Le Bistrot Du Sommelier Serves up Hearty French Food
Le Bistrot Du Sommelier
If you think French food is pretentious and expensive, Le Bistrot Du Sommelier will prove you wrong with their hearty French food and great wine. Located at Armenian Street, the restaurant is housed on the first floor with the Rillette Bar up on the second.
 Duck Rillette
Other than offering patrons a fun and informal place to enjoy wine exploration, Rillette Bar also serves charcuteries, or cooked cold meat. One popular option is the Duck Rillette (100gm, $10.80++), served with crusty French bread and a side of pickles. For first-timers to Le Bistrot Du Sommelier, do try out their TGV Lunch Menu ($35++) to get a range of what they can offer. It comprises of three courses with a choice between starters, main courses and desserts. Customers can also order from a two-part menu: Mainstay or Seasonal. Wine pairing is optional.
Cote de Boeuf
(Pictured above: Cote de Boeuf)
Mainstay options include Onglet de Boeuf ($32++), which is a definite crowd-pleaser. Pan-seared to perfection, the beef hanger steak is paired with shallots, garlic confit and crispy French fries. The newest addition to the seasonal fall menu, Rabbit, Pork, Duck Foiegras Ballotine (150gm for $18++), will be available from 7 Oct onwards.
Mille-feuille aux Framboises ($16++)
Leave some room for their delectable desserts such as Mille-feuille aux Framboises ($16++). Topped with refreshing mint leaves, the layers of Raspberry Mille-feuille are filled with a decadent white chocolate and vanilla whipped ganache. Update: Le Bistrot Du Sommelier is no longer serving Mille-feuille aux Framboises. Le Bistrot Du Sommelier , 53 Armenian Street, Singapore 179940 See also: Juicy steaks under $20 French Restaurants in Singapore
Written by Rachel Wong Article was updated on 15 October 2015
Le Bistrot Du Sommelier
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