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等級3 2014-02-07
146 瀏覽
I was there during new year tea time as all the restaurant was fully occupied and long queue. Luckily I got my seat at toast box after ordering from the counter. The place was nearly fully occupied too.The food is just standard and normal. It is a place for short meet and go. Their kaya toast is ordinary. I will not always visit this place as I can find better Kaya toast somewhere else easily. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-07-18
140 瀏覽
Soft tender chicken and thick curry gravy makes a perfect lunch of the day! My friend recommended my Toast Box Curry Chicken Rice which she claimed that it is not spicy at all (well, I don't like spicy food!). I prefer the gravy to be more sweet than spicy, however, i will grade it mild spicy instead. The potatoes was really soft and dissolve within your mouth even before biting it. The chicken was not only tender but it totally absorbed the curry gravy and herbs which make it so juicy and savoury! Each ala carte curry chicken (come with another bowl of rice) costs $5.50 and add $1 for an additional barley drink! 繼續閱讀
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Ordered the kaya traditional toast and peanut butter traditional toast ($1.60). The portions were quite small. For the kaya toast, a thick slice of butter was generously sandwiched between. The kaya was too sweet though. As for the peanut butter, the other side was slightly charred and had a little burnt smell. They could be more careful and consistent with the toasting. 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-04-21
44 瀏覽
Toast Box is another eatery that belongs to the Breadtalk Group Limited and have been going very strong lately with increasing number of shop seen. Being in Jurong Point countless times, this is my first visit to Toast Box Outlet. Order two sets meal at $5.80 and $5.00.Set Meal $5.00 consists of a drink, 2 eggs and 2 half slices of butter toast.2 small plates are provided and having let the opportunity to the customers to crack the eggs themselves. The 2 half boil eggs are substandard. One of the egg yolk is hardened while the other is fine and passable. Soy sauce & pepper were placed on the table by default to facilitate customers in adding the seasonings to a suitable flavour.We had a cup of hot and another cup of cold barley. Sweetness is mild and there are no signs of barley grains.The toasts are sandwiched with a piece of butter. Crispy and "ironed" with some brownish look on the outside. Also, when you bring them closer to your nose, there are some soury smell. When I looked up onto their cupoards, long loaf of bread were placed there. And that is the bread they used. The $5.80 meal consists of the egg noodle with luncheon meat & half a boiled egg. Taste is not much difference from a packet of instant noodle. This was chosen as Mee Rebus was sold out. The soup is light with seasoning and finely cut spring onions. Luncheon meat is deep fried and turn soggy after soaking a while in the soup.Queues were long at about 4pm on a Saturday afternoon. Environment was packed with occupied tables and chairs. Tables and chairs are of smaller sizes and we have to take note not to rub our elbows against each other (we were sharing table) when dinning. A buzzer were given to customers who needs to wait for their order. Once its light up, we will have to collect the food from the counter. All along, self service was practised. The clearing up of emptied plates and cups were done shortly after customers left.Overall, I will say I have an average dinning encounter here. 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2013-03-09
32 瀏覽
I need to meet my friend in the early morning in Jurong Point, so me and my boyfriend decided to have a breakfast in Toast Box. My boyfriend ordered a traditional breakfast set; two eggs, a cup of tea and a pork floss toast. The temperature of the tea is just nice so that you can drink it fast (in case you are in rush for work). However, it took some time for them to prepare for the toast if there is a crowd.I ordered a nasi lemak and a cup of horlick. I didn't enjoy the nasi lemak as it is very troublesome to remove the fish bones out and there is no peanut inside! The price is slightly expensive than normal coffee shop (of course!), my nasi lemak actually cost around $2.40. 繼續閱讀
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