Are You Ready For Korean Cuisine Inspired Burger?


If you’re craving for Korean food and unique burgers, then the new Seoul Spicy Chicken and Seoul Spicy Beef burger have got your name written all over it! McDonald’s will be bringing in two new Korean-inspired burgers on the menu from 9 March, Thursday onwards. The main feature of the new burgers is the iconic spicy Korean sauce. It is made from fermented soy bean paste, sesame paste, soy sauce, chilli peppers, red paprika and garlic; inspired by signature ingredients used in Korean delicacies. That’s not all, Korean food fans should know that Korean food is accompanied with kimchi. McDonald‘s has it covered with kimchi shaker fries. Perfect your Korean food experience with desserts; Peach McFizz and Melon McFlurry with Coconut Jelly. These new offerings will be available after breakfast hours in all McDonald‘s outlets and via McDelivery while stocks last.

McDonald‘s new Seoul Spicy Chicken and Seoul Spicy Beef burger Menu:

  • Seoul Spicy Special (Seoul Spicy Chicken or Seoul Beef burger, with a side of Kimchi Shaker Fries (L) and a
    Peach McFizz) from S$8.40.
  • Ala carte from S$5.95.
  • Melon McFlurry with Coconut Jelly from S$2.90.

Photo credits: McDonald’s Singapore

It’s a love and hate affair with the new Seoul Spicy Chicken from McDonalds. Seoul hot seoul spicy; I need my drink! Seoul spicy chicken worthy of its name. It is a combination of smoky chicken patty glazed with lots of Korean flavours, crunchy mixed vegetables with creamy slaw tucked between a black pepper and white sesame soft bun. The sauce tasted similar to the Bulgogi burger that you can only find in McDonalds in South Korea except it is more spicy in this Seoul Spicy chicken. And they have KIMCHI fries like FINALLY, I need not make my own kimchi and add to the fries anymore! Sprinkle, shake and shake. That’s all I need to do to enjoy a packet of kimchi fries. Yes, another favourite fries added to McDonalds, that sat asides to my favourite seaweed fries. For non-chilli lover who needs to put out the fire of the Seoul Spicy Chicken, the refreshing peach flavoured sparkling soda to the rescue. However, I would have enjoyed more if there are some peach bites in the soda. On a side track, McDonalds has really good takeaway plastic cup and lid. The drink doesn’t leak in a flatlay state. Thumbs up!! Can’t wait to try Melon McFlurry with Coconut Jelly soon.

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*last updated 17 March 2017.

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