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Braised Meat Teochew Porridge
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等級4 2013-09-28
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At times when I do not know what to eat, I will have porridge. Porridge used to be my staple food when I was little so it brings back a lot of memories whenever I eat it. I got two dishes to go with my porridge, braised peanuts and braised meat. The porridge here is rather soupy and it is not the thick type of porridge where the rice had been blended until a smooth paste. Grains of rice can still be seen here. The braised peanuts are quite normal and the taste is like what you can find in other stalls. I love the braised meat. The meat is very tender and the bits of fats are just nice to add flavour to the meat. The meat goes especially well with the porridge. I poured a lot of the gravy over the rice, making it very savoury. Do order the braised meat if you are there. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-05-04
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I wanted something that is light for my dinner, so I decided to order teochew porridge from this stall. I ordered porridge and two sides to go with my porridge, which is cabbage and beancurd skin. The beancurd skin is really tasty with the braised sauce. I didn't attach the photo as it turned out blurry, but it is really nice. I also used the braised sauce for additional seasoning to my porridge. The cabbage is also delicious as it still retains its crunch and it is not too soft i.e. overcooked. More importantly, it is not too greasy. Sometimes when I order cabbage outside, it always feels very greasy, but not the cabbage here. 繼續閱讀
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