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The stall is located in Hup Choon Eating House at 1 Binjai Park 繼續閱讀
17:00 - 22:00
17:00 - 22:00
Claypot Fish Head
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等級4 2016-06-03
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See my full reviews & photos at = https://chefquak.com/2016/06/03/shiok-zi-char-dinner-hup-choon-zi-char-on-2jun2016/had a very nice zi char dinner at hup choon with some new friends on 2.6.2016. ^^i had been to hup choon many times in the past but mostly for coffee & bakuteh at the time eons ago, never really around dinner time for zi char.the hostess ordered several very good dishes. this one of those zi char dinner that i really enjoyed. ^^fish head curry (with added vegetables) was very good.it’s different (maybe more chinese version) from my own fish head curry, just as lemak, very enjoyable for me. i guess i ate the most la… lol!prawn paste chicken mid-wings were tasty.i not particularly fond of prawn paste chicken, but this i count as a very good fried chicken wing.seafood treasures pot was good.this mainly got to do with fresh seafood.not sure how much it was here, at uncle leong jurong east which was very good it would be S$30 for this serving size.i think uncle leong used a good stock base, maybe this one no stock, but still a good dish.cuttlefish kang kong“jill her eng chai” was good too, very competent.it’s the kind of taste i am more used to than that at forture at old holland road across the other side of dunearn.hae chor was competent too, crispy, not too oily, good filling. i guess quite good though not my favourite dish.hor fun was also quite tasty. didn’t feel so much wok hae, maybe it was a large plate & i did not take it immediately. but it was good anyway, competent.don’t know how much the dinner for 9pax cost. will come back again soon to try it la! 繼續閱讀
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