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Ootoya旨在呈現如同日本媽媽為家人所努力烹調的健康美味日本家常菜。 繼續閱讀
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木炭烤鯖魚和豬肉 炸豬肉排 酥炸生蠔 豪華鰻魚便當套餐 壽喜燒丼
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等級4 2019-01-23
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Pork Belly Shiokouji (S$24.50++/set, S$19.50/ ala carte)Grilled Yongenton Silky Pork Belly Marinated with Shio-KoujiServed with Plain Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, Pickles for set.The meat was very tender.Katsutoji (S$23++/set, S$18++/ala carte)Crispy Breaded Yongenton Silky Pork Loin Cutlet in Steamy Hot Pot (Mellow Soy sauce)Served with Plain Rice, Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, Pickles for set. Although it looked mushy, there was a nice crunch of texture.Seiro Soba (S$10.50++)Hand-made sobaAfter finished the noodles, there was hot broth (water used to cook the noodle) to pour into the sauce and drink.Pumpkin Parfait (S$8.50++)Pumpkin paste made from Hokkaido Pumpkin, castella cake, corn flakes, topped with fried pumpkin cubes, milk ice cream, chunky red bean paste, butter cookies, and more pumpkin paste.Rich and creamy with pumpkin's natural sweetness, plus crunchy texture from corn flakes and honey sweet pumpkin cubes.Don't forget to check out J Passport mobile application to redeem a complimentary Seasonal Special Pumpkin Parfait at Ootoya Japanese Restaurant (Singapore)Link : http://bit.ly/ootoya_parfait- Valid from 8th Jan to 31st Jan 2019- Limited to one per account per visit- Minimium order of one (1) meal per pax required 繼續閱讀
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等級2 2014-11-01
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Chawanmushi: This was alright but if you don't like clams, then maybe you won't like this. There were 3 clams inside this little bowl of steamed eggs. Because M can't eat so I had like 6. Lol!Toji Set: It's been so, so long since I had good toji apart from my old favourite at Tonkichi (but I don't go there now because of the price increase). This Katsu Toji (loin, which means the one with more fats) isn't too bad. Salty enough, but a little tad too fatty for my liking. Just to be fair, I don't eat roasted pork so you can gauge from there my liking for fats. It should be $23 for this set. Food was pretty decent for the price we're paying. I was happy with my Toji set. However, the store is a little small so it's better to go earlier if you're going in groups of 6 or more. See full review here with photos http://www.pepperminter.com/2014/10/japanese-ootoya-restaurant.html 繼續閱讀
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等級3 2014-03-11
202 瀏覽
I love to eat at this restaurant. They sell reasonably priced delicious Japanese food. There are many variety to choose from. I ordered the chicken cutlet set. The chicken cutlet is fried till crispy but not too dry. Some places fried till very dry and tough. Cones with salad. They use traditional Japanese vegetables for the salad, some restaurant replace with local vegetables. Hence the salad is good with assembly dressing. I live the purple grain rice. Very delicious authentic Japanese rice also comes with a miso soup and a small side. Total cost about $22 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2014-02-16
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Done in comfortable and earthly hues of brown and white, embracing rich Japanese interior designs, this clean-cut restaurant was a soothing, relaxing atmosphere for lovers of Japanese food lovers - gatherings for friends, family meals etc, all suitable.While awaiting main courses, we were served tiny dishes of starters - Kimchi (a traditional Korean fermented vegetables made with a variety of seasonings, tasting spicy and sour at the same time) and black beans with seaweed. Both were sumptuous starters, appetite whetting for sure.Next came my hot, sizzling pot of Mixed Grain Chicken Porridge cooked with Soy Milk - yes, it is nutritious and sumptuous at the same time. The thick, gooey porridge filled with a mixture of grains - filled the mouth with stickness deliciousness. The chicken was tender and brocooli soft; I finished every single grain of this dish.For more detailed information and photos, do pop by:http://thearcticstar.blogspot.sg/2013/12/lunch-at-ootoya-japanese-restaurant.html 繼續閱讀
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等級4 2013-12-19
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Recommendation by colleague to try out this Japanese restaurant due to their wide range of dishes , set meals etc. The restaurant is well deco and welcome by the staff once entering the place , the seat is cosy and the place is spacious. We ordered 2 set of Buta Shio Koji jyu @S$23.50 for set meal. The grilled pork loin marinated with shio koji sauce and served with potatoes and vegetables. The pork loin is tender and the meat is juicy as well. The chawanmushi that came with the set , the texture is smooth and melt in your mouth . The broth is a bit salty. 繼續閱讀
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