a self-serving corner that one would whip up a quick noodle dish. It could be the spicy noodle cooked the Peranakan way - Laksa or the flavorsome Prawn noodle soup. Occasionally, the starchy potato-peanut gravy with yellow noodles - Mee Rebus, will surfaced. Depending on luck, the noodle corner is everyone's peep. Remember to fuel up with some good salmon or turkey finger sandwiches before heading to the far right for your sweet servings.

The stand-alone dessert corner is my hideaway - I called it the dessert-tapas corner. I was bewitched by the varieties and the chocolate fountain centerpiece. It's a tough fight but the rich cocoa cake is my darling, I am obsessed with the smooth and velvety dark chocolate ganache that taste not overly sweet.

The popular Durian cake is cottony and creamed with real durian paste between each sponge. Each mouthful is pleasantly thorny (piquant flavor) but not pricking, of course.

I have a soft spot for strawberry shortcake served at Shang, especially a good slice with spoonful of rich decadent Chantilly cream that won't weigh you down.

Pick a few elegant kuehs from the tray, a traditional Nonya cake have more to tell. I had the Kueh Salat with a bountiful supply of coconut flavor embedded within the wobbly custard layer and a savory-sweet blue pea hued glutinous rice bottom. The Lapis Sagu, my most desired snack since young - is always steamed soft and toothsome, unlike those sugar laden ones in the past.

If these are never enough, there are more to pick from the far right corner. That includes scones, crème brûlée, some flashy dessert in shooter cups, ice-cream & sorbet. Definitely some great summer treats with a sweet lingering ending that one finds it hard to resist.

Unless buffet is not your liking, try the tiered English afternoon tea that comes with a few standard nibbles but refillable. They are identically good and you too get to choose one type of tea out of the 100 selections.

With the human-tide easing, are you ready for some champ treats this weekend? After all, the Red Bull's driver has champ the season and I whiff victory in conquering the stations with a smooth sweet ride. The ride is made sweeter with an online reservation - a 15% discount on any day but with a certain allotment each time! So, do plan ahead and book early.
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