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Yong Tau Foo
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等級4 2013-03-29
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I never thought that I'd find my favourite yong tau foo in a food court, let alone a food court in the heart of town. I've always been coming back for their yong tau foo at $5.20 a bowl with min 6 pieces. Their yong tau foo comes in this huge, big bowl, of your choice of noodles, and a generous spoonful of soyabean. They have a wide selection of yong tau foo pieces to include in this hearty bowl of noodles and the taste of the soup is always tasty enough, yet it doesn't seem to have any (or much) MSG added -I never get thirsty after slurping up their soup, and its refreshingly savoury.Today, I decided to try something different and add a dollar extra for curry gravy instead of their usual soup. Don't get me wrong, it's not that the soup is something you will get sick of, but today I had a particular hankering for a rich and spicy gravy with my yong tau foo. The curry gravy smells and tastes more like laksa gravy, minus the laksa leaves. It's not overly thick nor creamy, it has just the right taste to it so you can drink it on its own without leaving you feel disgusted. Accompanied with generous servings of vegetables (i took two servings cos I like loads of vegetables in my food), tau pok and other beancurd pieces, with chu mi fen (chor bee hoon) as my choice of carb, this bowl tasted exactly like a perfect bowl of yong tau foo laksa. The gravy is also piping hot and just spicy enough with the right amount of milkiness....mmmm sinful!This bowl is huuuuge! AND SUPER SUBSTANTIAL!! The queues are also long during lunchtime as this stall is one of the more famous ones in the 313 food court. Its both the quality and the value for money. I think the curry yong tau foo served here may jolly well be another one of my favourites. What a great find this afternoon~! I highly recommend this to any yong tau foo or curry noodle fans. It may not be as thick as the curry mee found outside and take on more similarities to laksa, but it's just the way I love it. The best part of this is that I get to decide what goes into the bowl and I'm not bound by the fixed ingredients determined by the stall!Worth every bit of my $6.20. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2012-12-04
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Expected to see the normal yong tau foo sauce when you eat. Never to expected that this stall at 313 somerset at level 5 in food republic is using black sweet sauce.Cost at $4.50. 7 items to that you choose.The items on display is fresh.Look very nice with the colour of the items on display.Waiting was fast on a weekend.But at lunch or dinner time you can expect to see long Q.Overall. like the sauce. sweet.... 繼續閱讀
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